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Director: IIZUKA Ken
Cast: SANO Reo, NAKAGAWA Taishi, TAKASUGI Mahiro

Live-action adaptation of the girl's comic by manga artist Mizuno Minami. Directed by Iizuka Ken of Drops in Your Hand and Laughing Lucky Cats. Natchan (Sano Reo), Mattsun (Nakagawa Taishi), Tsuyopon (Takasugi Mahiro) and Keichan (Yokohama Ryusei) a...

Release Date: Jul 2018

Dance with Devils -Fortuna-

Dance with Devils -Fortuna- (2017)

Director: YOSHIMURA Ai
Cast: AKANEYA Himika, SAITO Soma, HATANO Wataru

This film is the theatrical version of "Dance with Devils", the television anime series produced through the teaming up of Rejet, a creator of media content aimed at women, and Elements Garden, a music production brand. It depicts a different ending ...

Release Date: Nov, 4th, 2017

Oh Lucy

Oh Lucy (2017)

Director: HIRAYANAGI Atsuko
Cast: TERAJIMA Shinobu, MINAMI Kaho, KUTSUNA Shioli

Cutting-edge director Hirayanagi Atsuko's feature-length version of her short film by the same title, which was screened in the Cinefondation selection at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Stars Terajima Shinobu from Caterpillar. The Japanese and US cas...

Release Date: 2018

Nigeta sakana wa oyoideru

Nigeta sakana wa oyoideru (2017)

Director: MORI Yasutaka
Cast: SOMEYA Toshiyuki, AKAZAWA Tomoru, HIROSE Tomoki

This is the final chapter in the series depicting the roadtrip of loser men that includes Kani wo Taberu, Hitsuji wo Kazoeru, Tenbin wo Yurasu. Set in Taiwan, an incident-filled journey unfolds for three men. Mori Yasutaka writes and directs, as he h...

Release Date: Dec, 2nd, 2017

MAQUIA: When the Promised Flower Blooms

MAQUIA: When the Promised Flower Blooms (2018)

Director: OKADA Mari
Cast: ISHIMI Manaka, IRINO Miyu, KAYANO Mei

Animation that marks the directorial debut for Okada Mari, the scriptwriter of works including The Anthem of the Heart. Depicts the "eternal moment" of a boy and girl who meet amidst the passage of time. Maquia (voice: Ishimi Manaka) is a girl from ...

Release Date: Feb, 24th, 2018

Free! The Movie – Timeless Medley – The Promise

Free! The Movie – Timeless Medley – The Promise (2017)

Director: KAWANAMI Eisaku
Cast: SHIMAZAKI Nobunaga, SUZUKI Tatsuhisa, YONAGA Tsubasa

The television anime series "Free!", which depicted the interplay of teenage male swimmers' intense passions and sensitive spirits, hits the big screen in this second "Timeless Medley" film. Rearranging the story of the series, the film also incorpor...

Release Date: Jul, 1st, 2017


Tales of CHIGASAKI (2017)

Director: KUMASAKA Izuru
Cast: MIYAJI Junichi, NAKAZAWA Shinichi, KAYAMA Yuzo

Miyaji Junichi, Kuwata Keisuke's classmate who christened his band "Southern All Stars" and anthropologist Nakazawa Shinichi who uses a technique known as "Earth Dive" to trace the past of an area of land, unravel the appeal and mystery of Chigasaki ...

Release Date: Sep, 16th, 2017

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (2017)

Director: YUYAMA Kunihiko

Film commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Pokémon TV anime series based on the game beloved around the world. It's the tenth birthday for Satoshi (voice: Matsumoto Rika), a boy living in Pallet Town, which means he is now eligible to becom...

Release Date: Jul, 15th, 2017

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Operation Négligé

Operation Négligé (1968)

Director: SHINDO Kaneto


When her husband loses his job in the coal mine, Fumiko (Nobuko Otowa) is not too put out. Taking her daughter Kimiko (Eiko Yamagishi) she sets out to make a living in Kyoto where, she has heard, there are jobs open for women. She finds one for hers...

Release Date:Jun, 30th, 1968



Director: KUROSAWA Akira

Cast: MIFUNE Toshiro, NAKADAI Tatsuya, KAGAWA Kyoko

Release Date:Mar, 1st, 1963

Secret Agent 101

Secret Agent 101 (1966)

Director: ISHII Teruo

Cast: TAKEWAKI Muga, YOSHIMURA Jitsuko, LIN Tsui Jeanette

Tengle likes having a good time with the girls more than anything else but he gets himself involved in a dangerous counterfeiting ring at Hong Kong. It all begins when Alang, one of his girlfriends, picks up a tape on which instructions are recorded....

Release Date:Dec, 24th, 1966

Watch Out, Crimson Bat!

Watch Out, Crimson Bat! (1969)

Director: ICHIMURA Hirokazu


Oichi (Yoko Matsuyama), a blind swordswoman, finds a dying young man who asks her to take charge of a small sack. While carrying the sack, she is attacked by two masked men on a bridge and only just manages to kill them. Then she is challenged by a ...

Release Date:Oct, 1st, 1969