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Shirish ko Phool

Shirish ko Phool (2013)

Director: ITO Toshiaki
Cast: Ganesh Man Lama, Sarmila Gurung, Jagat Rajthala

Film adaptation of beloved Nepalese author Parijat's masterpiece novel "Shirish ko Phool (The Blue Mimosa)." Director Ito Toshiaki spent four years working on this film, which features the renowned Nepalese actor Ganesh Man Lama in this follow-up to ...

Release Date: Apr, 23rd, 2016

U 31

U 31 (2016)

Director: TANI Kenji
Cast: BABA Ryoma, NAKAMURA Yuichi, TANIMURA Mitsuki

The live-action adaptation of the identically titled soccer manga by Tsunamoto Masaya and Yoshimoto Motoki which depicts the comeback of a man who returns to a minor team upon receiving a notice of dismissal from a prominent team. In the director's c...

Release Date: Aug, 27th, 2016



Director: HANNO Yoshihiro
Cast: AOKI Munetaka, ONO Ito, OKAYAMA Amane

Paris-based Hanno Yoshihiro, who has overseen the music for director Jia Zhang-ke's film among other Asian works, writes as well as directs for the first time this suspense-thriller. Aoki Munetaka from Rurouni Kenshin stars in a story intensely depic...

Release Date: Nov, 19th, 2016

SIX FOUR: Part 1

SIX FOUR: Part 1 (2016)

Director: ZEZE Takahisa
Cast: SATO Koichi, AYANO Go, EIKURA Nana

The best-selling novel by Yokoyama Hideo, author of Half a Confession and Climber's High, is adapted into a two-part film. Director Zeze Takahisa of Heaven's Story and an all-star cast including Sato Koichi render this profound drama. Nicknamed "Six...

Release Date: May, 7th, 2016



Director: MIKI Koichiro
Cast: IWATA Takanori, TAKAHATA Mitsuki, ABE Joji

"Torihada Gekijoban" series director, Miki Koichiro, adapts to film a romance novel by popular author Arikawa Hiro. It depicts an office lady unsuccessful in life, her strange cohabitation with a young man who collapsed in front of her apartment, and...

Release Date: Jun, 4th, 2016

Snow Woman

Snow Woman (2016)

Director: SUGINO Kiki
Cast: SUGINO Kiki, AOKI Munetaka, YAMAGUCHI Mayu

This drama introduces a fresh interpretation of "Yuki Onna", an episode from Lafcadio Hearn's collection of Japanese ghost stories, "Kwaidan". Sugino Kiki, director of Kyoto Elegy, also directs and stars in this film which has been selected to compet...

Release Date: Mar, 4th, 2017


Hee (2016)

Director: MOMOI Kaori
Cast: MOMOI Kaori, SASO Yugo, FUJITANI Ayako

Actress Momoi Kaori writes, directs and stars in this suspense thriller based on the novella by Akutagawa Prize-winning author, Nakamura Fuminori, which depicts a psychiatrist becoming engrossed in the audacious confession of an arsonist prostitute. ...

Release Date: Aug, 20th, 2016



Director: TOYOSHIMA Keisuke
Cast: NOMURA Shuhei, KAKU Kento, KISHII Yukino

Youth drama based on the same-named comic by Shinzo Keigo which depicts the summer a free spirited university student and a cool-and-collected yakuza spend at a driving school. At the helm is Toyoshima Keisuke who has worked on numerous genres. Seem...

Release Date: Jul, 9th, 2016

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The Magoichi Saga

The Magoichi Saga (1969)

監督:MISUMI Kenji

キャスト:NAKAMURA Kinnosuke, KURIHARA Komaki, HONGO Kojiro

During the civil wars Lord Nobunaga Oda (Shintaro Katsu) finally gains control over almost the entire country. But there are still many watching for a chance to overthrow him. So Magoichi Saika (Kinnosuke Nakamura) and his 3000 gunners are made much...

Release Date:Nov, 1st, 1969

Three Faces of Love

Three Faces of Love (1967)

監督:NAKAMURA Noboru

キャスト:ARATAMA Michiyo, KAYAMA Yoshiko, KAGA Mariko

Fujiyo, Kikuko and Momoko are sisters, daughters of a traditional craftsman whose death occasions a dispute. Fujiyo, as eldest and only daughter of the legal first marriage should have precedence over her younger sisters as well as Hatsu, dad's mistr...

Release Date:Jan, 14th, 1967

Quiet Dawn in the Front

Quiet Dawn in the Front (1960)

監督:KOMORI Kiyoshi

キャスト:AMACHI Shigeru, Elise RICHTER, S. P. Ghandi

Release Date:Sep, 5th, 1959

The Silent Gun

The Silent Gun (1967)

監督:INOUE Yoshio

キャスト:TAMIYA Jiro, AMACHI Shigeru, SAKAMOTO Sumiko

A series of murders has been committed by someone with a new model gun, a Mord-Gessel X 38. Indeed, Daisuke himself is almost killed while investigating the case. This occurred while he was with Ritsuko, daughter of a company president. Detective Kim...

Release Date:Oct, 14th, 1967