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  • 野獣死すべし

    Yaju shisubeshi (1959)

    Directed by: SUGAWA Eizo    Casts: NAKADAI Tatsuya, KOIZUMI Hiroshi, DAN Reiko


  • 私は貝になりたい

    Watashi wa kai ni naritai (1959)

    Directed by: HASHIMOTO Shinobu    Casts: Frankie SAKAI, ARATAMA Michiyo, RYU Chishu


  • 男が命を賭ける時

    When a Man Risks His Life (1959)

    Directed by: MATSUO Akinori    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, ASHIKAWA Izumi, KAWACHI Tamio

    Komuro, a ship's doctor, says goodbye to the sea as he has now enough money to start a small hospital of his own. On his way to Tokyo, in Izu a local doctor's body is found riddled with shots and, as Komuro is carrying his shotgun, the dead man's dau...


  • 密会

    A Secret Rendezvous (1959)

    Directed by: NAKAHIRA Ko    Casts: KATSURAGI Yoko, ITO Takao, MIYAGUCHI Seiji

    Kikuko, attractive wife of Prof. Miyahara, is beset with dire forebodings that she may be found out concerning her affair with Ikuo, one of her husband's students, through the murder of a taxi driver they both witnessed. Ikuo, too, is conscience-stri...


  • 二階堂卓也 銀座無頼帖 銀座旋風児 黒幕は誰だ

    Who Is in the Background? (1959)

    Directed by: NOGUCHI Hiroshi    Casts: KOBAYASHI Akira, ASAOKA Ruriko, AOYAMA Kyoji

    The police have been tracking down a big counterfeit money ring and although they suspect that the scandal surrounding the Japan Development Corporation is closely connected have no proof. Nikaido Takuya, nicknamed the Human Cyclone, learns from pri...


  • 地獄の曲り角

    A Turning to Hell (1959)

    Directed by: KURAHARA Koreyoshi    Casts: HAYAMA Ryoji, INAGAKI Mihoko, MINAMIDA Youko

    Maki, a porter at the Sakura Hotel, finds a body in Room No. 2 and picks up a piece of paper on which is written "one-third of the key", also the part of a key. From a newspaper he learns that the dead man is an official who has been detained as a su...


  • われらの時代

    The Age of Our Own (1959)

    Directed by: KURAHARA Koreyoshi    Casts: NAGATO Hiroyuki, YOSHIYUKI Kazuko, WATANABE Misako

    Minami Yasuo, a college student, lives with Yuriko who has become the mistress of a foreigner named Wilson. Whenever Wilson comes, Yasuo spends his time in the tea-shop "La Gana." Yasuo is asked by his brother Shigeru to teach French to Akiko, a you...


  • 世界を賭ける恋

    Love and Death (1959)

    Directed by: TAKIZAWA Eisuke    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, ASAOKA Ruriko, HAYAMA Ryoji

    Starring the screen idol Yujiro Ishihara, "Love and Death" based on the famous novel by Mushanokoji Saneatsu is the first Japanese film to be made on location in Europe. Muraoka Yuji, an assistant professor, falls in love with beautiful Nonomura Hat...


  • 南国土佐を後にして

    Farewell to Southern Tosa (1959)

    Directed by: SAITO Buichi    Casts: KOBAYASHI Akira, ASAOKA Ruriko, Peggy HAYAMA

    Returning to his native village he finds that Harue, who has been waiting for him, is now claimed by the local boss to whom the girl's deceased father owed money. Joji tries hard to pay Harue's debts but people are not sympathetic with a former conv...


  • 山と谷と雲

    The Echo of Love (1959)

    Directed by: USHIHARA Yoichi    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, KITAHARA Miye, KANEKO Nobuo

    This is the first melodrama for popular action star Yujiro Ishihara. Mountain photographer Jiro Makito narrowly escapes death in an avalanche. When Tsuzuko with whom Jiro's brother lchiro is in love visits him in hospital she asks him whether she sh...


  • 今日に生きる

    We Live Today (1959)

    Directed by: MASUDA Toshio    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, KITAHARA Miye, MINAMIDA Youko

    One day a man named Jo Shunji makes a sudden appearance at the Uzan Mine where quarrels break out everyday between the Mikuni and Yamaichi Transportation Companies over the transport of ore. Realizing the underhand practices of the Mikuni Company, S...


  • 名づけてサクラ

    Her Name Was Sakura (1959)

    Directed by: SAITO Buichi    Casts: TSUKIOKA Yumeji, SHIMOMOTO Tsutomu, KAWAMURA Keiko

    Born of a black father and a Japanese mother, Sakura was adopted by a black family who took her to America but had no real affection for child. Finally, unable to stand life with her foster parents any longer, she runs away to make the long journey b...


  • 男が爆発する

    Explosion Came (1959)

    Directed by: MASUDA Toshio    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, KITAHARA Miye, ASAOKA Ruriko

    Yoneji Muroto's farm in Yatsugatake is famous for its religious atmosphere and the son Kensaku is now the head of the family. One day, seeing a woman going down to the valley where many people have committed suicide, Kensaku fallows her, but in miss...


  • 若い川の流れ

    The Stream of Youth (1959)

    Directed by: TASAKA Tomotaka    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, KITAHARA Miye, ASHIKAWA Izumi

    Kensuke Sone, a young employee of the K. Co., is chosen as the bridegroom-to-be for Fusako the daughter of Kawasaki, managing director of the firm. Misako Kitaoka loves Kensuke, but is resigned to her marriage with Kensuke. However, when Fusako mee...


  • 嵐を呼ぶ友情

    Friendship of Jazz (1959)

    Directed by: INOUE Umetsugu    Casts: KOBAYASHI Akira, KAWACHI Tamio, SAWAMOTO Tadao

    The "Jazz Boat" is a popular night spot on Tokyo's Ginza. It was from an old trumpet artist, Koichiro Hate that Okabe and Kawazoe first learned how to blow the horn, and although Koichiro now performs at a small place on the edge of town, he is remem...


  • Black Line (1959)

    Directed by: ISHII Teruo    Casts: AMACHI Shigeru, MITSUYA Utako, MIHARA Yoko

    Journalist Machida is trying to uncover the secrets of a call-girl organization. One day in the street he sees a girl he thinks can help him but he loses her in the crowd. A female-fortune-teller who knows her tells him of an inn where he can find he...


  • 地下帝国の死刑室

    Basement of Death (1959)

    Directed by: NAMIKI Kyotaro    Casts: UTSUI Ken, IKEUCHI Junko, WADA Keinosuke

    Dr. Tagawa, a famous chemical weapons scientist has been kidnapped. G-man Akiyama and detective Kagawa meet Sanae, the scientist's daughter who finally reveals that her brother Eiji is being used as a tool by a foreign secret organization. One day Ak...


  • Emperor Meiji and General Nogi (1959)

    Directed by: KOMORI Kiyoshi    Casts: ARASHI Kanjuro, TAKAKURA Miyuki, HAYASHI Hiroshi

    In January 1 904, the situation between Japan and Russia had grown tense. The Emperor Meiji is deeply concerned, for Russia has started to build an invincible fortress at Port Arthur, and the relations between two countries have become strained to br...


  • 九十九本目の生娘

    The Blood Sword of the 99th Virgin (1959)

    Directed by: MAGATANI Morihei    Casts: SUGAWARA Bunta, MATSUURA Namiji, MIHARA Yoko

    In the northern province, two waitresses Mieko and Hanako from Tokyo, are missing somewhere near the River Kitakami. At night, the villagers of Shirayama gather round a blazing fire, and utter incantations while an old headman tempers a sword. The mi...


  • Haunted Cave (1959)

    Directed by: MAGATANI Morihei    Casts: MIHARA Yoko, SETO Reiko, BANRI Masayo

    The treasures of the Aoyamas were buried at the bottom of the sea when a large earthquake occurred years before. Yumi Aoyama is the only person who knows the location, but her family dies one after another through curious incidents, as if the family ...


  • Ghost Story of Yotsuya (1959)

    Directed by: NAKAGAWA Nobuo    Casts: AMACHI Shigeru, KITAZAWA Noriko, WAKASUGI Katsuko

    It is about one hundred years ago and near midnight. The la ne is deserted, when Iemon Tamiya kills Samon Yotsuya, the father of Oiwa, his sweetheart, who has forced Iemon to separate from his daughter. Iemon then brings Oiwa to Edo on the pretext of...


  • Stormy Virtue (1959)

    Directed by: DOI Michiyoshi    Casts: TAKASHIMA Tadao, TAKAKURA Miyuki, HOSOKAWA Toshio

    Yuri is looking forward to marrying her fiancé Minoru. However, a few days before the wedding she falls victim to his brother Takehiko, and against her will, she becomes Takehiko's wife. The day after the wedding, Yuri begins her silent revenge by no...


  • Queen of the China Sea (1959)

    Directed by: ONODA Yoshiki    Casts: TAKAKURA Miyuki, AMACHI Shigeru, NUMATA Yoichi

    In Amoy, China, at the end of the Pacific War, Rika Wo, manageress of a night club is about to be arrested on suspicion of smuggling. However, she escapes through the assistance rendered her by First Lieutenant Yokoyama of the Japanese Naval Commande...


  • Male Vampire (1959)

    Directed by: NAKAGAWA Nobuo    Casts: AMACHI Shigeru, WADA Keinosuke, MIHARA Yoko

    Beautiful Miwako, wife of an atomic scientist and a descendant of Shiro Amakusa who 300 years before was defeated by the Shogun, because he was a Christian is kidnapped by a mysterious Male Vampire and taken to an underground castle in southern Japan...


  • Queen Bee’s Anger (1959)

    Directed by: ISHII Teruo    Casts: KUBOTA Nahoko, UTSUI Ken, AMACHI Shigeru

    Hoodlums of the rival Ryujin and Kaido gangs disturb the peace of the port town during a festival, and amid the fight Yuri, female boss of the Kaido ganger is rescued from danger by a vagabond named "Hurricane Masa." However, it transpires that Masa ...


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