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"A Band Rabbit" and a Boy

"A Band Rabbit" and a Boy (2013)

Director: SUZUKI Takuji

A musical drama adapted from Nakazawa Kei's eponymous novel by The Wife of Gegege director Suzuki Takuji. It presents a heartfelt depiction of junior high school students devoted to brass band music. Children were cast from Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Pref...

Release Date: Dec, 14th, 2013

Petal Dance

Petal Dance (2013)

Director: ISHIKAWA Hiroshi
Cast: MIYAZAKI Aoi, KUTSUNA Shiori, ANDO Sakura

Director Ishikawa Hiroshi, known for making commercials, directs his first film for theatrical release in seven years, following Su-ki-da. Road movie rendered as a drama with a distinctively lighthearted touch, which sensitively portrays the emotions...

Release Date: Apr, 20th, 2013

Be My Baby

Be My Baby (2013)

Director: ONE Hitoshi
Cast: NIIKURA Kenta, WAKAI Naoko, SHIBATA Chihiro

Love Strikes! made Hitoshi One one of the very popular directors. His second work was made as one of the projects in the workshop, Cinema Impact. It was made with very low budget and four days of shooting days. Its repetition was wide spread by SNS a...

Release Date: Mar, 30th, 2013

Returning their Gaze – Animals of the Great Earthquake

Returning their Gaze – Animals of the Great Earthquake (2013)

Director: SHISHIDO Daisuke
Cast: ABE Tomoko, OKADA Hisako, YOSHIZAWA Masami

Second documentary showing the current reality of animals in Japan. Captures the harsh realities besetting disaster victims and animals after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, including a couple who lose their beloved dog to the tsunami, a man who s...

Release Date: Jun, 1st, 2013

Life in a Foreign Land: Burmese in Japan

Life in a Foreign Land: Burmese in Japan (2012)

Director: DOI Toshikuni
Cast: Kyaw Kyaw Soe, Nwe Nwe Kyaw

Kyaw Kyaw Soe helped instigate the democracy movement in his homeland of Myanmar (Burma) and suffered repression at the hands of the military junta, which forced him to become a political refugee in Japan. This documentary, which follows Kyaw's four ...

Release Date: Mar, 30th, 2013

Ai no ibara

Ai no ibara (2013)

Director: OGUCHI Yoko
Cast: SHIMANO Hozo, SATO Taketo, HIROSAWA Fumi

An entry from the fifth batch of films by the Momo Matsuri production and screening collective, based on the theme of "tears." Its director is Oguchi Yoko, who drew attention when her Don't Dare to Stop Love was made an official selection of the Inte...

Release Date: May, 11th, 2013



Director: KAJINO Ryutaro
Cast: KIJIMA Noriko, MINAMI Yui, SAKAI Ran

The sequel to a love story based in the "yuri" lesbian romance genre. The desires of its three central characters, Kotatsu, Orange, and Meow, become entangled. Kajino Ryutaro, who directed the previous film, returns to concoct a tale of platonic love...

Release Date: Nov, 30th, 2013


Cult (2012)

Director: SHIRAISHI Koji
Cast: ABIRU Yu, IWASA Mayuko, IRIKI Mari

Film from the Next Horror Project produced by Ichise Taka, J-horror trendsetter. Direction and screenplay by Shiroishi Koji, who excels at mockumentary horror films. Chillingly bizarre phenomena keep happening on location for a psychic television sho...

Release Date: Jul, 20th, 2013

It's Me, It's Me

It's Me, It's Me (2012)

Director: MIKI Satoshi

Tension-filled suspense film directed by Miki Satoshi of Instant Swamp and Adrift in Tokyo that gives the final word slacker sensibility. Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN performs 33 rolls on his own. Based on Hoshino Tomoyuki's novel by the same title, w...

Release Date: May, 25th, 2013

Neko ni mikan

Neko ni mikan (2014)

Director: TODA Akihiro
Cast: KUROKAWA Mei, DAITOH Shunsuke, RYU Daisuke

A regionally-produced film shot on location in Wakayama Prefecture with full local government cooperation. This drama from first-time director Toda Akihiro addresses universal themes of parent-child relationships and love through a family tied togeth...

Release Date: Mar, 22nd, 2014

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys (2013)

Director: MATSUI Daigo
Cast: SUDA Masaki, NOMURA Shuhei, YOSHIZAWA Ryo

Feature film adaptation of manga artist Yamauchi Yasunobu‘s comic book by the same name, which has also been adapted for television. Matsui Daigo, who made his commercial feature film debut with Afro Tanaka, directs this adolescent drama exposing the...

Release Date: Oct, 12th, 2013

The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words (2013)

Director: SHINKAI Makoto

Animation director Shinkai Makoto, who has garnered popularity within Japan and abroad for the exquisite drama and visual aesthetics in films like 5 Centimeters per Second, depicts his first love story set in contemporary Tokyo. Production crew bring...

Release Date: May, 31st, 2013