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MAESTRO! (2015)

Director: KOBAYASHI Syoutarou
Cast: MATSUZAKA Tori, miwa, NISHIDA Toshiyuki

A live-action adaptation of Saso Akira's manga about an orchestra. Its director is Kobayasi Syoutarou, whose KAASAN MOM'S LIFE won international acclaim. This musical entertainment film features the participation of world-renowned conductor Sado Yuta...

Release Date: Jan, 31st, 2015



Director: ETO Takaharu
Cast: KATO Tsubasa

A documentary about young modern artist Kato Tsubasa that closely observes a project he took on in the United States in 2013. It follows him as he seeks the cooperation of Native Americans, and also shows his growing interest in their culture and his...

Release Date: Dec, 6th, 2014

MUCHI NO CHI  I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance

MUCHI NO CHI  I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance (2014)

Director: ISHIDA Tomoya
Cast: EDANO Yukio, FUKUYAMA Tetsuro, KAN Naoto

Documentary about issues concerning nuclear power plants. Director Ishida Tomoya became interested in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and conducted numerous interviews of both nuclear power proponents and critics who were involved in the situa...

Release Date: Nov, 1st, 2014

The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories

The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories (2014)

Director: OTSU Koshiro, DAISHIMA Haruhiko

A documentary by Otsu Koshiro, cinematographer of Summer in Narita that depicted the struggle against the construction of Narita Airport. In addition to extensive archive footage, Otsu includes new images shot in Narita for the first time in forty-fi...

Release Date: Nov, 22nd, 2014



Director: ARAMAKI Shinji
Cast: KOMATSU Yuka, SUWABE Junichi, YUKI Aoi

Feature length CG animation by world-renowned director Aramaki Shinji. SF action film prequel for Shirow Masamune‘s comic "APPLESEED" Mercenary Deunan (voice: Komatsu Yuka) and cyborg Briareos (voice: Suwabe Junichi) survived the great world war and...

Release Date: Jan, 17th, 2015

Corpse Party

Corpse Party (2015)

Director: YAMADA Masafumi
Cast: IKOMA Rina, IKEOKA Ryosuke, MAEDA Nozomi

A movie inspired by a horror video game series that has already spawned novel, manga, and animated video adaptations. It stars Ikoma Rina of the idol group Nogizaka 46, and is directed by Yamada Masafumi, whose Tsuburo was screened at film festivals ...

Release Date: Aug, 1st, 2015


AKANE (2014)

Director: SAKAMOTO Yuno
Cast: SATO Fuko, SATO Rina, MORITA Yuki

A coming-of-age fantasy made through a collaboration between grown-up film professionals and junior high and high school students, including its director, first year high school student Sakamoto Yuno. Kotoni Town in Hokkaido provided full location su...

Release Date: Nov, 1st, 2014



Director: MIKI Takahiro
Cast: HONDA Tsubasa, HIGASHIDE Masahiro, SHINKAWA Yua

SOLANIN director Miki Takahiro creates a live action adaptation of Sakisaka Io's bestselling girls' comic. Costars model-turned-act res s Honda Tsubasa and Higashide Masahiro, who won the Newcomer of the Year Award at the 36th Japan Academy Awards fo...

Release Date: Dec, 13th, 2014


Fragile (2014)

Director: OTA Shingo
Cast: OTA Shingo, MOTOYAMA Dai, Shingo☆Nishinari

The first feature-length work of fiction from director Ota Shingo, whose previous film The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed received praise both in Japan and abroad. It uses a documentary-style approach to depict young people in the Nishinari ...

Release Date: 2015

The Noise

The Noise (2014)

Director: SEKINE Tsutomu
Cast: NUKUMIZU Yoichi, MURAMATSU Toshifumi, IIO Kazuki

Comedy marking the directorial debut for comedian Sekine Tsutomu as he enters his fourth decade in show business. Depicts the struggle between people living underground who appear out of the blue and five run-of-the-mill middle-aged guys, with charac...

Release Date: May, 23rd, 2015

Being Born: Together Forever

Being Born: Together Forever (2014)

Director: GODA Tomo
Cast: KIKI Kirin

Director Goda Tomo, who addressed issues related to birth in the documentary Being Born, delves into the diverse circumstances facing three families. He projects his own anxieties about child-raising as he probes the significance of family, the preci...

Release Date: Nov, 22nd, 2014

Hibi Rock: Puke Afro and the Pop Star

Hibi Rock: Puke Afro and the Pop Star (2014)

Director: IRIE Yu
Cast: NOMURA Shuhei, NIKAIDO Fumi, MAENO Tomoya

Coming-of-age film about the relationship between a guy who passionately loves rock music and a top rock star, directed by Roadside Fugitive's Irie Yu. Stars Nomura Shuhei from Puzzle with Nikaido Fumi from Himizu playing the rock star. Hibinuma Tak...

Release Date: Nov, 22nd, 2014