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  • NEW CINEMA KABUKI 『Yotsuya Kaidan』 (2017)

    Directed by: KUSHIDA Kazuyoshi    Casts: NAKAMURA Shido, NAKAMURA Kankuro, NAKAMURA Shichinosuke

    Twenty-eighth Cinema Kabuki digital theatrical screening of kabuki shot with HD cameras. Classic kabuki repertoire performed with a modern twist by Cocoon Kabuki is turned into film while preserving the immediacy of a playhouse. Iemon (Nakamura Shid...


  • VAMPIRE CLAY (2017)

    Directed by: UMEZAWA Soichi    Casts: TAKEDA Anna, SUGIMOTO Momoka, FUJITA Ena

    A horror film in which people are beset by cursed clay. Serving as writer, director, and editor is Umezawa Soichi who worked on a segment of the omnibus project, The ABCs of Death2. Hidaka Kaori (Takeda Anna) has transferred to a vocational school. ...


  • Lemon&Letter (2017)

    Directed by: UMENOKI Keiko    Casts: SHINADA Makoto, UJIHARA Kyoko, KINOUCHI Akiko

    Self-produced drama aiming to revitalize Ogijima island in the Seto Inland Sea by conveying the island's charms. A boy and girl who relocated to the island grow up as they become high school students and worry about love and their path in life. Fift...


  • Danchi Woman (2017)

    Directed by: SUGIMOTO Akiko    Casts: UCHIKOSHI Shizu, HIRAYAMA Reiko, TERADA Keiko

    A documentary by Sugimoto Akiko who shot the independent film Seaside Road Danchi Story about a public housing complex on the verge of demolition. The camera is once again turned on the same public housing apartments as new construction begins and ca...


  • MABUIGUMI (2017)

    Directed by: HONGO Yoshiaki    Casts: Jean-Pierre Zengoro, Kana Obry, TAMAKI Katsuo

    Documentary based on journalist and commentator Miki Takeshi's "Kuhaku no iminshi - New Caledonia to Okinawa." Miki serves as the navigator and explores the themes of family, war and ethnic groups from multiple perspectives. On his first visit to Ne...


  • ”Children of the Hakkyo School Project”, Work-in-progress 2017 (2017)

    Directed by: SHIOZAKI Toshiko    Casts:

    Documentary about kids growing up as they attend the Korean school in Edakawa in Tokyo's Koto district. Footage covering first-graders in 2010 through graduation was edited as a work-in-progress and given a special screening at the Yamagata Internati...


  • The Road Home (2017)

    Directed by: OURA Miran    Casts:

    Oura Miran was a university student when she shot this documentary about her family in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The Oura family are forced to leave their hometown of Namie because of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster....


  • Tremorings of Hope (2017)

    Directed by: AGATSUMA Kazuki    Casts:

    Depicts the aftermath to disaster as a sequel to The People Living in Hadenya, which followed daily life in the Hadenya fishing village in Miyagi Prefecture's Sanriku Town during the three years prior to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Depicts the...


  • Home Away From Home (2017)

    Directed by: MAKABE Yukinori    Casts: James Jirayu, ABE Junko, Hershel Peppers

    Work in the Tokyo Cine-magic project that creates short films about Tokyo, produced by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. Directed by Makabe Yukinori of I Am a Monk. A taxi driver, young girl and backer packer travel through fantastical Tokyo that i...


  • La nuit où j'ai nagé (2017)

    Directed by: IGARASHI Kohei, Damien Manivel    Casts: KOGAWA Takara, KOGAWA Keiki, KOGAWA Chisato

    A Japan-France jointly produced film co-directed by Igarashi Kohei of Hold Your Breath Like a Lover and Damien Manivel of A Young Poet. It was screened at the 74th Venice International Film Festival.Just before the break of dawn in a small town nestl...


  • GHOST SQUAD (2017)

    Directed by: IGUCHI Noboru    Casts: MIKADO Minori, HON Yuni, UENO Sumire

    A quirky horror film depicting the escapades of the ghost revenge group, "Ghost Squad", by the gifted director of The Machine Girl, Iguchi Noboru. Rika (Yanagi Anna) is a young girl thinking of committing suicide who is possessed by the ghosts of th...


  • our blue moment (2017)

    Directed by: IMAIZUMI Rikiya    Casts: FUKAGAWA Mai, YAMASHITA Kenjiro

    Using "marriage" as a theme, this romantic ensemble crisscrosses comical human relationships. Imaizumi Rikiya of Sad Tea writes and directs. Bakery employee Ichii Fumi (Fukagawa Mai) holds a peculiar outlook on marriage: "I doubt anyone would love m...


  • RAMEN HEADS (2017)

    Directed by: SHIGENO Koki    Casts: TOMITA Osamu, IIDA Shota, ONISHI Yuki

    This documentary gives an intimate look at enthusiastic fans of ramen and the chefs who make it. Over a 15 month long shoot, Chukasoba Tomita proprietor Tomita Osamu and his customers are interviewed revealing the history of ramen's evolution while a...


  • Our House (2017)

    Directed by: KIYOHARA Yui    Casts: KAWANISHI Nodoka, YASUNO Yukiko, OSAWA Mariwo

    In this thriller, two different storylines about a girl who has lost her father and a woman who loses her memory intersect in the same house. Kiyohara Yui made this graduation film at Tokyo University of the Art's graduate school with mentorship from...


  • GARO GOD'S FANG (2017)

    Directed by: AMEMIYA Keita    Casts: KURIYAMA Wataru, IKEDA Junya, AOKI Tsunenori

    The three demon knights from the TV and film SFX action series "Garo" assemble for this film written and directed by Amemiya Keita, the creator of the series. Gold Knight Dougai Ryuga (Kuriyama Wataru) has overcome many fierce battles and has furthe...


  • Please don't go anywhere (2017)

    Directed by: SHUTO Rin    Casts: IKEDA Natsumi, SUGAMOTO Yuko, KASAI Yusuke

    Up-and-coming director Shuto Rin's film which won the runner-up prize at MOOSIC LAB 2017, a stepping stone for young film directors. The story depicts a very normal high school girl aimlessly running off with the girl spawned by her jealousy. Akino...



    Directed by: ONO Sayaka    Casts: Ouji, Ayu, Jurian

    Having made her debut with the autobiographical documentary The Duckling, Ono Sayaka directs, shoots, and edits this documentary focusing on Japan's sexual minorities. After a man starts to wear women's clothing simply hoping to be stylish, he finds...


  • BELOVED NORA (2017)

    Directed by: TAJIRI Yuji    Casts: MIZUSAWA Shingo, OSHIMA Hako, MORIYA Fumio

    Inspired by novelist Uchida Hyakken's 'Noraya', this drama depicts the connection between cats and humans. Veteran director, Tajiri Yuji of Broken Pieces helms. Tsukumo Sakumi (Mizusawa Shingo) is an undistinguished screenwriter who discovers a stra...



    Directed by: KUROSAWA Kiyoshi    Casts: Kaho, SOMETANI Shota, HIGASHIDE Masahiro

    Companion piece to Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Before We Vanish, which was an official selection for the 70th Cannes Film Festival's Un Certain Regard section. Etsuko's (Kaho) colleague Miyuki (Kishii Yukino) reveals that her house is haunted. Etsuko is worr...


  • BRAVESTORM (2017)

    Directed by: OKABE Junya    Casts: DAITOH Shunsuke, WATANABE Shu, YAMAMOTO Chihiro

    Sci-fi action reboot of the hero TV series "Silver Mask" and "Super Robot Red Barron". Producer, screenwriter and director Okabe Junya creates radically new visual scenes. The year is 2050, and humans are mostly extinct from earth. The surviving fiv...


  • One Cut of the Dead (2017)

    Directed by: UEDA Shinichiro    Casts: HAMATSU Takayuki, Mao, SHUHAMA Harumi

    The film opens in a run-down, abandonad warehouse where a film crew are making a zombie film… Yet, this is no ordinary warehouse. It's been said that it's the site of where military experiments took place… Out of nowhere, real zombies arrive and te...


  • The Miraculous Postcards (2017)

    Directed by: Jacky WOO    Casts: SUZUKI Sarina, AKAZA Miyoko, YUKIMURA Izumi

    A drama adapting to film children's book author, Wakiya Midori's "Kibo no Switch ha, Kusu" by internationally engaged filmmaker Jacky Woo. Miyuki (Suzuki Sarina) devotes herself to caring for her daughter Nozomi () who has cerebral palsy. Without re...


  • Home, Sweet Home (2017)

    Directed by: ISE Shinichi    Casts: NISHIMURA Nao, NISHIMURA Norikazu, NISHIMURA Nobuko

    Documentary film covering 35 years in the life of filmmaker Ise Shinichi's family. Like his previous films Nao-chan, Piglet, and Arigato, this film documents his disabled niece Nao and her family Eldest daughter Nao is disabled but has a naturally s...


  • ONNANINARU (2017)

    Directed by: TANAKA Yukio    Casts:

    Documentary that captures the genuine emotional state of a college student with Gender Identity Disorder who undergoes sex reassignment surgery. Directed by Tanaka Yukio of ITECHO and On the road. Miyu has dreamed of becoming a female since early ch...


  • Tales of CHIGASAKI (2017)

    Directed by: KUMASAKA Izuru    Casts: MIYAJI Junichi, NAKAZAWA Shinichi, KAYAMA Yuzo

    Miyaji Junichi, Kuwata Keisuke's classmate who christened his band "Southern All Stars" and anthropologist Nakazawa Shinichi who uses a technique known as "Earth Dive" to trace the past of an area of land, unravel the appeal and mystery of Chigasaki ...


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