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  • 鋼の錬金術師


    Directed by: SORI Fumihiko    Casts: YAMADA Ryosuke, HONDA Tsubasa, Dean FUJIOKA

    A live-action adaptation of Arakawa Hiromu's 'Fullmetal Alchemist', which has sold 70 million copies worldwide, from director Sori Fumihiko, who took part in the CG effects of Titanic. Gifted alchemist Edward (Yamada Ryosuke) and his younger brother...


  • 二度めの夏、二度と会えない君


    Directed by: NAKANISHI Kenji    Casts: MURAKAMI Nijiro, YOSHIDA Madoka, KATO Rena

    A live-action adolescent love story adapted from Akagi Hirotaka's popular light novel of the same name starring Murakami Nijiro of Still the Water and MUKOKU. In the director's chair is Nakanishi Kenji of Hana no Ato and Love Gear fame. Third year h...


  • 蠱毒(こどく) ミートボールマシン


    Directed by: NISHIMURA Yoshihiro    Casts: TANAKA Yoji, Yurisa, SHIINA Eihi

    The sequel to the splatter film, Meatball Machine. Serving as character designer, screenwriter, director, and editor is Tokyo Gore Police director, Nishimura Yoshihiro, who was also involved with the special makeup effects on Attack on Titan and Shi...


  • JKニンジャガールズ

    JK NINJA GIRLS (2017)

    Directed by: SATO Genta    Casts: Kobushi Factory, NUKUMIZU Yoichi, ASNO Yuko

    A comedy starring idol group "Kobushi Factory" depicting the escapades of the "Ninja Girls", a group of seemingly ordinary female high schoolers who are actually the descendants of ninjas. Ninjas labor behind the scenes in a secret struggle for powe...


  • 銀魂

    GINTAMA (2017)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Yuichi    Casts: OGURI Shun, SUDA Masaki, HASHIMOTO Kanna

    A live-action adaptation of of Sorachi Hideaki's mega-hit manga with Oguri Shun in the lead role. Set in the Edo Period of a parallel world in which aliens from outer space called Amanto dominate the Earth, the film comically portrays various inciden...


  • 夜明け告げるルーのうた

    Lu over the wall (2017)

    Directed by: YUASA Masaaki    Casts: TANI Kanon, SHIMODA Shouta, SHINOHARA Shinichi

    The first, completely original theatrical film by director Yuasa Masaaki. This tale of the encounter and separation of a young boy and a young mermaid is composed of careful depictions of life and delicate emotional portrayals rendered through animat...


  • ハイヒール~こだわりが生んだおとぎ話

    highheels - a fairy tale born of obsession (2016)

    Directed by: Inchul LEE    Casts: KIKUCHI Rinko, Hyunri, KOJIMA Fujiko

    Short film starring actress Kikuchi Rinko, who is known for her performances in Babel and Pacific Rim. Kai (Kikuchi) is an android shoemaker who takes the craft very seriously. One day, a customer who wants perfectly fitting shoes orders a pair of h...


  • バイオレンス・ボイジャー

    Violence Voyager (2017)

    Directed by: Ujicha    Casts:

    Latest film helmed by Ujicha, whose The Burning Buddha Man was highly acclaimed at international and domestic film festivals including the 23rd Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. Like his previous work, he uses the "gekimation" technique t...


  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ダイヤモンドは砕けない 第一章

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (2017)

    Directed by: MIIKE Takashi    Casts: YAMAZAKI Kento, KAMIKI Ryunosuke, KOMATSU Nana

    There's something bizarre about this town... Morioh, a picturesque seaside town. In this deceptively peaceful-looking locale, strange deaths and other peculiar incidents begin occurring one after another... Morioh is home to high school studen...


  • 散歩する侵略者

    Before We Vanish (2017)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Kiyoshi    Casts: NAGASAWA Masami, MATSUDA Ryuhei, HASEGAWA Hiroki

    After going missing for several days, a man named Shinji reappears, acting nothing like his former self. His relationship with his wife Narumi had been on the rocks, but he is now much calmer and kinder than he ever was before, which only serves to e...


  • 座頭市あばれ凧

    The Sword of Zatoichi (1964)

    Directed by: IKEHIRO Kazuo    Casts: KATSU Shintaro, KUBOTA Nahoko, NAGISA Mayumi

    Zatoichi is pursued by killers whose boss, Sukegoro, he has slain. A gambler named Seiroku fails to kill him, and the blind masseur goes to thank Okuni, the older daughter of the local boss Bunkichi Tsumugi, who rescued him. Yasu, whose headquarters...


  • 可視化する心たち

    Visualized Hearts (2017)

    Directed by: IGARASHI Akiko    Casts: YOSHIDA Ryuichi, SHIRAKAWA Nanami, SHIN Yoshio

    Director Igarashi Akiko, who studied at film school while holding down her company job, remakes her own short film, Kokoro wo Kashikasuru Kikai. The film is a 13th Cineastes Organization Osaka (CO2) grant-recipient production. During an experiment o...


  • 2045 Carnival Folklore

    2045 Carnival Folklore (2016)

    Directed by: KATO Naoki    Casts: ISHII Junya, OKA Misaki, OKUSE Shigeru

    The third feature-length film by director Kato Naoki is a sci-fi, noise rock motion picture set in Japan 100 years after the dropping of an atomic bomb. Nagashima Hiroyuki (Dowser), Hamamoto Ryo, Okamoto Hideyuki, and other musicians along with noise...



    KUDAN (2008)

    Directed by: KIMURA Taku    Casts: SENA Keigo, KODURU Rina

    An animated short film which has been awarded the Excellence Prize at the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival among many other awards from countries across the globe. Writer and director, Kimura Taku, is an art director and CG artist who has been at the f...


  • 星くず兄弟の新たな伝説


    Directed by: TEZKA Macoto    Casts: MIURA Ryosuke, TAKEDA Kohei, ARAKAWA Chika

    A drama remaking the 80s cult-classic musical film, Legend of the Stardust Brothers, with a brand new story. Tezka Macoto, director of the original, also assumes the director's chair for this film. In the near future, Tokyo is a cyber-metropolis whe...


  • 雪女

    Snow Woman (2016)

    Directed by: SUGINO Kiki    Casts: SUGINO Kiki, AOKI Munetaka, YAMAGUCHI Mayu

    This drama introduces a fresh interpretation of "Yuki Onna", an episode from Lafcadio Hearn's collection of Japanese ghost stories, "Kwaidan". Sugino Kiki, director of Kyoto Elegy, also directs and stars in this film which has been selected to compet...


  • 虐殺器官

    Genocidal Organ (2016)

    Directed by: MURASE Shuko    Casts: NAKAMURA Yuichi, MIKAMI Satoshi, KAJI Yuki

    The animated adaptation of the identically titled 2007 Japan SF Award-nominated debut work by science-fiction novelist Project Itoh, who suddenly died after only a two year career as a writer. Murase Shuko of the television anime series "Ergo Proxy" ...


  • インターン!

    INTERN! (2016)

    Directed by: YOSHIDA Akio    Casts: ARAKI Yuko, OKAMOTO Anri, SANO Gaku

    A coming-of-age drama dealing with the subject of job-hunting through a fantastic touch. It depicts an indecisive, timid, female university student maturing through her internship. At the helm is veteran television director, Yoshida Akio. Third year...


  • ゆずの葉ゆれて

    Whisper of Yuzu Leaves a.k.a. Yuzu no ha yurete (2016)

    Directed by: KAMIZONO Koji    Casts: MATSUBARA Chieko, TSUGAWA Masahiko, NISHIMURA Kazuhiko

    The film adaptation of a children's literary book, "Bokuto aitsu no rasuto ran," written and directed by Kamizono Koji, who also make his feature length film debut. 10-year-old Takeshi (Santoki Souma) is asked by Granma (Matsubara Chieko), a neighbo...




    Directed by: OTOMO Keishi    Casts: IKUTA Toma, OKADA Masaki, KIKKAWA Koji

    Live-action adaptation of Shimizu Reiko's popular mystery manga which won the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award. It depicts police investigators exposing the truth of difficult cases by using a system which turns the memories of the dec...


  • 野生のなまはげ

    A Wild Namahage (2016)

    Directed by: ARAI Kenichi    Casts: NAKAJIMA Ren, IMATANI Futoshi, CHOSOKABE Yoko

    Fantasy comedy about the relationship between a boy and a wild "namahage" ogre from traditional culture in Northeastern Japan with the premise that namahage are animals. Directed by Arai Kenichi of Ossan Sukebo. A namahage captured in the wild escap...


  • 大怪獣モノ

    KAIJYU MONO (2016)

    Directed by: KAWASAKI Minoru    Casts: IBUSHI Kota, SAITO Shusuke, KAWANISHI Miki

    Visual effects movie featuring battles between a giant monster and professional wrestler Ibushi Kota, who makes his film debut. Director Kawasaki Minoru is known for The World Sinks Except Japan and Outer Man. A giant monster shows up in Tokyo and t...


  • トイレの花子さん新章 花子VSヨースケ


    Directed by: TORII Yasutake    Casts: SHIDA Yumi, TAKEUCHI Eri, SUGIE Taishi

    Horror film based on a famous urban legend. Depicts the clash between the female ghost Hanako who lives in the girl's toilet at an abandoned school and Yosuke, the male ghost in the boy's toilet. The lead is played by Shida Yumi from the idol group Y...


  • 忘れられる人

    forgotten (2016)

    Directed by: KUMAZAWA Naoto    Casts: OCHIAI Motoki, KANEKO Nobuaki, Saori

    Short film in the four-part mystery omnibus Tokyo Thrilling. Depicts the anguish of a guy who suddenly vanishes from people's memories. Directed by Kumazawa Naoto, who excels at films about teenagers. Daiki (Ochiai Motoki), who is forgotten by every...


  • Qちゃん

    Q chan (2016)

    Directed by: KOROYASU Yusuke    Casts: U-KWON, KATO Aoi, FUJITA Tomu

    Short film in the four-part mystery omnibus Tokyo Thrilling. Dark humor and fantasy color this story about the bizarre life of a guy who picks up Dracula. Directed by Koroyasu Yusuke of Otaku's Daughter. Korean exchange student Im (U-Kwon) finds an ...


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