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The Genealogy of Sake

The Genealogy of Sake (2015)

Director: ISHII Kaori
Cast: SANBAI Koichi, NOGUCHI Naohiko, HASE Shokichi

The film focuses on the toji of Noto Peninsula, where is certified as a GIAHS, who pour their beautiful souls into Japanese Sake brewing. And the film shows the environment that the rice is grown in, and the holy ceremonies of the harvest. Toji act...

Release Date: Sep, 26th, 2015

Sato ke no tsuya

Sato ke no tsuya (2015)

Director: UCHIDA Eiji

One episode from "Kazoku gokko," an omnibus film about 5 off-kilter families, which depicts the troubles of a bereaved family directed by internationally praised Uchida Eiji whose Greateful Dead was screened at the 2013 Raindance Film Festival among ...

Release Date: Aug, 1st, 2015

The Land of Rain Trees

The Land of Rain Trees (2015)

Director: MIYAKE Yoshishige

A live-action adaptation of Arikawa Hiro's romance novel which depicts the love story of a man and woman drawn together through a blog inspired by an "unforgettable book". By way of a blog called "The Land of Rain Trees", Shin (Tamamori Yuta) has ex...

Release Date: Nov, 21st, 2015


DAMAGER (2015)

Director: IGUCHI Noboru

Indies special effects action film produced by Iguchi Noboru, director of the special effects robot film Karate-Robo Zaborgar, upon the request of a salaryman friend who asked him to shoot a film for him to star in. A masochistic hero who gains power...

Release Date: Nov, 14th, 2015

HAIKYU!! The End and the Beginning

HAIKYU!! The End and the Beginning (2015)

Director: MITSUNAKA Susumu
Cast: MURASE Ayumu, ISHIKAWA Kaito, HINO Satoshi

Compilation of the first TV anime season based on Furudate Haruichi's manga. The first of two parts, the story follows the idiosyncratic players on the Karasuno High School volleyball squad as they start playing as a team. The film adds new cuts to t...

Release Date: Jul, 3rd, 2015

Pink and Gray

Pink and Gray (2016)

Director: YUKISADA Isao
Cast: NAKAJIMA Yuto, SUDA Masaki, Kaho

A film adaptation of the debut novel by Kato Shigeaki, a member of the idol group NEWS. Its director is Yukisada Isao, who won Best Director at the 2002 Japan Academy Prizes for Go, and is known for his many other hit movies including CRYING OUT LOVE...

Release Date: Jan, 9th, 2016

Anpanman Summer Festival

Anpanman Summer Festival (2015)

Director: HIMAKI Yuji
Cast: TODA Keiko, NAKAO Ryusei

A short film that screened together with Anpanman The Movie Mihja and the magic lamp. Beloved characters have a great time at an exciting summer festival. While watching movie, children can sing and clap along with the on-screen action. Anpanman (vo...

Release Date: Jul, 4th, 2015

Pokémon: Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad

Pokémon: Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad (2015)

Director: YUYAMA Kunihiko
Cast: OTANI Ikue, INUYAMA Inuko

Short animation screened together with Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. Lots of Pokémon gather in the woods and sing a chorus together. Features direction so the audience can sing along with the short film. The Pokémon have been looki...

Release Date: Jul, 18th, 2015


I AM A MONK (2015)

Director: MAKABE Yukinori
Cast: ITO Atsushi, YAMAMOTO Mizuki, MIZOBATA Junpei

Drama feature film adaptation of Shirakawa Missei's same-titled essays about his experiences as the head monk at Eifukuji Temple in Ehime Prefecture's Imabari City. Makabe Yukinori's feature film directorial debut. Shirakata Susumu (Ito Atsushi) gre...

Release Date: Oct, 24th, 2015

SINBAD -The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands-

SINBAD -The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands- (2016)

Director: MIYASHITA Shinpei

The second part of an anime trilogy about the adventures of a young boy dreaming of being a seaman and a young girl from a sorcerer clan based on the literary classic 'The Arabian Nights.' The film commemorates the 40th anniversary of Nippon Animatio...

Release Date: Jan, 16th, 2016



Director: SHINOHARA Tetsuo
Cast: SATO Koichi, HONDA Tsubasa, ONO Machiko

Drama based on Naoki Prize-winning author, Sakuragi Shino's novel of the same name which depicts the restoration of a lonely lawyer's heart set against Hokkaido's Kushiro City. At the helm is director Shinohara Tetsuo, who is known for his delicate d...

Release Date: Nov, 7th, 2015

CHIBI MARUKO CHAN -A Boy from Italy-

CHIBI MARUKO CHAN -A Boy from Italy- (2015)

Director: TAKAGI Jun

This is the 25th anniversary film of televised anime "Chibi Maruko chan". For the first time in the series' history, the setting moves from Shimizu City as the well-known characters travel around Osaka and Kyoto. The script was written by the origina...

Release Date: Dec, 23rd, 2015