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  • 出所祝い

    THE WOLVES (1971)

    Directed by: GOSHA Hideo    Casts: NAKADAI Tatsuya, ANDO Noboru, KURIHARA Komaki


  • 呪いの館 血を吸う眼

    Noroi no yakata Chi o suu me (1971)

    Directed by: YAMAMOTO Michio    Casts: FUJITA Midori, EMI Sanae, TAKAHASHI Choei


  • 激動の昭和史 沖縄決戦


    Directed by: OKAMOTO Kihachi    Casts: KOBAYASHI Keiju, TANBA Tetsuro, NAKADAI Tatsuya


  • どですかでん

    DODES'KA-DEN (1971)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: ZUSHI Yoshitaka, SUGAI Kin, TONOMURA Toshiyuki


  • ゴジラ対ヘドラ


    Directed by: BANNO Yoshimitsu    Casts: YAMANOUCHI Akira, KAWASE Hiroyuki, KIMURA Toshie

    Marine biologist Dr. Yano is intrigued when a fisherman brings him a strange saltwater tadpole. Then on the television news, Dr. Yano sees a gigantic version of that same tadpole sink a ship. The scientists takes his young son Ken on a diving expedi...


  • セックス・ライダー 濡れたハイウェイ

    Wet Highway (1971)

    Directed by: KURAHARA Koreyoshi    Casts: TANAKA Mari, YOSHIZAWA Ken, SETO Yuki

    With her wedding only one day away, Mina (Mari Tanaka) spends a night with her former lover Ozaki (Kinji Takinami) at a highway motel on the outskirts of Yokohama. On her way back from her last adventure, Mina's car hits a hippie-like youth called R...


  • 花芯の誘い

    Temptation of Collara (1971)

    Directed by: KONUMA Masaru    Casts: MAKI Keiko, MITAMURA Hajime, SUZUKI Rie

    Masako Yano (Keiko Maki), a woman reporter for the weekly magazine " Modern Women," loses her memory as she falls victim to a group of rapists while in pursuit of her last scoop just prior to her marriage with Takashi Togawa (Tatsuya Hamaguchi). Mas...


  • 色暦大奥秘話

    Castle Orgies (1971)

    Directed by: HAYASHI Isao    Casts: OGAWA Setsuko, NISHIKAWA Youichi, MATSUI Yasuko

    During the 300-year rule of the Tokugawas absolute power lay in the hands of the Shogun, and the Shogun's life in the inner castle during the regime of some of these powerful rulers was sensational, to say the least. Ienari the eleventh Shogun had an...


  • 団地妻 昼下がりの情事

    From Three to Sex (1971)

    Directed by: NISHIMURA Shogoro    Casts: SHIRAKAWA Kazuko, HAMAGUCHI Tatsuya, NANJO Maki

    Ritsuko (Kazuko Shirai) is a typical sexual malcontent among countless middle-class housewives living in modern apartment- house complexes. As Ritsuko wearily kisses her white-collar husband goodbye, Ryohei (Tatsuya Hama- guchi) morning after mornin...


  • 逆縁三ツ盃

    Blood Vendetta (1971)

    Directed by: NOMURA Takashi    Casts: TAKAHASHI Hideki, IZUMI Masako, NARITA Mikio

    Masayoshi (Hideki Takahashi), deputy boss of the Ushio gamblers is forced by circum- stances to kill a leading member of the Ezu, a gang. Masayoshi finds himself in the same jail as Eikichi (Mikio Narita), executive of the Sawada gambling group. But ...


  • 不良少女 魔子

    Bad Girl Mako (1971)

    Directed by: KURAHARA Koreyoshi    Casts: NATSU Junko, OKAZAKI Jiro, FUJI Tatsuya

    Free from every moral restraint, a group of girl delinquents led by Yuri (Yuko Tobe) is rampaging through a big city amusement center. These girls, including Mako (Junko Natsu), Harumi (Setsuko Minami), Okazu (Chieko Harada) and Sanae (Misuzu Ota), ...


  • 八月の濡れた砂

    Wet Sand in August (1971)

    Directed by: FUJITA Toshiya    Casts: MURANO Takenori, HIROSE Shosuke, NODA Teresa

    Kiyoshi, graduate of seventeen, is an aimless young boy. Kenichiro (Takenori Murano), eighteen, a high-school drop-out of the same breed, but more drastic in action. Maki (Midori Fujita), twenty-one, is a wealthy girl in pursuit of thrills and her si...


  • 暴力団 乗り込み

    The Killer (1971)

    Directed by: EZAKI Mio    Casts: KOBAYASHI Akira, YAMAMOTO Rinichi, GO Eiji

    Three professional killers, all interested in the sudden disappearance of gangster Kawashima, go to the newly rising city of Nankai to solve the mystery. Morita (Akira Kobayashi) in a loan outlaw and former leader of a gang, strong-armed Nagai has a ...


  • 三人の女 夜の蝶

    Night Butterflies (1971)

    Directed by: SAITO Kosei    Casts: MATSUBARA Chieko, YAMAMOTO Yoko, KAJI Meiko

    Ayako (Chieko Matsubara), a pretty girl in a small country town yearns to marry Nishida. She falls into depths of despair, however, when she loses her chastity Eiji who assaults her and Nishida abandons her. A year later, she finds a job at a Shinju...


  • 関東幹部会

    Lineup of Kanto Outlaws (1971)

    Directed by: SAWADA Yukihiro    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, HARADA Yoshio, OKA Mitsuko

    In the fast developing country town of F, there is confrontation between the indigenous Kamio Gumi, led by Shuz6 Kamio (lsamu Nagata), and the Kansai-affiliated Oba Kai gangs. Jir6 Terada (Tetsuya Watari), Kamio's sworn brother, arrives in the city a...


  • 夜の最前線 東京㊙地帯

    Secret Zone of Tokyo (1971)

    Directed by: IDA Motomu    Casts: OKAZAKI Jiro, GO Eiji, KUWAHARA Yukiko

    Saburo (Eiji Go), a brawny dandy fresh from the country meets Yoko (Sachiko Kuwabara) knew on a train, and finds her a job in a mani- kin club, run by a woman named Utako (Yaeko Wakamizu) and where he works as a driver. The joy of reunion, however, ...


  • 野良猫ロック 暴走集団'71

    Wildcat Rock - Beat '71(Stray Cat Rock) (1971)

    Directed by: FUJITA Toshiya    Casts: KAJI Meiko, FUJI Tatsuya, HARADA Yoshio

    A group of Shinjuku hippies fights with a band of hoods in a small conservative town reigned over by a gangster big shot, Yoshitaro Araki (Yoshio lnaba), and to win back one of its members, Takaaki (Takeo Chii), Araki's son now confined at his father...


  • 高校生心中 純愛

    Love for Eternity (1971)

    Directed by: OBIMORI Michihiko    Casts: SEKINE Keiko, SHINODA Saburo, ARAKI Michiko

    Yoko Uno (Keiko Sekine) and Yoshio Okaya (Saburo Shinoda) are schoolmates at high school. Yoshio's father is a detective and Yoko's is president of a construction company. One day Yoshio's brother Takuro (Kenzo Kaneko) stabs his father to death to tr...


  • 樹氷悲歌

    Snow Country Elegy (1971)

    Directed by: YUASA Noriaki    Casts: SEKINE Keiko, SHINODA Saburo, ONOGAWA Kozaburo

    Miya Katsura (Keiko Sekine), a beautiful16- year-old girl lives at a small hot spring resort near Mt. Zao, in winter becomes a scenic paradise of snow-covered trees, and a favorite haunt of mountaineers and skiers. One day, Shinichi (Saburo Shinoda)...


  • 狐のくれた赤ん坊

    The Gift of the Fox (1971)

    Directed by: MISUMI Kenji    Casts: KATSU Shintaro, OTANI Naoko, NAKATANI Ichiro

    In the days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, many river porters and pack-horse drivers live at Kanaya, a putting stage. There is no bridge over the Oi River and everyone going to the other side must pay these husky men to carry them across. But even among ...


  • すっぽん女番長

    Live and Learn (1971)

    Directed by: YUGE Taro    Casts: YANAMI Eiko, AOYAMA Yoshihiko, HIRAIZUMI Sei

    Tetsuko (Eiko Yanami), a high school student, one day, forces Tsuneo, (Kei Wakakura), the brightest boy in her school, to make love to her after school is out and they are caught by the old school janitor. Tsuneo's mother, orders Tetsuko to pay for w...


  • 可愛い悪女

    Lill, My Darling Witch (1971)

    Directed by: INOUE Umetsugu    Casts: FAN Wen-Chiao, MORITSUGU Koji, TAKIDA Yusuke

    Lill is the nickname for a young and charming camera-woman (Fan Wen-Chiao) working for a magazine. One night, she is called to a bar by the president of her company (Yusuke Takida) who tells her that his wife (Etsuko Ikuta) is having an affair with h...


  • 男はつらいよ―寅次郎恋唄

    Tora-san’s Love Call (1971)

    Directed by: YAMADA Yoji    Casts: ATSUMI Kiyoshi, BAISHO Chieko, IKEUCHI Junko

    There is still a corner of Tokyo, where the sky seems bluer, the air purer and the streets quieter. This is Shibamata, the home of Torajiro Kuruma (Kiyoshi Atsumi), known as Tora-san, an itinerant street vendor. Tora-san has been wandering since he ...


  • さらば掟

    Law of the Outlaw (1971)

    Directed by: MASUDA Toshio    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, FAN Wen-Chiao, IWASHITA Shima

    Goro (Tetsuya Watari) works at a florist snackbar who rescues a girl, Kyoko (Fan Wen- Chiao), who attempts to kill herself in a motorboat after taking sleeping pills. When he takes flowers to Kyoko's home he learns she is engaged to Nakazawa (Takash...


  • 黒の斜面

    Man on a False Flight (1971)

    Directed by: SADANAGA Masahisa    Casts: KATO Go, IWASHITA Shima, ICHIHARA Etsuko

    Takashi (Go Kato), a clerk in a trading company, has an aggressive wife named Keiko (Shima Iwashita), also a girlfriend, Taeko (Etsuko Ichihara), he intends to leave believing she will stand in his way for promotion. Takashi is ordered to go to Osak...


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