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Big First-year and Little Second-year

Big First-year and Little Second-year (2014)

Director: WATANABE Ayumu
Cast: TAMURA Mutsumi, YAJIMA Akiko, KUNO Misaki

Film supported by Anime Mirai 2014, the project from the Agency of Cultural Affairs to train young animators. Warmly depicts a young boy and girl's feelings for each other, based on a children's literature by Furuta Taruhi. Directed by animator Watan...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014

Ikareta baby

Ikareta baby (2013)

Director: ASANO Yukiyasu
Cast: EGUCHI Aiko, OKABE Nao, AISHIRO Sayaka

Thirty-fifth film in the Youth-H series that depicts youth and sex with a super low budget using cutting-edge directors. Asano Yukiyasu, director of A DAY IN THE LIFE, compassionately depicts a clumsy heroine who is great at sex, but terrible when it...

Release Date: Oct, 12th, 2013


PUZZLE (2014)

Director: NAITO Eisuke
Cast: Kaho, NOMURA Shuhei, TAKAHASHI Kazuya

Suspense horror film based on a story by "The Chasing World" series author Yamada Yusuke. Sinister insanity leads a gloomy high school student to stir up a hideous incident. Kaho, known for portraying cheerful and pure-hearted characters, delivers an...

Release Date: Mar, 8th, 2014


Seiza (2013)

Director: OKU Shutaro
Cast: KURODA Ikuyo, PRIOVILLE Fabien, URABE Fusako

Romance depicting love between an illegal immigrant and a deaf-mute woman, in black-and-white without dialogue. Stars internationally recognized dancer Kuroda Ikuyo and Prioville Fabien. Directed by Oku Shutaro, whose film Cain's Descendant was selec...

Release Date: Nov, 9th, 2013


FORMA (2013)

Director: SAKAMOTO Ayumi
Cast: MATSUOKA Emiko, UMENO Nagisa, NOZOE Seiji

A suspense film that won the Best Picture Award in the Tokyo International Film Festival's Japanese Cinema Splash category in 2013, and the FIPRESCI Prize in the Berlin International Film Festival's Forum section in 2014. The detached direction of Sa...

Release Date: Aug, 16th, 2014

Chikyu bouei miboujin

Chikyu bouei miboujin (2014)

Director: KAWASAKI Minoru
Cast: DAN Mitsu, FUKUDA Yusuke(Choutokkyu/Yusuke), MORITSUGU Koji

Live action sci-fi comedy featuring special effects with plenty of sexy elements sprinkled in throughout. An ex-geisha widowed ace pilot in the earth's self-defense force goes to battle with a mysterious alien. Directed by comedy genius Kawasaki Mino...

Release Date: Feb, 8th, 2014


Homeland (2014)

Director: KUBOTA Nao
Cast: MATSUYAMA Kenichi, TANAKA Yuko, ANDO Sakura

The feature directorial debut of Kubota Nao, a television documentary veteran with a career spanning over twenty-five years. Set in Fukushima after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it tells a story of family members who rediscover their connections t...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014

DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 The time has come

DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 The time has come (2014)

Director: TAKAHASHI Eiki
Cast: AKB48

Fourth documentary about the hugely popular idol group AKB48. In-depth coverage from January 2013 through June 2014, a period when major changes rocked the group. Directed by Takahashi Eiki, who has handled the series from the second film. The camer...

Release Date: Jul, 4th, 2014


Juuichibunnoichi (2014)

Director: KATAOKA Sho
Cast: IKEOKA Ryosuke, TAKETOMI Seika, KUDO Asuka

Yellow Elephant screenwriter Kataoka Shou makes his feature-length directorial debut with this adaptation of Nakamura Takatoshi's popular tearjerking coming-of-age manga, which has sold over 600,000 copies in total. The up-and-coming cast, including ...

Release Date: Apr, 5th, 2014

Sweet Poolside

Sweet Poolside (2014)

Director: MATSUI Daigo
Cast: SUGA Kenta, KARIYA Yuiko, OCHIAI Motoki

Afro Tanaka director Matsui Daigo helms this coming-of-age romance that adapts Oshimi Shuzo's same-titled comic. Humorous depiction of the unusual friendship between a hairless guy and a hairy girl. Co-stars Suga Kenta from Always: Sunset on Third St...

Release Date: Jun, 14th, 2014


SAKE BOMB (2013)

Director: SAKINO Junya
Cast: HAMADA Gaku, Eugene KIM, Marlane BARNES

The feature debut of U.S.-based director Sakino Junya. This comedy-tinged road movie depicts a knockabout journey by two young Asian men. Winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival. Naoto (Hamada Gaku), the son of a t...

Release Date: May, 24th, 2014



Director: TSUTSUMI Yukihiko
Cast: TODA Erika, KASE Ryo, RYU Raita

The first half of the two-part conclusion to the popular franchise from TRICK The Movie director Tsutsumi Yukihiko that has encompassed a television series, specials, and feature films. Two Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department detectives engage in a ...

Release Date: Nov, 1st, 2013