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Director: TAGUCHI Kiyotaka, YUASA Hiroaki
Cast: MANO Erina, FUKUSHI Seiji, KAKEI Toshio

The sixth in a seven-part series of completely original live-action films continuing the "Patlabor" saga, a multimedia property created in the 1980s. As rumors fly that Special Vehicle Section 2 will be shut down, a powerful military Labor robot appe...

Release Date: Nov, 29th, 2014

Peace on the Tigris -Iraq War and 10 years of life in Baghdad-

Peace on the Tigris -Iraq War and 10 years of life in Baghdad- (2014)

Director: WATAI Takeharu
Cast: Ali SAQBAN, Rosha, Ghufran

A documentary that follows a family whose lives where torn apart by the Iraq War. Its director is Watai Takeharu, whose Little Birds won the Human Rights Award at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2005. It spans ten years in the lives of Wat...

Release Date: Oct, 25th, 2014

The Pinkie

The Pinkie (2014)

Director: TAKEBA Risa
Cast: OZAWA Ryota, WAGATSUMA Miwako, TSUDA Kanji

The debut feature from director Takeba Risa that won the 2014 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival's Grand Prize. It utilizes a blend of colorful imagery and black humor to nimbly render the fantastic story of a young woman living with a clon...

Release Date: Sep, 14th, 2014

Sweet Poolside

Sweet Poolside (2014)

Director: MATSUI Daigo
Cast: SUGA Kenta, KARIYA Yuiko, OCHIAI Motoki

Afro Tanaka director Matsui Daigo helms this coming-of-age romance that adapts Oshimi Shuzo's same-titled comic. Humorous depiction of the unusual friendship between a hairless guy and a hairy girl. Co-stars Suga Kenta from Always: Sunset on Third St...

Release Date: Jun, 14th, 2014

Eiga kobitozukan kakuremomojiri no himitsu no momozono

Eiga kobitozukan kakuremomojiri no himitsu no momozono (2014)


Fourth feature film based on the popular children's book series that depicts the ecology of the mysterious "kobitos" creatures. This lavish triple-feature film features Hiding Peach Bottom's Secret Peach Orchard, revealing the secrets behind the popu...

Release Date: Aug, 16th, 2014

As the Gods Will

As the Gods Will (2014)

Director: MIIKE Takashi
Cast: FUKUSHI Sota, YAMAZAKI Hirona, KAMIKI Ryunosuke

Survival drama adapted for film by director Miike Takashi based on the same-named comic about a life-or-death game set at a school. The first Japanese director to win the Maverick Director Award in competition at the 2014 Rome Film Festival. A Darum...

Release Date: Nov, 15th, 2014

Crimson Pledge

Crimson Pledge (2014)

Director: YOKOKAWA Koji
Cast: WATANABE Hiroyuki, SHIBATA Kayoko, SAKAMOTO Kenji

Suspense that marks the directorial debut of actor Yokokawa Koji. The film depicts complex relationships as a mellow class reunion transforms into the stage for revenge. Stars Watanabe Hiroyuki of Sakura Gate Incident and Sakamoto Kenji, known for pl...

Release Date: Nov, 15th, 2014

Attack on Titan -the first part-

Attack on Titan -the first part- (2014)

Director: ARAKI Tetsuro
Cast: KAJI Yuki, ISHIKAWA Yui, INOUE Marina

Film adaptation of the popular "Attack on Titan" TV anime series, based on the comic which has sold a total of 40 million books. First half of a 2-part film that re-edits episodes 1 through 13 from the TV anime. The world is ruled by titans. Humans ...

Release Date: Nov, 22nd, 2014

last love / my one and only

last love / my one and only (2014)

Director: ISHIKAWA Hitoshi
Cast: SAKURAGI Rina, HINO Shohei

Third installation in the "Love Stories" series in which six directors explore the possibilities within different kinds of love. Depicts the touching romance between a middle-aged single guy and a woman with bipolar disorder. Directed by Ishikawa Hit...

Release Date: Oct, 4th, 2014



Director: Raphael Frydman
Cast: Nakajin, Fukase, Saori

A documentary by French visual artist Raphael Frydman, a prolific music video and commercial director, that closely follows the four-piece Japanese rock band SEKAI NO OWARI. It uses animation and other techniques to evoke the band's unique dream-like...

Release Date: Aug, 15th, 2014

Mr. Tanikawa, please write a poem.

Mr. Tanikawa, please write a poem. (2014)

Director: SUGIMOTO Nobuaki
Cast: TANIKAWA Shuntaro, FURUYAMA Mami, MATSUNAGA Hidenori

A documentary that uses the poem "Kotoba" (WORDS), written by poet Tanikawa Shuntaro about the Great East Japan Earthquake, as an entry point for exploring precious words spoken by people living in various regions. It depicts the process in which new...

Release Date: Nov, 15th, 2014

Present For You

Present For You (2013)

Director: DAI Yoshihiko
Cast: ODAGIRI Joe, FUBUKI Jun, AOKI Munetaka

An offbeat work that combines live action and stop-motion animation via 3D. It depicts the fate of a man who takes on a job in the criminal underworld with a dual cast of actors and identical puppets. Winner of Best Live action International Feature ...

Release Date: Feb, 7th, 2015