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Asa no hanashi

Asa no hanashi (2016)

Director: TOYOSHIMA Keisuke
Cast: AKIYAMA Yoshihiro, NAKAMURA Eriko, HANADA Yurika

Short film in the four-part mystery omnibus Tokyo Thrilling. A single 19-minute-long cut depicts a bizarre shadow cast on the morning of a family of three. Directed by Toyoshima Keisuke of Hero Mania - Seikatsu and Moriyamachu kyoshujo. Cheerful sun...

Release Date: Jun, 25th, 2016

The temptation came at stormy night

The temptation came at stormy night (2016)

Director: IMAOKA Shinji

Romantic fantasy about the ruckus that ensues after a mother and daughter switch bodies. Director Imaoka Shinji wrote the script for The Drudgery Train and has worked on numerous erotic films. Housewife Suda Sawako (Takaki Mio) is dissatisfied with ...

Release Date: Feb, 20th, 2016

Kako: My Sullen Past

Kako: My Sullen Past (2016)

Director: MAEDA Shiro
Cast: KOIZUMI Kyoko, NIKAIDO Fumi, KORA Kengo

A family drama with a slightly surreal taste depicts a stoic, high school girl bored with ordinary life being badgered by an aunt who suddenly turns up one summer. It is written and directed by Maeda Shiro, who is also a playwright, novelist, and act...

Release Date: Jun, 25th, 2016



Director: TAGUCHI Kiyotaka
Cast: TAKAHASHI Kensuke, SAKANOUE Akane, HOSODA Yoshihiko

Ultraman X is joined by seven other Ultramen from the "Ultraman" television series in this theatrical release directed by Taguchi Kiyotaka, who has excelled in special effects for the "Patlabor" series among others. The seal in the ancient ruins of...

Release Date: Mar, 12th, 2016

Akai ito

Akai ito (2016)

Director: SONE Tsuyoshi
Cast: MOGI Shinobu, TANIUCHI Risa, KIKUCHI Ryu

Film from the "9 Windows" short film omnibus produced in collaboration between the popular idol group AKB48 and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the largest international short film festival in Asia. Directed by Sone Takeshi of Kuchisake onna in L....

Release Date: Feb, 6th, 2016


THE SUN (2016)

Director: IRIE Yu
Cast: KAMIKI Ryunosuke, KADOWAKI Mugi, FURUKAWA Yuki

Maekawa Tomohiro's Yomiuri Engeki Taisho-winning science fiction play is adapted to film by Irie Yu, who was highly praised for his "8000 MILES" series. It depicts a near-future in which the population of the human race has been sharply reduced by bi...

Release Date: Apr, 23rd, 2016

Gift of Christmas Eve

Gift of Christmas Eve (2016)

Director: ITO Hidehiro
Cast: HASHIMOTO Manami, YOKOHAMA Ryusei, HOSHI Yuriko

One part of UNREQUITED LOVE, an eight episode, romantic omnibus film. The heartbreaking romance of a nurse is depicted in this film directed by Ito Hidehiro, a well known direct-to-video producer. Trainee Minoru (Yokohama Ryusei) joins the facility ...

Release Date: Jul, 2nd, 2016

Hana Kujira Chichi

Hana Kujira Chichi (2016)

Director: HORIE Takahiro

One completed film of the 2015 ndjc: Young Filmmaker Development Project, an Agency of Cultural Affairs venture aimed at discovering and cultivating young filmmakers. The director is Horie Takahiro, whose graduate thesis film, Itakutemo itakutemo, wo...

Release Date: Mar, 5th, 2016



Director: KISHI Yoshiyuki
Cast: KADOWAKI Mugi, HASEGAWA Hiroki, SUDA Masaki

Film adaptation of Koike Mariko's Naoki Prize-winning novel that drew inspiration from the artwork "True Stories" by the French contemporary artist Sophie Calle. Cutting-edge director Kishi Yoshiyuki's NHK drama "Radio" won the Gold Plaque for Featur...

Release Date: Jun, 25th, 2016

The Shell Collector

The Shell Collector (2016)

Director: TSUBOTA Yoshifumi
Cast: Lily FRANKY, TERAJIMA Shinobu, IKEMATSU Sosuke

Based on the similarly titled short story by O. Henry Prize winning author Anthony Doerr, this human drama depicts a blind conchologist who cures a rare disease and the problems he causes around him. In the director's chair is Tsubota Yoshifumi of MI...

Release Date: Feb, 27th, 2016

U 31

U 31 (2016)

Director: TANI Kenji
Cast: BABA Ryoma, NAKAMURA Yuichi, TANIMURA Mitsuki

The live-action adaptation of the identically titled soccer manga by Tsunamoto Masaya and Yoshimoto Motoki which depicts the comeback of a man who returns to a minor team upon receiving a notice of dismissal from a prominent team. In the director's c...

Release Date: Aug, 27th, 2016

Hiko and Vega

Hiko and Vega (2014)

Director: TANIGUCHI Mio
Cast: KAWAZU Yusuke, HARA Chisako, YANAGITANI Kazunari

Drama about a wife with dementia and the husband who looks after her. Feature-length debut about the reality of dementia from director Taniguchi Mio, who also works as a caregiver. Hiko Asao (Kawazu Yusuke) and Koto (Hara Chisako) are an elderly cou...

Release Date: Jul, 16th, 2016