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No Beginning, No End

No Beginning, No End (2013)

Director: ITO Shunya

Eiga Kantoku tte Nanda!'s Ito Shunya and Tanaka Min, actor and world-renowned dancer, join forces for this challenging film that weaves together a heretofore unknown visual world. Dancing in the nude, Tanaka delivers a spirited performance about his ...

Release Date: Dec, 14th, 2013

The Apology King

The Apology King (2013)

Director: MIZUTA Nobuo
Cast: ABE Sadawo, INOUE Mao, TAKENOUCHI Yutaka

Sixth film from director Mizuta Nobuo, who also directs TV dramas. He teams up with screenwriter Kudo Kankuro for this comedy, which humorously examines Japan's unique culture of apologizing. Tokyo Apology Center "apologist" Kuroshima (Abe Sadawo) r...

Release Date: Sep, 28th, 2013



Director: TSUNEMOTO Takuaki
Cast: KIM Kkobbi, OSHINARI Shugo, NAKAGAWA Anna

Crime drama with the heroine played by Kim Kkobbi, who earned international acclaim in the Korean film {Breathless}. Set in Osaka's underworld, the story follows the obsessiveness of a woman who tries to save her first love, who has fallen into darkn...

Release Date: Jun, 8th, 2013

Memories of Taiwan

Memories of Taiwan (2013)

Director: SAKAI Atsuko
Cast: GAO Ju Hua, HUANG Mao Ji, ZHENG Mao Li

A documentary by Taiwanjinsei director Sakai Atsuko that shines a light on the elderly "Japanese-speaking generation" in Taiwan. Through the reminiscences of these people, who lived through turbulent periods in their nation's history such as world wa...

Release Date: Jul, 6th, 2013

Gekijoban warunori

Gekijoban warunori (2013)

Director: JINDO Masaaki
Cast: KAKIHARA Tetsuya, DASOKU, IRIE Reona

A documentary collaboration by voice actor Kakihara Tetsuya, known for his work on the animated TV series {FAIRY TAIL}, and singer Dasoku from video sharing website Niconico. Originally a straight-to-DVD project in which the two split into teams for ...

Release Date: Sep, 21st, 2013


ZENTAI (2013)

Director: HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke

An offbeat omnibus comedy featuring six short films that emerged from a workshop led by creator, writer, and director Hashiguchi Ryosuke, whose Like Grains of Sand won awards including the 25th International Film Festival Rotterdam's Tiger Award (gra...

Release Date: Aug, 31st, 2013


HAMELN (2013)

Director: TSUBOKAWA Takushi
Cast: NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi, BAISHO Chieko, SAKAMOTO Nagatoshi

A fantastical drama revolving around a closed school. Memories of a mountain village in Fukushima with a dwindling population are revealed together with beautiful autumn scenery. Its writer and director is Tsubokawa Takushi, whose Utsukushiki Tennen ...

Release Date: Sep, 7th, 2013

Rikugun Noborito Kenkyujo

Rikugun Noborito Kenkyujo (2012)

Director: KUSUYAMA Tadayuki

Rikugun Noborito Kenkyujo (The army's Noborito Laboratory) operated in absolute secrecy as a center for counter intelligence and secret weapon development. This documentary uses testimony by participants garnered over a 6-year period to expose the re...

Release Date: Aug, 17th, 2013

The Extreme SUKIYAKI

The Extreme SUKIYAKI (2013)

Director: MAEDA Shiro
Cast: IURA Arata, KUBOZUKA Yosuke, ICHIKAWA Mikako

Directorial debut from Maeda Shiro, whose diverse resume includes theater company director, author, and screenwriter. Depicts a group of four men and women who head for the ocean with a sukiyaki pot in hand, based on his novel by the same name. The w...

Release Date: Nov, 23rd, 2013

Chai Koi

Chai Koi (2013)

Director: ITO Hidehiro
Cast: KAWASHIMA Naomi, Yi Te-Gang, KITAGAWA Shiori

Film adaptation of the erotic romance novel by Iwai Shimako, author of Too Scary, starring Kawashima Naomi. Kawashima returns to the big screen for the first time since her appearance in Maitresse 13 years ago, and delivers an intense performance of ...

Release Date: Dec, 1st, 2013


SHADY (2012)

Director: WATANABE Ryohei
Cast: mimpi*β, OKAMURA Izumi, ISHIDA Gota

A feature-length film written, independently produced, and directed by 24-year-old student Watanabe Ryohei, who also writes scripts for television dramas and stage productions, and directs commercials.It delicately depicts the strange friendship betw...

Release Date: Jun, 22nd, 2013

Disregarded People

Disregarded People (2013)

Director: SAKAKI Hideo
Cast: OMORI Nao, MIWA Hitomi, MIHO Jun

Unique drama variously expounding on human deeds, based on George Akiyama's comic by the same name. A homely and dissolute guy approaching middle age agonizes over losing his desire to live. Directed by Sakaki Hideo, who is also an actor. Official se...

Release Date: Jun, 7th, 2014