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The Horses of Fukushima

The Horses of Fukushima (2013)


Documentary that coolly depicts the unhappy fate of horses who survived the tsunami and nuclear power accident in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake, set in Fukushima's Soma region, known for the "Soma Nomaoi" ritual, or wild horse chase. Officia...

Release Date: Dec, 1st, 2013

Tamako in Moratorium

Tamako in Moratorium (2013)

Director: YAMASHITA Nobuhiro
Cast: MAEDA Atsuko, KAN Suon, SUZUKI Keiichi

Official selection for the 18th Busan International Film Festival. Feature-length adaptation of image visuals from Music ON! TV, the music channel. The Drudgery Train director Yamashita Nobuhiro humorously depicts the baby steps of a protagonist lazi...

Release Date: Nov, 23rd, 2013

Unlucky Woman's Blues

Unlucky Woman's Blues (2014)

Director: IMAOKA Shinji
Cast: KUDO Shoko, HAYAMI Kyoko, ITO Takeshi

A drama from Imaoka Shinji, known for penning the script for The Drudgery Train and directing films such as Lunch Box and Frog Song. Set in a bar in Shinjuku's Golden Gai area, it depicts the emotional states of a quartet of men and women. On her wa...

Release Date: Jul, 26th, 2014

Patema Inverted

Patema Inverted (2013)

Director: YOSHIURA Yasuhiro
Cast: FUJII Yukiyo, OKAMOTO Nobuhiko, OOHATA Shintaro

In a dark, cramped underground world of tunnels, Patema goes into ‘the danger zone' and finds a vast open space filled with a ghostly reflected light.Meanwhile above ground, Age is not a good fit with his land of ‘Aiga', ruled by...

Release Date: Nov, 9th, 2013

CLUB Andalucia

CLUB Andalucia (2014)

Director: WADA Hideki

A drama based on Kurashina Ryo's manga. Its director is exam advisor, critic, and psychiatrist Wada Hideki. Set in a high class club in Ginza, it examines complicated relationships between men and women. Okuzawa (Matsukata Hiroki), the manager of an...

Release Date: Sep, 13th, 2014

Tamashiino realism Hiroshi Noda

Tamashiino realism Hiroshi Noda (2014)

Director: HYUGAJI Taro
Cast: NODA Hiroshi

Documentary on Noda Hiroshi, one of Japan's best-known realistic painters. Up-close coverage of Noda as he creates "Seinarumono THE IV Torinosu" (Holy The IV Bird's Nest), powerfully conveying his passion as an artist. Directed by Hyugaji Taro, known...

Release Date: Aug, 23rd, 2014

Summmer when my wife was in love

Summmer when my wife was in love (2014)

Director: IMAOKA Shinji
Cast: MIYAJI Mao, KANEKO Noboru, KAWAI Ryunosuke

Fourth installation in the "Love Stories" series in which six directors explore the possibilities within different kinds of love. Imaoka Shinji, one of Japan's best-known adult film directors and The Drudgery Train scriptwriter, tells a couple's secr...

Release Date: Oct, 11th, 2014

Moretsu uchu pirate abyss of hyperspace aku no shinen

Moretsu uchu pirate abyss of hyperspace aku no shinen (2014)

Director: SATO Tatsuo

A feature film spin-off of an animated television series based on Sasamoto Yuichi's light novel. Sato Tatsuo resumes his duties as writer and director from the TV series for this tale of the adventures of a young man and pirates in hyperspace. Girls...

Release Date: Feb, 22nd, 2014


Bilocation (2013)

Director: ASATO Mari

Horror film that exploits visual effects to depict the terror of a girl whose life is targeted by a "bilocation," her own alter ego. Based on Hojo Haruka's same-named novel, recipient of the 17th Horror Novel Grand Prize. Presents "original" and "B" ...

Release Date: Jan, 18th, 2014



Director: TSUTSUMI Yukihiko
Cast: TODA Erika, KASE Ryo, RYU Raita

The first half of the two-part conclusion to the popular franchise from TRICK The Movie director Tsutsumi Yukihiko that has encompassed a television series, specials, and feature films. Two Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department detectives engage in a ...

Release Date: Nov, 1st, 2013

Early Morning Twilight

Early Morning Twilight (2013)

Director: KUBOTA Shoji
Cast: BABA Ryoma, YAGAMI Ren, HIRATA Yuichiro

Thrill-packed portrayal of a theater troupe's turmoil as it veers toward dissolution, directed by Kubota Shoji, whose films have screened for three consecutive years at the Montreal World Film Festival. Features numerous young stars, including Baba R...

Release Date: Nov, 2nd, 2013

last love / my one and only

last love / my one and only (2014)

Director: ISHIKAWA Hitoshi
Cast: SAKURAGI Rina, HINO Shohei

Third installation in the "Love Stories" series in which six directors explore the possibilities within different kinds of love. Depicts the touching romance between a middle-aged single guy and a woman with bipolar disorder. Directed by Ishikawa Hit...

Release Date: Oct, 4th, 2014