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Borderline (2017)

Director: WATANABE Takeshi
Cast: FUJITA Ray, ARAI Atsushi, SOEJIMA Jun

Car action film that shares the same story universe with "Gachiban" and "Yamikin Dogs" and features characters from both series. Directed by Watanabe Takeshi of Neko Ninja. Ex-hoodlum Azuma Aberu (Fujita Ray) works at a car factory and has a side gi...

Release Date: Dec, 16th, 2017

Is the order a rabbit?? ~Dear My Sister~

Is the order a rabbit?? ~Dear My Sister~ (2017)

Director: HASHIMOTO Hiroyuki
Cast: SAKURA Ayane, MINASE Inori, TANEDA Risa

Feature film produced for the TV anime series based on the four-panel comic by the manga artist Koi. Cocoa (voice: Sakura Ayane) arrives in a new town and takes up residence at a cafe called Rabbit House. She quickly becomes buddies with Rize (voice...

Release Date: Nov, 11th, 2017


Spark (2017)

Director: ITAO Itsuji
Cast: SUDA Masaki, KIRITANI Kenta, KIMURA Fumino

The film adaptation of comedian and 153rd Akutagawa Award winner Matayoshi Naoki's identically titled novel depicting young people captivated by the world of stand-up comedy who, despite complications, give their all to realize their dreams. Young c...

Release Date: Nov, 23rd, 2017

Call My Name

Call My Name (2018)

Director: SATO Toshiki
Cast: FUKIKOSHI Mitsuru, JO Anthia, ENTA Haruka

Ensemble drama about men and women in the porn industry based on non-fiction writer Nakamura Atsuhiko's "Namae no nai onna tachi" (Women Without Names). Porn actress reporter Shimura Atsushi (Fukikoshi Mitsuru) is a man of contradictions who writes ...

Release Date: Feb, 3rd, 2018

Dance with Devils -Fortuna-

Dance with Devils -Fortuna- (2017)

Director: YOSHIMURA Ai
Cast: AKANEYA Himika, SAITO Soma, HATANO Wataru

This film is the theatrical version of "Dance with Devils", the television anime series produced through the teaming up of Rejet, a creator of media content aimed at women, and Elements Garden, a music production brand. It depicts a different ending ...

Release Date: Nov, 4th, 2017

The Lowlife

The Lowlife (2017)

Director: ZEZE Takahisa

The film adaptation of adult video actress Sakura Mana's identically titled novel by Heaven's Story and Six Four director Zeze Takahisa. The fates of three women of differing circumstances and personalities become entwined: an ordinary housewife, un...

Release Date: Nov, 25th, 2017



Director: TAKESHITA Masao
Cast: HARADA Taizo, YAMAMOTO Mirai, KONISHI Manami

Feature film drama adaptation of the original story by novelist Ibuki Yuki. Directed by Takeshita Masao of Jump. Takamiya Toshikazu (Harada Taizo) works as a long-distance overnight bus driver from his hometown in Niigata. One night his ex-wife Miyu...

Release Date: Jan, 20th, 2018


TORI GIRL (2017)

Director: HANABUSA Tsutomu

The film adaptation of Nakamura Ko's novel "Torigirl" which depicts the youthfulness of university students who stake everything on a flight contest held once every year on Biwa Lake in Shiga Prefecture. Yukina (Tsuchiya Tao) has just entered univer...

Release Date: Sep, 1st, 2017

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Tokyo Bath Harem

Tokyo Bath Harem (1968)

Director: IDA Motomu


During the eighteenth century one of the many amenities of Japanese life was the public bath. It was a place of conversation and gaiety during the daytime. But at night the scene was different. Many of the bath attendants were girls who had been sold...

Release Date:Jul, 10th, 1968

Female Detective

Female Detective (1960)

Director: MAGATANI Morihei

Cast: OBATA Kinuko, MATSUURA Namiji, SUGAWARA Bunta

This is the vigorous and hard but touching story of a police-woman who devotes her life to preventing and correcting teen-age delinquency, fighting all the vices and violences which lurk in the dark streets and slums of every big city. This chief ch...

Release Date:Aug, 13th, 1960

Enigmatic Explosion if the Battleship Mutsu

Enigmatic Explosion if the Battleship Mutsu (1960)

Director: KOMORI Kiyoshi

Cast: AMACHI Shigeru, SUGAWARA Bunta, ARASHI Kanjuro

This film is based on the fact that the Mutsu, the great Japanese battlecruiser exploded from an unknown cause at a secret base in the Inland Sea during the last days of the Pacific War, and is a story filled with thrills, suspense, and spectacular w...

Release Date:Apr, 1st, 1960

Law of the Outlaw

Law of the Outlaw (1971)

Director: MASUDA Toshio

Cast: WATARI Tetsuya, FAN Wen-Chiao, IWASHITA Shima

Goro (Tetsuya Watari) works at a florist snackbar who rescues a girl, Kyoko (Fan Wen- Chiao), who attempts to kill herself in a motorboat after taking sleeping pills. When he takes flowers to Kyoko's home he learns she is engaged to Nakazawa (Takash...

Release Date:Sep, 15th, 1971