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Cult (2012)

Director: SHIRAISHI Koji
Cast: ABIRU Yu, IWASA Mayuko, IRIKI Mari

Film from the Next Horror Project produced by Ichise Taka, J-horror trendsetter. Direction and screenplay by Shiroishi Koji, who excels at mockumentary horror films. Chillingly bizarre phenomena keep happening on location for a psychic television sho...

Release Date: Jul, 20th, 2013

Beneath the Bamboo Grave Posts

Beneath the Bamboo Grave Posts (2013)

Director: KAGEYAMA Asako, FUJIMOTO Yukihisa

Documentary about Japanese and Korean youths, as well as young Korean nationals residing in Japan, shot over a 15-year period. Consists of five parts, totaling 9 hours and 9 minutes. In the summer of 1997, Japanese and Korean youths, and young ethnic...

Release Date: Aug, 17th, 2013


Harmonie (2014)

Director: YOSHIURA Yasuhiro
Cast: MATSUOKA Yoshitsugu, UEDA Reina, NUMAKURA Manami

Film supported by Anime Mirai 2014, the project from the Agency of Cultural Affairs to train young animators. Delves into the emotions of true-to-life girls and boys in a classroom jostling with unique personalities. Directed by Yoshiura Yasuhiro, wh...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014

Court of Zeus

Court of Zeus (2013)

Director: TAKAHASHI Gen
Cast: KOJIMA Hijiri, NOMURA Hironobu, SHIOYA Shun

A work of suspense from director Takahashi Gen, known for his internationally renowned Confessions of a Dog. This thrill-laden, unusual courtroom drama focuses on a judge and a defendant who are engaged to be married. Received its world premiere as a...

Release Date: Mar, 8th, 2014

Maria kyosoukyoku

Maria kyosoukyoku (2013)

Director: IZUCHI Kishu
Cast: MIZUI Maki, YOSHIOKA Mutsuo, TAKEDA Naohiro

37th film in the "Youth H" series about adolescence and love, created by cutting-edge filmmakers on a shoestring budget. Directed by Izuchi Kishu, who continues one-of-a-kind projects in the indie film world. Compellingly tells a tale of revenge by a...

Release Date: Nov, 30th, 2013

Neko ni mikan

Neko ni mikan (2014)

Director: TODA Akihiro
Cast: KUROKAWA Mei, DAITOH Shunsuke, RYU Daisuke

A regionally-produced film shot on location in Wakayama Prefecture with full local government cooperation. This drama from first-time director Toda Akihiro addresses universal themes of parent-child relationships and love through a family tied togeth...

Release Date: Mar, 22nd, 2014

Sunk into the Womb

Sunk into the Womb (2013)

Director: OGATA Takaomi

Real-life drama that unflinchingly looks at how a single mother ends up neglecting her children, based on an actual incident in Osaka, where two children died from neglect in 2010. Third film by cutting-edge director Ogata Takaomi, whose Body Tempera...

Release Date: Nov, 9th, 2013

How Selfish I Am!

How Selfish I Am! (2013)

Director: MATSUI Daigo

Ensemble drama based on an original story by CreepHyp lead vocalist Ozaki Sekaikan, directed by Afro Tanaka's Matsui Daigo. Four-part structure uses the brand new music video Kizutsukeru, as well as three previous music videos including Atashi no Mad...

Release Date: Oct, 26th, 2013



Director: HIROHARA Satoru
Cast: KAKU Tomohiro, KANEDA Yuki, FUNASAKI Tsubasa

Director Hirohara Satoru caught the world's attention with Good Morning to the World!!, his Musashino Art University graduation film. Hirohara produced this feature-length theatrical debut with a scholarship from the Pia Film Festival. Poignant and f...

Release Date: Aug, 10th, 2013

Hello supernova

Hello supernova (2013)

Director: KONNO Yuichiro
Cast: USHIO Chise, KOBAYASHI Mitsuharu, KAMIMURA Azusa

Konno Yuichiro, who has made a series of films set in the Kita-Senju suburb of Tokyo and is also active in theater, serves as writer, actor, editor, and director for this drama that became his first theatrically-released film. Most of its cast, inclu...

Release Date: Feb, 22nd, 2014



Director: OHASHI Akira
Cast: SATO Yasue, MATSUYAMA Mary, TSUDA Kanji

The second spin-off film to originate from a popular tokusatsu (special effects-laden science fiction) television series. It follows the exploits of two fan favorite Makai Priestesses, and reveals the outcome of a battle that took place in the backgr...

Release Date: Jul, 20th, 2013

A Sparkle of Life

A Sparkle of Life (2013)

Director: SOTOYAMA Bunji

Director Sotoyama Bunji, who won five awards including Best Short Film at the 2011 Monaco Film Festival for his depiction of love between an elderly couple in On This Side, returns to the theme of old age. Yoshiyuki Kazuko gives a vivid performance a...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013