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Super Giant part 5

スーパー・ジャイアンツ 人口衛星と人類の破滅


Super Giant Jinko eisei to jinrui no hametsu

Release Date : December, 28th, 1957
Running Time : 40 min
Genre : Feature

Color : Monochrome
Screening Format : -
Screen Size : Standard (1:1.37)
Sound Processing : -

[ Directed by ] ISHII Teruo

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]


[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Story ]

(This synopsis includes "Super Giant part 5" and "Super Giant part 6")

One day, Super Giant finds an unknown flying substance with his Geiger Counter. But though he follows it at full speed, he loses sight of it because the meteors co me down like heavy rain and he is stopped. Soon afterwards he learns that the substance was from an artificial planet which is observing the earth.
Observation instruments are accidently destroyed one after another at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. An accident also occurs to the space ship in the laboratory of the outstanding scientist Dr. Yamanaka.
Dr. Yamanaka's daughter, Kaoru, and son, Ryoichi, go to purchase parts for the machine secretly but these are bought up by a foreigner whom Kaoru and Ryoichi follow. But this is a trap and the children are taken prisoners and threats on the lives of his children force Dr. Yamanaka to accompany the enemy.
When the Japanese police fail to save them, Super Giant appears and tells them that a secret country kidnapped Dr. Yamanaka, because it wants a space ship to carry an atomic racket to their artificial planet, and he vows to destroy their evil design to conquer the earth. Dr. Yamanaka and his children are brain-washed by a special machine which subjects them ta the enemy's will.
The space ship flies from the earth toward its satellite, a big aerial station. The phenomenal power of the space ship breaks through the stratosphere in a moment and rushes past the Golden Mars in order to obstruct Super Giant from following through the terrific heat and fire of the planet.
But Super Giant successfully overcomes the terrific heat and the commander of the secret country orders Dr. Yamanaka to fire rocket bombs against him and he is hit. The space ship safely arrives at the big aerial station but the commander does not realize that the brain-washing has now lost its effect and orders Dr. Yamanaka to produce a new space bomb.
The rocket bombs are fired one after another at the Himalayas, the Tower of London, Empire State Building and the Japanese Diet. Kaoru and Ryoichi escape and succeed in destroying the rocket bomb firing tube but are discovered and sentenced to death.
But Super Giant appears and after a fierce battle he succeeds in saving Dr. Yamanaka and his children. On their way to earth in the space ship, Super Giant crashes it against the space station which is destroyed in a terrific explosion.
Having saved the earth Super Giant takes leave of Dr. Yamanaka, Kaoru and Ryoichi, and the space ship, and flies back to his own planet.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1958.1.1】

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