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Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon (2014)

Director: YOSHIDA Keisuke
Cast: NAKAJIMA Kento, HIROSE Alice, ICHIKAWA Tomohiro

Live action adaptation of the popular comic by Arakawa Hiromu, which has also been turned into a TV anime. The story takes place at an agricultural high school in Hokkaido, where students with colorful personalities try their hands at farming, enjoy ...

Release Date: Mar, 7th, 2014

Ikareta baby

Ikareta baby (2013)

Director: ASANO Yukiyasu
Cast: EGUCHI Aiko, OKABE Nao, AISHIRO Sayaka

Thirty-fifth film in the Youth-H series that depicts youth and sex with a super low budget using cutting-edge directors. Asano Yukiyasu, director of A DAY IN THE LIFE, compassionately depicts a clumsy heroine who is great at sex, but terrible when it...

Release Date: Oct, 12th, 2013



Director: SUZUKI Shingo
Cast: NAMIKAWA Daisuke, ONO Daisuke, KOMATSU Mikako

Film version of the hit TV anime by the writer's group GoRA with animation production by GoHands. Depicts the battle between "Kings" with special powers and their comrades, set in a Japan with a history that differs slightly from reality. Four "King...

Release Date: Jul, 12th, 2014

Virgin Road

Virgin Road (2013)

Director: ICHIHARA Nao

Work from the short film omnibus project Father, which heartwarmingly depicts parent-child relationships, and was produced through crowdfunding from individuals and corporations. Ichihara Nao makes his directorial debut with this film focusing on the...

Release Date: Nov, 2nd, 2013

Plastic Love Story

Plastic Love Story (2013)

Director: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro

A love story from rising indie talent Nakagawa Ryutaro, who drew attention from overseas for his directed films Calling and Raindrop, with Tokyo New Cinema, a collective established by upcoming filmmakers. Three unconnected love stories unfold: a wom...

Release Date: Jan, 18th, 2014


SENPUKU (2013)

Director: HOSAKA Nobuhiko
Cast: TSUCHIYA Takako, NADAGI Takeshi, TONO Katsu

Brings a documentary touch to the story of a man and woman who live in hiding, based on the lives of a female suspect in the sarin subway attack, arrested after 17 years on the lam, and the man who lived with her while knowing about her crime. Direct...

Release Date: Nov, 30th, 2013


SAKE BOMB (2013)

Director: SAKINO Junya
Cast: HAMADA Gaku, Eugene KIM, Marlane BARNES

The feature debut of U.S.-based director Sakino Junya. This comedy-tinged road movie depicts a knockabout journey by two young Asian men. Winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival. Naoto (Hamada Gaku), the son of a t...

Release Date: May, 24th, 2014

Sweet Poolside

Sweet Poolside (2014)

Director: MATSUI Daigo
Cast: SUGA Kenta, KARIYA Yuiko, OCHIAI Motoki

Afro Tanaka director Matsui Daigo helms this coming-of-age romance that adapts Oshimi Shuzo's same-titled comic. Humorous depiction of the unusual friendship between a hairless guy and a hairy girl. Co-stars Suga Kenta from Always: Sunset on Third St...

Release Date: Jun, 14th, 2014


LIVE (2014)

Director: IGUCHI Noboru
Cast: YAMADA Yuki, ONO Ito, MORINAGA Yuuki

Suspense film by the eccentric Iguchi Noboru, who has passionate fans in Japan and abroad. Bold adaptation of the same-titled novel by youth-centric novelist Yamada Yusuke, featuring Iguchi's signature style with plenty of action, sexiness and splatt...

Release Date: May, 10th, 2014

Yume ha ushi no oishasan

Yume ha ushi no oishasan (2014)

Director: TOKITA Yoshiaki
Cast: TAKAHASHI Tomomi

A feature version of a television documentary that follows 26 years in the life of a young woman who strives to become a veterinarian. In 1987, three calves "enroll" at a small elementary school in Niigata Prefecture. Takahashi Tomomi, a third year s...

Release Date: Mar, 29th, 2014

Nuigulumar Z

Nuigulumar Z (2013)

Director: IGUCHI Noboru

A special effects-laden action film based on the novel "Hosei Ningen Nuiguruma" (Fabricated Humanoid Nuiguruma) by Otsuki Kenji. A hapless who dresses up in lolita garb merges with a stuffed toy and transforms into a righteous hero colored pink from ...

Release Date: Jan, 25th, 2014

My Pretend Girlfriend

My Pretend Girlfriend (2014)

Director: YAKUMO Saiji

A coming-of-age film based on the eponymous novel by author Nakata Eiichi. It is the feature film directorial debut of Yakumo Saiji, who has gained considerable praise for his prolific work in commercials. Hayami Akari, former member of idol group Mo...

Release Date: May, 10th, 2014