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shame hair morning set gyunyu haru

shame hair morning set gyunyu haru (2013)

Director: SATO Toshiki
Cast: HIRATA Mitsuru, MIZUMOTO Kanako, ITO Takeshi

Pink film veteran Sato Toshiki, whose unique perspective has gained him a devoted following, directs this drama that illuminates the sorrow of a middle-aged man. Through a blend of memories of a first love and erotic and surreal episodes and depictio...

Release Date: Aug, 17th, 2013

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (2013)

Director: TAKAHATA Isao
Cast: ASAKURA Aki, KORA Kengo, CHII Takeo

The first film in fourteen years since My Neighbors the Yamadas from maestro Takahata Isao, who devised the story, wrote the script, and directed. Based on the ancient Japanese folk tale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", it explores its premise from a...

Release Date: Nov, 23rd, 2013

Paroll’s Future Island

Paroll’s Future Island (2014)

Director: IMAI Kazuaki

Film supported by Anime Mirai 2014, the project from the Agency of Cultural Affairs to train young animators. Three strange child animals on an isolated island venture into the world of humans. Directorial debut for Imai Kazuaki and produced by Shin-...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014

Chikyu bouei miboujin

Chikyu bouei miboujin (2014)

Director: KAWASAKI Minoru
Cast: DAN Mitsu, FUKUDA Yusuke(Choutokkyu/Yusuke), MORITSUGU Koji

Live action sci-fi comedy featuring special effects with plenty of sexy elements sprinkled in throughout. An ex-geisha widowed ace pilot in the earth's self-defense force goes to battle with a mysterious alien. Directed by comedy genius Kawasaki Mino...

Release Date: Feb, 8th, 2014


Bonnosokubosatsu (2013)

Director: ANDO Bon

Thirty-fourth film in the Youth-H series that depicts youth and sex with a super low budget using cutting-edge directors. Ando Bon, director of Fukidamari no Onna from the same series, poignantly depicts the unhappy fate of a heroine born with a stat...

Release Date: Oct, 5th, 2013

Japan's Tragedy

Japan's Tragedy (2012)

Director: KOBAYASHI Masahiro
Cast: NAKADAI Tatsuya, KITAMURA Kazuki, OMORI Akemi

A drama based on a real-life incident involving pension fraud. It exposes the darkness in a society in which people are cut adrift, as seen in the tragic existence of a father with three months left to live and his depression-stricken son who lives o...

Release Date: Aug, 31st, 2013


Storytellers (2013)

Director: SAKAI Ko, HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke
Cast: ITO Masako, SASAKI Ken, SATO Reiko

The third part of a trilogy focusing on the Tohoku region that is comprised of dialogues with victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Ideas on how to share experiences of the disaster with future generations, a challenge touched upon in the previ...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013

Pokémon: Eevee and Friends

Pokémon: Eevee and Friends (2013)

Director: YUYAMA Kunihiko
Cast: OHTANI Ikue, INUYAMA Inuko

Short film about a sleepover featuring one-of-a-kind Pokémon. Screened along with Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened. Narration by the popular actress Maeda Atsuko. One summer day, Pikachu (voice: Otani Ikue) and friends head deep i...

Release Date: Jul, 13th, 2013



Director: KAWAGUCHI Keiichiro
Cast: HAN Megumi, ISE Mariya, FUJIWARA Keiji

The second animated feature based on Togashi Yoshihiro's popular manga. A lavish voice cast including kabuki performer Nakamura Shidou, comedian Amano Hiroyuki, and model Yamamoto Mizuki helps to depict a fierce battle between hunters divided into "l...

Release Date: Dec, 27th, 2013

Moretsu uchu pirate abyss of hyperspace aku no shinen

Moretsu uchu pirate abyss of hyperspace aku no shinen (2014)

Director: SATO Tatsuo

A feature film spin-off of an animated television series based on Sasamoto Yuichi's light novel. Sato Tatsuo resumes his duties as writer and director from the TV series for this tale of the adventures of a young man and pirates in hyperspace. Girls...

Release Date: Feb, 22nd, 2014

A Tale of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story

A Tale of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story (2013)

Director: ASAHARA Yuzo
Cast: UETO Aya, KORA Kengo, YO Kimiko

Funaki Dennai laid the foundations for Kaga clan cuisine in the Edo Period as a "kitchen samurai" who prepared food for the nobility. This heartwarming drama depicts the internal affairs of the Kaga clan from the perspective of a woman who marries Fu...

Release Date: Dec, 14th, 2013


Jinx!!! (2013)

Director: KUMAZAWA Naoto
Cast: Hyomin, SHIMIZU Kurumi, YAMAZAKI Kento

In this romance, popular K-POP group T-ARA member Hyomin transforms into a Korean exchange student who teaches Japanese college students all about love. From Me to You director Kumazawa Naoto depicts love with a touch of pathos about the different pe...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013