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LOVE × DOC (2018)

Director: SUZUKI Osamu
Cast: YOSHIDA Yoh, NOMURA Shuhei, TAMAKI Hiroshi

A certain town has a clinic that specializes in romance, called the LOVE DOC. Its significance is best understood by the kinds of people who fall in love easily. So one day, a popular pastry chef named Asuka Goda drops by. She's on the way to a su...

Release Date: May, 11th, 2018

The Many Faces of Ito

The Many Faces of Ito (2017)

Director: HIROKI Ryuichi
Cast: OKADA Masaki, KIMURA Fumino, SASAKI Nozomi

Author, Yuzuki Asako's romance novel is adapted to film by Vibrator director Hiroki Ryuichi. It depicts women whose lives have been manipulated by an attractive yet self-conscious, but overly callous man. 32-year-old screenwriter, Rio (Kimura Fumino...

Release Date: Jan, 12th, 2018


Narratage (2017)

Director: YUKISADA Isao

The film adaptation of Shimamoto Rio's identically titled romance novel. It portrays a man and woman who first meet as teacher and pupil, then meet again years later and fall into an undeniably forbidden romance. At the helm is Yukisada Isao of Cryin...

Release Date: Oct, 7th, 2017

Fuzjko: A Pianist of Silence & Solitude

Fuzjko: A Pianist of Silence & Solitude (2018)

Director: KOMATSU Soichiro
Cast: Fuzjko HEMMING

In-depth documentary about pianist Fuzjko Hemming, who achieved worldwide acclaim while in her 60s. Elucidates the present-day and future of a woman who pursues her dreams irrespective of age. The emotional dynamism of Fuzjko's performances capture...

Release Date: 2018



Director: HIROKI Ryuichi
Cast: YAMADA Ryosuke, ONO Machiko, NISHIDA Toshiyuki

Film adaption drama of the bestselling novel by Higashino Keigo, whose books have sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Directed by Hiroki Ryuichi of April Bride and Policeman and Me. Atsuya (Yamada Ryosuke), Shota (Murakami Nijiro) and Kohei (Kanic...

Release Date: Sep, 23rd, 2017

Haikara-san ga Toru The Movie 1

Haikara-san ga Toru The Movie 1 (2017)

Director: FURUHASHI Kazuhiro
Cast: HAYAMI Saori, MIYANO Mamoru, SAKURAI Takahiro

Part one of the two-part feature film anime adaptation of manga artist Yamato Waki's hit comic "Haikara-san ga tooru." Direction and script by Furuhashi Kazuhiro, known for works including "Mobile Suit Gundam UC". It is the 1920s during the Taisho p...

Release Date: Nov, 11th, 2017

The Ringside Story

The Ringside Story (2017)

Director: TAKE Masaharu
Cast: SATO Eriko, Eita

A romantic-comedy depicting a loser with a gargantuan dream and the admirable girlfriend who supports him, directed by Take Masaharu of 100 Yen Love. Kanako (Sato Eriko) and Hideo (Eita) have been living together for ten years. An actor when they fi...

Release Date: Oct, 14th, 2017

Pelican: 74 Years of Japanease Tradition

Pelican: 74 Years of Japanease Tradition (2017)

Director: UCHIDA Shuntaro

Documentary about the venerable Pelican bakery that was founded 74 years ago. Directed by Uchida Shuntaro of Portrait. Tokyo is crowded with bakeries that sell bread of all varieties imaginable. Located in Tokyo's old-style downtown district of Asa...

Release Date: Oct, 7th, 2017

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Hey, Pineapple!

Hey, Pineapple! (1959)

Director: UCHIKAWA Seiichiro

Cast: SUGIURA Naoki, KOSAKA Kazuya, BAN Junzaburo

This is the film version of a war novel by Robert N. Hongo, a Hawaiian Nisei, based on his experiences during the Korean War which was best-seller in Hawaii, and was widely discussed when Shochiku finally obtained the film rights in severe competitio...

Release Date:Dec, 27th, 1959

The Dark Voyage

The Dark Voyage (1966)

Director: NOMURA Takashi

Cast: SHISHIDO Joe, WADA Koji, FUJI Manami

Jiro, a young boxer, is on his way back to Japan from Thailand when his ship stops to pick up four survivors of a wreck. It turns out, however, that these four are really smugglers. They take over the ship and there is little that Jiro can do when th...

Release Date:Nov, 20th, 1966

Dear Emperor….

Dear Emperor…. (1963)

Director: NOMURA Yoshitaro

Cast: ATSUMI Kiyoshi, NAGATO Hiroyuki, NAKAMURA Meiko

Yamada, a country youth, is drafted into the army. Compared to the poverty that he has known, the army is like a paradise where he is at least assured of three meals a day. He becomes attached to Munemoto, an aspiring a novelist, the two become fast...

Release Date:Apr, 28th, 1963

Song of a Traveller

Song of a Traveller (1962)

Director: NOGUCHI Hiroshi


It is still early for the cherry blossoms, but the castle city of Sendai had never seemed so beautiful to Misaki Akira, a former high school teacher, ousted by shocked PTA members for an unlucky tangle with Tokyo hoodlums. Akira had been brought up ...

Release Date:May, 20th, 1962