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A Courtesan with Flowered Skin

A Courtesan with Flowered Skin (2014)

Director: TOYOSHIMA Keisuke

Film adaptation of the period novel by Miyagi Ayako, who won the Grand Prize and Reader's Prize in the 2006 By Women For Women R-18 Literary Prize. Sensual depiction of the tragic love of a courtesan at the end of the Edo Period that incorporates the...

Release Date: Nov, 8th, 2014



Director: TAKE Masaharu
Cast: KARASAWA Toshiaki, FUKUSHI Sota, KUROTANI Tomoka

"Suit actors" take risks their lives to perform in action scenes wearing superhero costumes, and their faces are never revealed.While we see these suit actors in numerous action and hero movies, this film puts these real-life unsung heroes in the lim...

Release Date: Sep, 6th, 2014

The Bis Canon Ball Run 2014, The Movie

The Bis Canon Ball Run 2014, The Movie (2015)

Director: Company MATSUO
Cast: POUR Lui, KOSHOJI Megumi, HIRANO Nozomi

Documentary featuring in-depth coverage of the final concert for the eccentric idol group BiS. Pairs a director with each band member to capture torrential cheating on video. Directed by Company Matsuo of The Sex Cannon Ball Run 2013, The Movie. Jul...

Release Date: Feb, 7th, 2015



Director: ARAMAKI Shinji
Cast: KOMATSU Yuka, SUWABE Junichi, YUKI Aoi

Feature length CG animation by world-renowned director Aramaki Shinji. SF action film prequel for Shirow Masamune‘s comic "APPLESEED" Mercenary Deunan (voice: Komatsu Yuka) and cyborg Briareos (voice: Suwabe Junichi) survived the great world war and...

Release Date: Jan, 17th, 2015

Hunger Z

Hunger Z (2014)

Director: TSUKIASHI Naoto
Cast: MURAI Ryota, ODAJIMA Nagisa, NIIRO Shinya

An unusual work set in a world where people have become fodder for zombies that presents an abundantly humorous depiction of a young man sent to a "human farm." Murai Ryota of {MASKED RIDER DECADE THE MOVIE} delivers a nimble performance as the good-...

Release Date: Sep, 27th, 2014



Director: KOBAYASHI Tsuneo

An animated feature film based on a manga series that has sold over 130 million copies, and is also popular overseas. Creator Kishimoto Masashi acts as story supervisor and character designer for this adaptation of a story that follows on from that o...

Release Date: Dec, 6th, 2014

The Message from Kato kun

The Message from Kato kun (2012)

Director: WATAGE
Cast: KATO Shii

A documentary that follows Kato Shii, a thirty-six-year-old single man who once devoted himself wholeheartedly to achieving his dream, but was unable to accomplish it. Now he is dead set on becoming a "yokai" (monster) who encourages others to realiz...

Release Date: Dec, 6th, 2014

Five Minutes to Tomorrow

Five Minutes to Tomorrow (2014)

Director: YUKISADA Isao
Cast: MIURA Haruma, LIU Shishi, CHANG Hsiao-Chuan

Romance with an element of suspense about the fate of a Japanese guy who falls in love with Chinese twin sisters in Shanghai. Directed by Yukisada Isao of Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World. Japan-China-Taiwan co-production with cast members...

Release Date: Dec, 27th, 2014


END-end? (2014)

Director: SASAKI Tomonori
Cast: SASANO Ririne, KAGEYAMA Yuko, ONO Marie

A film from the third Enbu Seminar Cinema Project. It depicts the despair and hope felt by three pairs of people of different ages, genders, and backgrounds who experience a sudden tragedy. Its writer and director is Sasaki Tomonori, whose previous w...

Release Date: Nov, 1st, 2014

RARKUEN TSUIHO -Expelled from Paradise-

RARKUEN TSUIHO -Expelled from Paradise- (2014)

Director: MIZUSHIMA Seiji
Cast: KUGIMIYA Rie, MIKI Shin-ichiro, KAMIYA Hiroshi

An original science fiction anime with a theme of human dignity. A female investigator from a cybernetic realm descends to Earth and engages in a spectacular battle with a mysterious hacker. Its director is Mizushima Seiji, known for his work on the ...

Release Date: Nov, 15th, 2014

STRIKE WITCHES Operation Victory Arrow vol.2 Muse of the Aegean Sea

STRIKE WITCHES Operation Victory Arrow vol.2 Muse of the Aegean Sea (2015)

Director: TAKAMURA Kazuhiro
Cast: SAITO Chiwa, KOSHIMIZU Ami, ITO Shizuka

Second OVA for this mixed-media work about the fight between mankind and an unusual enemy, focusing on the story of military girls who use magic to manipulate their fighting arsenal. The 30-minute short anime episodes shed light on the incidents betw...

Release Date: Jan, 10th, 2015

Solomon's Perjury I: Suspicion

Solomon's Perjury I: Suspicion (2015)

Director: NARUSHIMA Izuru
Cast: FUJINO Ryoko, ITAGAKI Mizuki, SASAKI Kuranosuke

The first half of a two-part adaptation of Naoki Prize-winning author Miyabe Miyuki's mystery. Junior high students attempt to hold a mock trial after one of their classmates apparently falls from a building and dies within the school grounds. Its di...

Release Date: Mar, 7th, 2015