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558 Results

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  • 東京流れ者

    Tokyo Drifter (1966)

    Directed by: SUZUKI Seijun    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, MATSUBARA Chieko, KAWACHI Tamio

    Written by Kohan Kawauchi, "Tokyo Drifter" illustrates an immaculate array of Suzuki aesthetics, switching at a fast pace between dry humor and intense action scenes. Starring Tetsuya Watari, it is highly acclaimed by Hollywood directors Quentin Tara...


  • 楢山節考


    Directed by: IMAMURA Shohei    Casts: OGATA Ken, SAKAMOTO Sumiko, HIDARI Tonpei

    Winter. A small snow-covered village in the Shinshu mountain range -- on the outskirts of this village is the house of Orin (nekko, or "the trunk house"). Orin turned 69 this year, but her teeth are still strong and she still works vibrantly. How...


  • 椿三十郎

    Sanjuro (1961)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, NAKADAI Tatsuya, KOBAYASHI Keiju


  • 天国と地獄

    High and Low (1963)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, NAKADAI Tatsuya, KAGAWA Kyoko


  • 赤ひげ

    Red Beard (1965)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, KAYAMA Yuzo, YAMAZAKI Tsutomu


  • どですかでん

    Dodes’ka-Den (1971)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: ZUSHI Yoshitaka, SUGAI Kin, TONOMURA Toshiyuki


  • 用心棒

    Yojimbo (1961)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, NAKADAI Tatsuya, TSUKASA Yoko


  • 悪い奴ほどよく眠る

    The Bad Sleep Well (1960)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, MORI Masayuki, KAGAWA Kyoko


  • 隠し砦の三悪人

    The Hidden Fortress (1958)

    Directed by: KUROSAWA Akira    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, CHIAKI Minoru, FUJIWARA Kamatari


  • ゴジラ対メカゴジラ

    Godzilla tai Mechagodzilla (1974)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Jun    Casts: DAIMON Masaaki, AOYAMA Kazuya, TAJIMA Reiko

    In Okinawa, a prophetess predicts that monsters will soon overrun the world. The first signs of the coming destruction are found by Masahiko Shimizu and his brother Keisuke. When they explore a newly discovered cave, they find samples of a strange, u...


  • 地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン

    Chikyukogekimeirei Godzilla tai Gigan (1972)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Jun    Casts: ISHIKAWA Hiroshi, UMEDA Tomoko, HISHIMI Yuriko

    Gengo, a comic-book artist, lands a job at the World Children's Land, an amusement park and museum dedicated to all the world's monsters. The company headquarters is located inside Godzilla Tower, a building that looks like a huge statue of the King ...


  • ゴジラ対ヘドラ

    Godzilla tai Hedorah (1971)

    Directed by: BANNO Yoshimitsu    Casts: YAMANOUCHI Akira, KAWASE Hiroyuki, KIMURA Toshie

    Marine biologist Dr. Yano is intrigued when a fisherman brings him a strange saltwater tadpole. Then on the television news, Dr. Yano sees a gigantic version of that same tadpole sink a ship. The scientists takes his young son Ken on a diving expedi...


  • 怪獣島の決戦 ゴジラの息子

    Kaijuto no kessen Godzilla no musuko (1967)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Jun    Casts: TAKASHIMA Tadao, MAEDA Bibari, KUBO Akira

    On the remote South Sea island of Sollgel, a United Nations research team is conducting weather-control experiments. But before the team can activate their weather-control machine, reporter Goro Masaki drops out of the sky on a parachute. He wants to...


  • ゴジラ・エビラ・モスラ 南海の大決闘

    Godzilla Mothra Ebirah Nankai no daiketto (1966)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Jun    Casts: TAKARADA Akira, MIZUNO Hisami, HIRATA Akihiko

    For months, Yata has been missing at sea. But the young man's mother and brother refuse to believe he is dead. Yata's brother, Ryota, enters a dance contest in the city in a vain attempt to win first prize―a sailboat, which he intends to use to searc...


  • モスラ対ゴジラ

    Mothra tai Godzilla (1964)

    Directed by: HONDA Ishiro    Casts: TAKARADA Akira, HOSHI Yuriko, KOIZUMI Hiroshi

    A violent storm destroys an industrial park and washes a huge egg ashore in Japan. Reporter Sakai and his photographer, Junko, are taking pictures of the devastation when they find a strange organic object, which they give to Professor Miura, who has...


  • キングコング対ゴジラ

    King Kong tai Godzilla (1962)

    Directed by: HONDA Ishiro    Casts: TAKASHIMA Tadao, SAHARA Kenji, FUJIKI Yu

    The United Nations dispatches a submarine, the Sea Hawk, to study abnormally high temperatures in the Bering Sea. But as soon as the Sea Hawk arrives, it is damaged and sends out a distress signal. When a rescue helicopter arrives, its crew spots God...


  • 四畳半襖の裏張り

    Love in a Small Room (1973)

    Directed by: KUMASHIRO Tatsumi    Casts: MIYASHITA Junko, OKA Naomi, ESUMI Eimei

    At the Umegae Restaurant, the mistress is waiting for Sodeko, the geisha. Her guest is a man in his thirties. He resembles an actor in appearance and mannerisms. It is summer and there are riots over the shortage of rice but Shinsuke couldn't care le...


  • ㊙女郎責め地獄

    The Hell-Fated Courtesan (1973)

    Directed by: TANAKA Noboru    Casts: NAKAGAWA Rie, YAMASHINA Yuri, ABE Hijiri

    Yoshiwara in Asakusa was the most famous gay quarter in Japan and there are many colorful tales about it. Courtesans in beautiful, silken costumes, with elaborate hairdressing and made-up in traditional Japanese fashion, were not held in contempt lik...


  • 大地の冬の仲間たち

    Children of the Snow Country (1972)

    Directed by: HIGUCHI Hiromi    Casts: KONO Akitake, HINO Michio, MACHIDA Hiroko

    Short summers and long winters are the rule in Hokkaido lying in the north of Japan. The scenery in Hokkaido is magnificent with towering mountains, fire-belching volcanoes, deep valleys, forests cradling lakes and vast plains with rare flora and fau...


  • 団地妻 しのび逢い

    Secret Rendezvous (1972)

    Directed by: NISHIMURA Shogoro    Casts: SHIRAKAWA Kazuko, HAMAGUCHI Tatsuya, ASAKA Haruhiko

    Shuichi (Tatsuya Hamaguchi) and Nobuko (Kazuko Shirakawa) are an ordinary, young couple, a promising company employee and his pretty wife. They think nothing can mar their peaceful life but nothing is permanent in this world and Shuichi 's company g...


  • 情炎お七恋唄

    Burning Desire (1972)

    Directed by: OHARA Koyu    Casts: OGAWA Setsuko, MAKI Keiko, TAKAMI Yuki

    Oshichi (Setsuko Ogawa), the daughter of a green grocer, is only seventeen years old but is known as one of the most beautiful girls in Edo. She is betrothed to Sakubei (Tatsuya Hamaguchi) but does not love him. One day, the whole city is flooded by...


  • ラブハンター 熱い肌

    Burning Skin (1972)

    Directed by: KONUMA Masaru    Casts: TANAKA Mari, AIKAWA Keiko, YOSHIZAWA Ken

    After Yano (Toshihiko Oda) is unable to give his wife Shimako (Mari Tanaka) the physical satisfaction she craves. Her frustration seeks outlets in seeing other men but they fail to give her any real satisfaction. One day, while Shimako is out drivin...


  • セックス・ライダー 濡れたハイウェイ

    Wet Highway (1971)

    Directed by: KURAHARA Koreyoshi    Casts: TANAKA Mari, YOSHIZAWA Ken, SETO Yuki

    With her wedding only one day away, Mina (Mari Tanaka) spends a night with her former lover Ozaki (Kinji Takinami) at a highway motel on the outskirts of Yokohama. On her way back from her last adventure, Mina's car hits a hippie-like youth called R...


  • 花芯の誘い

    Temptation of Collara (1971)

    Directed by: KONUMA Masaru    Casts: MAKI Keiko, MITAMURA Hajime, SUZUKI Rie

    Masako Yano (Keiko Maki), a woman reporter for the weekly magazine " Modern Women," loses her memory as she falls victim to a group of rapists while in pursuit of her last scoop just prior to her marriage with Takashi Togawa (Tatsuya Hamaguchi). Mas...


  • しなやかな獣たち

    She-Beasts' Warm Body (1972)

    Directed by: KATO Akira    Casts: TANAKA Mari, YAMASHINA Yuri, TANI Naomi

    Sabu (Shiro Hara) and Ken (Tadayuki Kitagami) hunt for runaway girls from the countryside in Tokyo's downtown Ueno Park, both aspiring to becoming members of the dominant Owada gang. Sabu's sister Saeko (Naomi Tani) is a sweetie of Kuroda (Toshihiko...


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