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Case of Kyoko, Case of Shuichi

Case of Kyoko, Case of Shuichi (2013)

Director: OKUDA Eiji
Cast: ANDO Sakura, EMOTO Tasuku, WADA Sohkoh

The fifth directorial effort and the first in around six years from film director and actor Okuda Eiji. This drama, set before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, offers a delicate depiction of a man and woman forced to leave their hometown in...

Release Date: Oct, 5th, 2013

Golden Time

Golden Time (2013)

Director: INABA Takuya

A theatrically-released short film from production company ROBOT, makers of La Maison en Petits Cubes which won the Best Animated Short Film category at the 2009 Academy Awards. Its director is ROBOT staffer Inaba Takuya, who has created this nostalg...

Release Date: Jan, 11th, 2014

Drops in Your Hand

Drops in Your Hand (2013)

Director: IIDUKA Ken

An adaptation of the eponymous novel by author Higuchi Naoya. A cast of upcoming actors, including Ikematsu Sosuke of Ai no Uzu and television series "MOZU", and Hashimoto Ai of The Kirishima Thing, provides a youthful portrayal of the emotions of ch...

Release Date: Apr, 4th, 2014

Zettai Ryoiki

Zettai Ryoiki (2014)

Director: HORIUCHI Hiroshi
Cast: ONO Miku, HIRAMAKI Jin, IKEDA Chocolat

Romance about a shut-in and former girl idol. Sensitive depiction of their clumsy relationship, interweaving real-world gloom. Directed by Horiuchi Hiroshi, who made his mark at the 32nd Pia Film Festival. Mio (Ono Miku), member of the Zettai Ryoiki...

Release Date: Mar, 15th, 2014


HOT ROAD (2014)

Director: MIKI Takahiro
Cast: NONEN Rena, TOSAKA Hiroomi, KIMURA Yoshino

Directed by Miki Takahiro, champion of coming-of-age romance films including Solanin and We Were There. Lucid visuals depict the pure but clumsy love between daughter and mother, and girl and boy, based on the same-titled story by Tsumugi Taku. Miya...

Release Date: Aug, 16th, 2014

Ghost in the Shell Arise border: 3 Ghost Tears

Ghost in the Shell Arise border: 3 Ghost Tears (2013)

Director: KISE Kazuchika
Cast: SAKAMOTO Maaya, JYUKU Ikkyu, MATSUDA Kenichiro

The third film in a new four-part animated series from the popular franchise based on Shirow Masamune's sci-fi manga. Set in the near future when major advances have been made in brain cyberization and cyborg technology, it delves into the hitherto u...

Release Date: Jun, 28th, 2014

My Man

My Man (2014)

Director: KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi
Cast: ASANO Tadanobu, NIKAIDO Fumi, KORA Kengo

A drama that adapts author Sakuraba Kazuki's Naoki Prize-winning novel with abundantly tense visuals and a substantial touch. Won awards for Best Film and Best Actor at the 2014 Moscow International Film Festival. Its director is Kumakiri Kazuyoshi, ...

Release Date: Jun, 14th, 2014



Director: NAKATA Hideo
Cast: FUJIWARA Tatsuya, YAMADA Takayuki, ISHIHARA Satomi

Suspense action film based on the Korean hit Haunters, incorporating a brand-new climax. Directed by Nakata Hideo of Ring and The Complex. Co-stars Fujiwara Tatsuya and Yamada Takayuki depict two men engaged in an intense battle. A man (Fujiwara) wi...

Release Date: May, 30th, 2014

IDOL IS DEAD nonchanno propaganda daisensou

IDOL IS DEAD nonchanno propaganda daisensou (2014)

Director: KATO Yukihiro

A sequel to an idol movie by director Kato Yukihiro, an exciting newcomer who achieved his theatrical debut with Woman who sucks up person's good intentions. It presents a lively depiction of a group of daring idols while incorporating black humor ta...

Release Date: Jan, 11th, 2014

The Unfading Dream We Have

The Unfading Dream We Have (2014)

Director: TSUJI Jinsei

An adaptation of Tsuji Hitonari's self-penned and directed musical play, which he also wrote and directed himself. Set in Kyoto, it uses fantastical imagery to depict the uncertain relationship between a theatrical director, an actress, and her young...

Release Date: May, 17th, 2014



Director: YAMAGUCHI Masaya
Cast: HAMADA Noriko, NANAUMI Nana, TARUMI Keisuke

An adaptation of Tsuyatsuya's eponymous youth manga about an illicit love affair between a prim housewife in her forties and her daughter's prospective marriage partner. Its alluring protagonist is played by Hamada Noriko (FLOWER AND SNAKE: ZERO). Ya...

Release Date: Apr, 26th, 2014

Chikyu bouei miboujin

Chikyu bouei miboujin (2014)

Director: KAWASAKI Minoru
Cast: DAN Mitsu, FUKUDA Yusuke(Choutokkyu/Yusuke), MORITSUGU Koji

Live action sci-fi comedy featuring special effects with plenty of sexy elements sprinkled in throughout. An ex-geisha widowed ace pilot in the earth's self-defense force goes to battle with a mysterious alien. Directed by comedy genius Kawasaki Mino...

Release Date: Feb, 8th, 2014