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Director: MIKI Takahiro

Miki Takahiro of My Teacher directs the film adaptation of the same-named comic from manga artist Kodama Yuki. It is summer 10 years ago. Kaoru (Chinen Yuri) transfers to a new school and has a fateful encounter with the school's terrifying bad-boy ...

Release Date: Mar, 10th, 2018

I & Myself

I & Myself (2016)

Director: TSUKUDA Hisanori
Cast: OSU Mizuho, MIZUNO Natsuko, TAGUCHI Saori

Short film helmed by Tsukuda Hisanori, whose film Humming was produced in 48 hours and received international acclaim with screenings including the 69th Cannes International Film Festival. Actress Osu Mizuho plays eight roles, handling all of the fil...

Release Date: Oct, 29th, 2017


LOVE × DOC (2018)

Director: SUZUKI Osamu
Cast: YOSHIDA Yoh, NOMURA Shuhei, TAMAKI Hiroshi

A certain town has a clinic that specializes in romance, called the LOVE DOC. Its significance is best understood by the kinds of people who fall in love easily. So one day, a popular pastry chef named Asuka Goda drops by. She's on the way to a su...

Release Date: May, 11th, 2018


TORI GIRL (2017)

Director: HANABUSA Tsutomu

The film adaptation of Nakamura Ko's novel "Torigirl" which depicts the youthfulness of university students who stake everything on a flight contest held once every year on Biwa Lake in Shiga Prefecture. Yukina (Tsuchiya Tao) has just entered univer...

Release Date: Sep, 1st, 2017



Director: MISHIMA Yukiko
Cast: ASANO Tadanobu, TANAKA Rena, KUDO Kankuro

A Stitch of Life director, Mishima Yukiko, adapts to screen Shigematsu Kiyoshi's identically titled novel with a screenplay by Vibrator screenwriter, Arai Haruhiko. Makoto (Asano Tadanobu) is unable to get along with the daughter of his second wife,...

Release Date: Aug, 26th, 2017

Fate/stay night THE MOVIE [Heaven's Feel] I. presage flower

Fate/stay night THE MOVIE [Heaven's Feel] I. presage flower (2017)

Director: SUDO Tomonori
Cast: SUGIYAMA Noriaki, SHITAYA Noriko

The first of a theatrical trilogy based on the third route, Heaven's Feel, of the popular PC game 'Fate/stay night'. It has been ten years since the last Holy Grail War which involved mages (masters) and their spiritual familiars (servants) battling...

Release Date: Oct, 14th, 2017

"Parade" de Satie

"Parade" de Satie (2016)

Director: YAMAMURA Koji

Short animation by animation artist Yamamura Koji, whose film Mt. Head was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 75th Academy Awards. Recreates surrealistic ballet images as animation with text from French composer Erik Satie's essays and mus...

Release Date: Aug, 5th, 2017

Mary and The Witch's Flower

Mary and The Witch's Flower (2017)

Director: YONEBAYASHI Hiromasa
Cast: SUGISAKI Hana, KAMIKI Ryunosuke, AMAMI Yuki

Debut feature film from Studio Ponoc, established by former Studio Ghibli producer Nishimura Yoshiaki. Directed by Yonebayashi Hiromasa, who also was previously with Studio Ghibli and directed on When Marnie Was There. Mary (voice: Sugisaki Hana) ha...

Release Date: Jul, 8th, 2017

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Super Giant part 5

Super Giant part 5 (1958)

Director: ISHII Teruo

Cast: UTSUI Ken, MITSUYA Utako, HAYASHI Hiroshi

(This synopsis includes "Super Giant part 5" and "Super Giant part 6") One day, Super Giant finds an unknown flying substance with his Geiger Counter. But though he follows it at full speed, he loses sight of it because the meteors co me down like...

Release Date:Dec, 28th, 1957

The Dedicated Gunman

The Dedicated Gunman (1965)

Director: MURANO Tetsutaro

Cast: TAMIYA Jiro, MIZUTANI Yoshie, ENAMI Kyoko

Daisuke is a favourite with the ladies, and one of the best gangmen in the country. One day he is picked up by a young woman who tells him that three gangsters are about to kill her. He tries to help but soon gets into trouble, for one of the man is ...

Release Date:Jan, 13th, 1965

Mother Country

Mother Country (1962)

Director: MATSUYAMA Zenzou

Cast: TAKAMINE Hideko, TAMURA Takahiro, ISHIHAMA Akira

After immigrating to Hawaii, the first generation Japanese settlers have a difficult time, but through hard work gradually improve their position. Among the immigrants are the Inoues and the Godas. The Inoues have two sons, Haruo and Akira, and the ...

Release Date:Apr, 29th, 1962

The Last Betrayal

The Last Betrayal (1960)

Director: INOUE Umetsugu


It is past midnight when Tsumura, a gang boss scurries to the rear entrance of the Bar Modonne, pushes open the door, and enters. A light is snapped on to reveal Chizu a beautiful woman and his mistress. He loves her deeply but, as they go upstairs t...

Release Date:Jul, 10th, 1960