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  • 映画ドラえもん のび太の宝島

    Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island (2018)

    Directed by: IMAI Kazuaki    Casts: MIZUTA Wasabi, OHARA Megumi, KAKAZU Yumi

    Thirty-eighth "Doraemon" anime feature film based on Fujiko F Fujio's original story. TV series director Imai Kazuaki makes his feature film directorial debut. Screenplay by Kawamura Genki, the producer behind hit films including The Boy and the Beas...


  • 北の桜守


    Directed by: TAKITA Yojiro    Casts: YOSHINAGA Sayuri, SAKAI Masato, SHINOHARA Ryoko

    "North, the two of them went, and north again, towards a lost time" In the spring of 1945, cherry blossoms flower in southern Sakhalin. For Tetsu Ezure and her sons, they symbolize hope. But the following August, the Soviet Union invades and they fl...


  • 曇天に笑う


    Directed by: MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki    Casts: FUKUSHI Sota, NAKAYAMA Yuma, FURUKAWA Yuki

    Live action adaptation based on Karakarakemuri's popular comic, which has also been adapted as an animated feature film and TV anime series. Directed by Motohiro Katsuyuki of When the Curtain Rises and Ajin. Lead role played by Fukushi Sota of Strobe...


  • blank13

    blank13 (2017)

    Directed by: SAITOH Takumi    Casts: TAKAHASHI Issei, MATSUOKA Mayu, SAITOH Takumi

    Drama by actor Saitoh Takumi, who makes his feature-film directorial debut. Won the Best Director in the Asian New Talent Awards at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. Family members learn the whereabouts of the father (Lily Franky) who v...


  • 映画 中二病でも恋がしたい! -Take On Me-

    Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions! -Take On Me- (2018)

    Directed by: ISHIHARA Tatsuya    Casts: FUKUYAMA Jun, UCHIDA Maaya, AKASAKI Chinatsu

    Feature film version of the TV anime series "Love, Chunibyo and other Delusions," produced by Kyoto Animation and based on the light novel by author Torako. Directed by Ishihara Tatsuya, who also helmed the first feature film Love, Chunibyo and Other...


  • 氷菓


    Directed by: ASATO Mari    Casts: YAMAZAKI Kento, HIROSE Alice, SAITO Yuki

    Film adaptation of author Yonezawa Honobu's same-titled mystery directed by Asato Mari of Bilocation and Fatal Frame. Stars Yamazaki Kento of One Week Friends and Hirose Alice of Shinjuku Swan. Oreki Hotaro (Yamazaki) joins the Classics Club at scho...


  • リンキング・ラブ

    LINKING LOVE (2017)

    Directed by: KANEKO Shusuke    Casts: TANO Yuka, ISHIBASHI Anna, SHIRASU Jin

    "Death Note" series director Kaneko Shusuke helms this time travel film which depicts the struggles of a university student who is transported from present-day 2017 to 1991. Mashio Miyu (Tano Yuka) attends the same university her parents did. Having...


  • 勝手にふるえてろ

    Tremble All You Want (2017)

    Directed by: OOKU Akiko    Casts: MATSUOKA Mayu, WATANABE Daichi, ISHIBASHI Anna

    Romantic comedy film adaptation of the same-named novel by author Wataya Risa. Tells the story of a heroine who is terrified of love as she rediscovers her true self. Directed by Ooku Akiko of Fantastic Girls. Twenty-four-year-old office employee Yo...


  • Oh Lucy!

    Oh Lucy (2017)

    Directed by: HIRAYANAGI Atsuko    Casts: TERAJIMA Shinobu, MINAMI Kaho, KUTSUNA Shioli

    Cutting-edge director Hirayanagi Atsuko's feature-length version of her short film by the same title, which was screened in the Cinefondation selection at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Stars Terajima Shinobu from Caterpillar. The Japanese and US cas...


  • 曇天に笑う<外伝> ~決別、犲の誓い~


    Directed by: WAKANO Tetsuya    Casts: NAKAMURA Yuichi, KAJI Yuki, YONAGA Tsubasa

    First film in the feature film anime trilogy based on Karakara Kemuri's popular comic "Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden." Produced by WIT STUDIO, which also worked on the TV anime series "Attack on Titan" and "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress." The Yam...


  • 探偵はBARにいる3


    Directed by: YOSHIDA Teruyuki    Casts: OIZUMI Yo, MATSUDA Ryuhei, KITAGAWA Keiko

    THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION, THE ULTIMATE CRISIS SORROW MINGLES WITH FURY AS THE LAST CASE BEGINS To the Detective (Yo Oizumi), passing time as he always does in the old familiar bar, comes a job. The client is a younger schoolmate of the Detective'...


  • デメキン

    DEMEKIN (2017)

    Directed by: YAMAGUCHI Yoshitaka    Casts: Kentaro, YAMADA Yuki, YANAGI Shuntaro

    "From this day on, I'm gonna become stronger..." Tears, laughter, and butt-kicking! A red-blooded, hard-hitting coming-of-age movie! From an early age, Masaki Sata (Kentaro) has been bullied and called "demekin". One day, he vows to become strong...


  • 未成年だけどコドモじゃない

    TEEN BRIDE (2017)

    Directed by: HANABUSA Tsutomu    Casts: NAKAJIMA Kento, TAIRA Yuna, CHINEN Yuri

    The live-action adaptation of Minami Kanan's similarly titled comic, it depicts the development of a high school girl's love when she suddenly has to marry the senior student she has pined for. Nao (Nakajima Kento) is athletic and an academic achiev...


  • 8年越しの花嫁 奇跡の実話


    Directed by: ZEZE Takahisa    Casts: SATOH Takeru, TSUCHIYA Tao

    Zeze Takahisa of Six Four directs this film adaptation of the non-fiction book "8 nen goshi hanayome Kimi no me ga sametanara." Satoh Takeru of the "Rurouni Kenshin" series and Tsuchiya Tao of Orange star as the couple struggling with chronic illness...


  • ビジランテ

    VIGILANTE (2017)

    Directed by: IRIE Yu    Casts: OMORI Nao, SUZUKI Kosuke, KIRITANI Kenta

    In a country town in Saitama Prefecture, three young brothers attempt to kill their father Takeo, an important figure in the local community who exerts a violent and tyrannical rule over his family. Eldest son Ichiro runs away after the incident, and...


  • 鋼の錬金術師


    Directed by: SORI Fumihiko    Casts: YAMADA Ryosuke, HONDA Tsubasa, Dean FUJIOKA

    A live-action adaptation of Arakawa Hiromu's 'Fullmetal Alchemist', which has sold 70 million copies worldwide, from director Sori Fumihiko, who took part in the CG effects of Titanic. Gifted alchemist Edward (Yamada Ryosuke) and his younger brother...


  • Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA

    Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA (2017)

    Directed by: Stephen Nomura Schible    Casts: SAKAMOTO Ryuichi

    A documentary which captures the music of world-renown composer Sakamoto Ryuichi as he goes on a meditative journey. Making his theatrical film directing debut, Stephen Nomura Schible fulfills a five year long thorough coverage of Sakamoto which bega...


  • 泥棒役者

    The Stand-In Thief (2017)

    Directed by: NISHIDA Masafumi    Casts: MARUYAMA Ryuhei, ICHIMURA Masachika, ISHIBASHI Anna

    A ensemble comedy from director Nishida Masafumi who has written for the anime series "TIGER & BUNNY" as well as being involved with the film, "OH BROTHER, OH SISTER!". In a palatial residence, the divergent stories of eight idiosyncratic characters ...


  • おじいちゃん、死んじゃったって。

    Goodbye, Grandpa! (2017)

    Directed by: MORIGAKI Yukihiro    Casts: KISHII Yukino, IWAMATSU Ryo, MITSUISHI Ken

    An original family drama depicting an idiosyncratic family set in the city of Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto Prefecture. This is the feature length directorial debut of Morigaki Yukihiro who has directed many commercials and the short film, "Clockwork Couple"...


  • 火花

    Spark (2017)

    Directed by: ITAO Itsuji    Casts: SUDA Masaki, KIRITANI Kenta, KIMURA Fumino

    The film adaptation of comedian and 153rd Akutagawa Award winner, Matayoshi Naoki's identically titled novel depicting young people captivated by the world of stand-up comedy who, despite complications, give their all to realize their dreams. Young ...


  • 南瓜とマヨネーズ

    Pumpkin and Mayonnaise (2017)

    Directed by: TOMINAGA Masanori    Casts: USUDA Asami, Taiga, ASAKA Kodai

    Rolling director Tominaga Masanori brings to life Nananan Kiriko's manga. It depicts with authenticity the heart of a woman as she wavers between her dreamer boyfriend and an old flame. In order for her boyfriend Seiichi (Taiga) to attain his dream ...


  • はいからさんが通る 前編 ~紅緒、花の17歳~

    Haikara-san ga Toru The Movie 1 (2017)

    Directed by: FURUHASHI Kazuhiro    Casts: HAYAMI Saori, MIYANO Mamoru, SAKURAI Takahiro

    Part one of the two-part feature film anime adaptation of manga artist Yamato Waki's hit comic "Haikara-san ga tooru." Direction and script by Furuhashi Kazuhiro, known for works including "Mobile Suit Gundam UC". It is the 1920s during the Taisho p...


  • Dance with Devils Fortuna

    Dance with Devils -Fortuna- (2017)

    Directed by: YOSHIMURA Ai    Casts: AKANEYA Himika, SAITO Soma, HATANO Wataru

    This film is the theatrical version of "Dance with Devils", the television anime series produced through the teaming up of Rejet, a creator of media content aimed at women, and Elements Garden, a music production brand. It depicts a different ending ...


  • ラストレシピ ~麒麟の舌の記憶~

    Last recipe Kirin no sita no kioku (2017)

    Directed by: TAKITA Yojiro    Casts: NINOMIYA Kazunari, NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi, AYANO Go

    In this adaptation of Tanaka Keiichi's identically titled mystery novel, a protagonist with a gifted palate searches for the ultimate culinary flavor. It is directed by Takita Yojiro of Departures and stars Ninomiya Kazunari of Letters from Iwo Jima....


  • Music Of My Life

    Music Of My Life (2017)

    Directed by: OKAMOTO Yusaku    Casts: TABATA Tomoko, YAMANAKA Takashi, TAKANO Shiho

    A musical drama depicting a true story based on the music of the band, Sing Like Talking, and a letter to them from a fan. At the helm is Okamoto Yusaku who, beyond films, has directed commercials and music videos. Kaori (Tabata Tomoko) and Yoichi (...


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