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Nuigulumar Z

Nuigulumar Z (2013)

Director: IGUCHI Noboru

A special effects-laden action film based on the novel "Hosei Ningen Nuiguruma" (Fabricated Humanoid Nuiguruma) by Otsuki Kenji. A hapless who dresses up in lolita garb merges with a stuffed toy and transforms into a righteous hero colored pink from ...

Release Date: Jan, 25th, 2014

My Little Sweet Pea

My Little Sweet Pea (2013)

Director: YOSHIDA Keisuke
Cast: HORIKITA Maki, MATSUDA Ryuhei, YO Kimiko

An abundantly humorous depiction of an anime-obsessed girl with dreams of becoming a voice actor who is forced to grow up when her estranged mother dies. Its director is Yoshida Keisuke (Cafe ISOBE). Lead actress Horikita Maki plays opposite Yo Kimik...

Release Date: Dec, 21st, 2013



Director: SHIRAISHI Kazuya
Cast: YAMADA Takayuki, Pierre TAKI, Lily FRANKY

Feature film adaptation of a non-fiction crime book that led to the capture of the real culprit. Depicts a magazine journalist exposing unsolved murders, based on accusations from an inmate on death row. The cast's impassioned performance gave the fi...

Release Date: Sep, 21st, 2013

Soul flower train

Soul flower train (2013)

Director: NISHIO HIroshi
Cast: HIRATA Mitsuru, Marin, Sayoko

First theatrically released film by director Nishio Hiroshi, whose indie film National Anthem earned praise from the likes of Kurosawa Kiyoshi. Depicts a peculiar mishmash of humanity in Osaka based on a short comic by manga artist Robin Nishi, whose...

Release Date: Aug, 31st, 2013

Save the club noon

Save the club noon (2013)

Director: MIYAMOTO Moriro
Cast: Akainu, ANI & Robochu, ALTZ

Noon, a venerable Osaka club, was busted in April 2012 for violating Japan's law regulating entertainment establishments. This documentary covers the music event held in July of the same year by over 90 artist teams, who rallied in protest. The law r...

Release Date: Nov, 30th, 2013

Chai Koi

Chai Koi (2013)

Director: ITO Hidehiro
Cast: KAWASHIMA Naomi, Yi Te-Gang, KITAGAWA Shiori

Film adaptation of the erotic romance novel by Iwai Shimako, author of Too Scary, starring Kawashima Naomi. Kawashima returns to the big screen for the first time since her appearance in Maitresse 13 years ago, and delivers an intense performance of ...

Release Date: Dec, 1st, 2013


Half (2013)

Director: NISHIKURA Megumi, Lara Perez TAKAGI

A documentary born from the "Hafu Project" that explores the experiences and identities of mixed-race people with Japanese and non-Japanese parents. Co-directed by two biracial women, it features interviews with five subjects over the course of more ...

Release Date: Oct, 5th, 2013

Big First-year and Little Second-year

Big First-year and Little Second-year (2014)

Director: WATANABE Ayumu
Cast: TAMURA Mutsumi, YAJIMA Akiko, KUNO Misaki

Film supported by Anime Mirai 2014, the project from the Agency of Cultural Affairs to train young animators. Warmly depicts a young boy and girl's feelings for each other, based on a children's literature by Furuta Taruhi. Directed by animator Watan...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014

DokiDoki! Pretty Cure the Movie Memories for the Future

DokiDoki! Pretty Cure the Movie Memories for the Future (2013)

Director: ITO Naoyuki

The 15th feature film in a franchise featuring transforming heroines that celebrated ten years on television in 2013. The members of "Dokidoki! Pretty Cure" battle to protect the past and forge the future. Its box office takings of 210 million yen in...

Release Date: Oct, 26th, 2013

Tomo ni aruku

Tomo ni aruku (2013)

Director: MIYAMOTO Masaki
Cast: OZAWA Ryota, IRIYAMA Noriko, KAWAI Aoba

Miyamoto Masaki, who won numerous awards for his Murakami Jun-starring short film Usotsuki Yumi-chan, makes his feature directorial debut with this drama based on his own experiences. It sympathetically depicts people dealing with and overcoming diff...

Release Date: Apr, 5th, 2014

Pecoross' Mother and Her Days

Pecoross' Mother and Her Days (2013)

Director: MORISAKI Azuma
Cast: IWAMATSU Ryo, AKAGI Harue, HARADA Kiwako

Veteran director Morisaki Azuma's adaptation of Okano Yuichi's essay manga following the daily life of a nebbish son and his dementia-stricken mother. Its talented cast includes Iwamatsu Ryo, Harada Kiwako, and 89-year-old Akagi Harue in her first st...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013

My Pretend Girlfriend

My Pretend Girlfriend (2014)

Director: YAKUMO Saiji

A coming-of-age film based on the eponymous novel by author Nakata Eiichi. It is the feature film directorial debut of Yakumo Saiji, who has gained considerable praise for his prolific work in commercials. Hayami Akari, former member of idol group Mo...

Release Date: May, 10th, 2014