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Giovanni's Island

Giovanni's Island (2014)

Director: NISHIKUBO Mizuho
Cast: ICHIMURA Masachika, NAKAMA Yukie, YANAGIHARA Kanako

An animated film from Production I.G, the studio behind the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Based on true events, it depicts bonds between children timidly growing in the aftermath of a tragedy caused by adults. In 1945, the verdant island of Shikotan...

Release Date: Feb, 22nd, 2014

Zettai Ryoiki

Zettai Ryoiki (2014)

Director: HORIUCHI Hiroshi
Cast: ONO Miku, HIRAMAKI Jin, IKEDA Chocolat

Romance about a shut-in and former girl idol. Sensitive depiction of their clumsy relationship, interweaving real-world gloom. Directed by Horiuchi Hiroshi, who made his mark at the 32nd Pia Film Festival. Mio (Ono Miku), member of the Zettai Ryoiki...

Release Date: Mar, 15th, 2014

Strum und drang

Strum und drang (2013)

Director: YAMADA Isao

Coming-of-age ensemble drama about the Guillotine Society, an anarchist association in the Taisho period. Vividly depicts the youths involved in the Guillotine Society with richly colored images. Directed by artist and painter Yamada Isao, the film b...

Release Date: Aug, 16th, 2014


Again (2013)

Director: KANAI Junichi

Romance dealing with date rape that marks the commercial debut of director Kanai Junichi. Beautiful imagery captures the emotional pain of a girl struggling with conflicting emotions, and a boy who ends up hurting her physically and emotionally. Sele...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013

Get action

Get action (2014)

Director: KONDO Junya

A documentary about TEENGENERATE, a legendary rock band that was ignored by Japan's music media despite winning acclaim overseas. Former cinema manager Kondo Junya, who witnessed their heyday first-hand, decided to make a record of their exploits and...

Release Date: Mar, 15th, 2014

Tamashiino realism Hiroshi Noda

Tamashiino realism Hiroshi Noda (2014)

Director: HYUGAJI Taro
Cast: NODA Hiroshi

Documentary on Noda Hiroshi, one of Japan's best-known realistic painters. Up-close coverage of Noda as he creates "Seinarumono THE IV Torinosu" (Holy The IV Bird's Nest), powerfully conveying his passion as an artist. Directed by Hyugaji Taro, known...

Release Date: Aug, 23rd, 2014


Half (2013)

Director: NISHIKURA Megumi, Lara Perez TAKAGI

A documentary born from the "Hafu Project" that explores the experiences and identities of mixed-race people with Japanese and non-Japanese parents. Co-directed by two biracial women, it features interviews with five subjects over the course of more ...

Release Date: Oct, 5th, 2013



Director: NAKATA Hideo
Cast: FUJIWARA Tatsuya, YAMADA Takayuki, ISHIHARA Satomi

Suspense action film based on the Korean hit Haunters, incorporating a brand-new climax. Directed by Nakata Hideo of Ring and The Complex. Co-stars Fujiwara Tatsuya and Yamada Takayuki depict two men engaged in an intense battle. A man (Fujiwara) wi...

Release Date: May, 30th, 2014

The Will -If Only There Were no Nuclear Power Plant

The Will -If Only There Were no Nuclear Power Plant (2014)

Director: TOYODA Naomi, NODA Masaya

A feature-length documentary comprised of two sections and five chapters, featuring footage shot over the three years following the Great East Japan Earthquake. It presents a raw depiction of disaster victims as they struggle to make ends meet with p...

Release Date: Mar, 8th, 2014


”INVISIBLE HANDCUFFS- The Sayama Case” (2013)

Director: KIM Sung Woong
Cast: ISHIKAWA Kazuo, ISHIKAWA Sachiko

A documentary that follows three years in the life of Ishikawa Kazuo and his wife Sachiko. For fifty-one years, Kazuo has protested his innocence in the Sayama Incident, a famous case of injustice. Its director is Kim Sung Woong, who depicted the dai...

Release Date: May, 31st, 2014



Director: SUZUKI Shingo
Cast: NAMIKAWA Daisuke, ONO Daisuke, KOMATSU Mikako

Film version of the hit TV anime by the writer's group GoRA with animation production by GoHands. Depicts the battle between "Kings" with special powers and their comrades, set in a Japan with a history that differs slightly from reality. Four "King...

Release Date: Jul, 12th, 2014

Bikini ramen

Bikini ramen (2013)

Director: KOIZUMI Tsuyoshi
Cast: AYANA Rei, Asami, SAKATA Ryuhei

36th film in the "Youth H" series about adolescence and love, created by cutting-edge filmmakers on a shoestring budget. Depicts a female chef fighting for a bowl of ramen, set in the near future. Direction and screenplay by Koizumi Tsuyoshi of In Lo...

Release Date: Nov, 30th, 2013