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From Kumano

From Kumano (2014)

Director: TANAKA Chiseko
Cast: KAIBE Tsuyoshi, ISEYA Hisanobu, ITO Koichi

Road movie set in Kumano, situated in the southern part of the Izu Peninsula, by Tanaka Chiseko, the film critic who has also directed films including The Sea, the Bicycle and the Amanohashidate. Also depicts the landscape of the Kumano Kodo, famed a...

Release Date: Oct, 11th, 2014



Director: OSHII Mamoru
Cast: MANO Erina, FUKUSHI Seiji, KAKEI Toshio

The seventh in a seven-part series of completely original live-action films continuing the "Patlabor" saga, a multimedia property created in the 1980s. Oshii Mamoru returns to the director's chair to depict events following those of Patlabor 2: The M...

Release Date: Jan, 10th, 2015

Solomon's Perjury I: Suspicion

Solomon's Perjury I: Suspicion (2015)

Director: NARUSHIMA Izuru
Cast: FUJINO Ryoko, ITAGAKI Mizuki, SASAKI Kuranosuke

The first half of a two-part adaptation of Naoki Prize-winning author Miyabe Miyuki's mystery. Junior high students attempt to hold a mock trial after one of their classmates apparently falls from a building and dies within the school grounds. Its di...

Release Date: Mar, 7th, 2015

RARKUEN TSUIHO -Expelled from Paradise-

RARKUEN TSUIHO -Expelled from Paradise- (2014)

Director: MIZUSHIMA Seiji
Cast: KUGIMIYA Rie, MIKI Shin-ichiro, KAMIYA Hiroshi

An original science fiction anime with a theme of human dignity. A female investigator from a cybernetic realm descends to Earth and engages in a spectacular battle with a mysterious hacker. Its director is Mizushima Seiji, known for his work on the ...

Release Date: Nov, 15th, 2014



Director: CHIANG Hsiu‐Chiung
Cast: NAGASAKU Hiromi, SASAKI Nozomi, ASADA Miyoko

A drama set on the Noto Peninsula. It presents a warm depiction of two women of different generations and outlooks whose lives are dependent on each other's support. Its director is Chiang Hsiu-Chung, a Taiwanese protege of master filmmaker Hou Hsiao...

Release Date: Feb, 28th, 2015



Director: SAKAMOTO Koichi
Cast: NEGISHI Takuya, UJI Kiyotaka, SUGIURA Taiyo

Third feature film in the "Ultraman Ginga" series. Ten new-generation Ultra Warrior heroes confront a new enemy who wields the mirror of space and time. One day, the vicious time-space traveling demon Etelgar (voice: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) and female war...

Release Date: Mar, 14th, 2015


Chokolietta (2014)

Director: KAZAMA Shiori
Cast: MORIKAWA Aoi, SUDA Masaki, ICHIKAWA Miwako

A coming-of-age film that presents a youthful depiction of a cinematographic journey undertaken by a girl who wants to become a dog, and a young man who professes to be a student bum. Its director is Kazama Shiori, who won the International Film Fest...

Release Date: Jan, 17th, 2015

Treasure Ship: Latitudes of Lust

Treasure Ship: Latitudes of Lust (2014)

Director: IKAWA Koichiro
Cast: AIDA Nana, OKADA Tomohiro, NAKAMITSU Seiji

A film devised by the late director Watanabe Mamoru, renowned as a master of erotic "pink film," and made to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the pink film genre. It is a comedy that depicts the love-hate relationships of two coup...

Release Date: Oct, 4th, 2014

Yamamoto Jisho bokyo no kane Manmo kaitakudan no rakujitsu

Yamamoto Jisho bokyo no kane Manmo kaitakudan no rakujitsu (2014)

Director: YAMADA Hisako
Cast: NAITO Takashi, WATANABE Azusa, TOKIWA Takako

Drama about the life of Yamamoto Jisho, known as "father figure to orphans left behind in China" for his devotion to repatriating Japanese orphans. Director Yamada Hisako handled the live-action adaptation of Barefoot Gen and Fudeko and the Angel's P...

Release Date: Jan, 17th, 2015

The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories

The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories (2014)

Director: OTSU Koshiro, DAISHIMA Haruhiko

A documentary by Otsu Koshiro, cinematographer of Summer in Narita that depicted the struggle against the construction of Narita Airport. In addition to extensive archive footage, Otsu includes new images shot in Narita for the first time in forty-fi...

Release Date: Nov, 22nd, 2014

Like A Fairytale

Like A Fairytale (2014)

Director: YAMATO Yuki

A coming-of-age film directed by promising newcomer Yamato Yuki (COUNT FIVE TO DREAM OF YOU). It stars talented actress Shuri, and members of the band OTOGIVANASHI also appear and provide music. Young viewers in Tokyo were highly supportive of the mo...

Release Date: Dec, 6th, 2014

Five Minutes to Tomorrow

Five Minutes to Tomorrow (2014)

Director: YUKISADA Isao
Cast: MIURA Haruma, LIU Shishi, CHANG Hsiao-Chuan

Romance with an element of suspense about the fate of a Japanese guy who falls in love with Chinese twin sisters in Shanghai. Directed by Yukisada Isao of Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World. Japan-China-Taiwan co-production with cast members...

Release Date: Dec, 27th, 2014