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Journey to the Shore

Journey to the Shore (2015)

Director: KUROSAWA Kiyoshi
Cast: FUKATSU Eri, ASANO Tadanobu, KOMATSU Masao

Filmmaking maestro Kurosawa Kiyoshi, internationally renowned for works including Tokyo Sonata, directs this adaptation of Yumoto Kazumi's 2010 novel. Tender and warm romance about an endless farewell to a loved one. Kurosawa became the first Japanes...

Release Date: Oct, 1st, 2015

Kazoku wa tsuraiyo

Kazoku wa tsuraiyo (2016)

Director: YAMADA Yoji

A heartwarming comedy from director Yamada Yoji, known for his "It's Tough Being a Man" (Otoko wa Tsurai yo) series, which reassembles the cast of his Tokyo Family including Hashizume Isao, Yoshiyuki Kazuko, and Tsumabuki Satoshi. Elderly parents con...

Release Date: Mar, 12th, 2016



Director: MITANI Koki
Cast: KATORI Shingo, AYASE Haruka, OGURI Shun

Wacky SF comedy with lots of aliens set in a burger joint in outer space. Direction and script by Mitani Koki of Suite Dreams and The Magic Hour. The year is 2265. The "Uzu-Shio" residential district near Jupiter is connected to Earth by the so-call...

Release Date: Oct, 24th, 2015

The People Living in HADENYA

The People Living in HADENYA (2014)

Director: AGATSUMA Kazuki

Documentary intimately depicting the fishing village Hadenya in Miyagi Prefecture's Minamisanriku Town from March 2008 through the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Agatsuma Kazuki makes his directorial debut with this film, which won th...

Release Date: Aug, 1st, 2015

SINBAD -A Flying Princess and a Secret Island-

SINBAD -A Flying Princess and a Secret Island- (2015)

Director: MIYASHITA Shinpei

The first part of an anime trilogy based on the literary classic 'The Arabian Nights.' A young boy dreaming of being a seaman meets a young girl from a sorcerer clan and heads out on a wondrous adventure. The film commemorates the 40th anniversary of...

Release Date: Jul, 4th, 2015



Director: KATSUMATA Yu

A story from the short film omnibus Only 4 you which tells of the small miracles that occur in everyday life. Directed by Katsumata Yu of Itsukano, genkantachi to, the film features Hanakage Kanon (KANON) and Yamakawa Miina (MINA) of the pop dance gr...

Release Date: Oct, 24th, 2015

Lung Ta

Lung Ta (2015)

Director: IKEYA Kaoru
Cast: NAKAHARA Kazuhiro

Documentary delving into the problems confronting Tibet using as its motif the concept of the Lung Ta, wind horses said to run up to the heavens bringing wishes from humans to the gods. Director Ikeya Kaoru has received numerous awards at internation...

Release Date: Jul, 18th, 2015

On the road

On the road (2015)

Director: TANAKA Yukio
Cast: SAKAI Asayo, SAKAI Akiko

The straightforward lifestyle of a woman with Alzheimer's Disease living with her daughter in the Kitahama district of Osaka City is depicted with a touch of humor in this documentary by Mapping the Future, Nishinari and ITECHO director Tanaka Yukio....

Release Date: Sep, 26th, 2015

Children can draw wind

Children can draw wind (2015)

Director: TSUTSUI Katsuhiko
Cast: IGUCHI Keiko, KAMITO Keiko, ISHIKAWA Masae

Feature length documentary directed by Tsutsui Katsuhiko of The Shining Kids ? The Next Nursery Schools in Japan. Intimate year-long coverage of children growing up freely in a nursery school with more nature than you'd expect in Tokyo's urban Sugina...

Release Date: Oct, 4th, 2015


BAKUMAN。 (2015)

Director: ONE Hitoshi
Cast: SATOH Takeru, KAMIKI Ryunosuke, KOMATSU Nana

Live action adaptation of the coming-of-age comic from the "DEATH NOTE" team with original story by Ohba Tsugumi and artwork by Obata Takeshi. Graphically portrays two high school students struggling to become top manga creators, based on the reality...

Release Date: Oct, 3rd, 2015

A Story of Hikari and Lies

A Story of Hikari and Lies (2015)

Director: HAYASAKA Ryosuke
Cast: SHIBATA Kyoka, HASEGAWA Tomoharu

Installation in the omnibus "4 Stories with a Cat" in which four young directors deal with the theme of cats. Director Hayazaka Ryosuke‘s graduation film Socratic Love for the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts got ...

Release Date: Dec, 12th, 2015

Kazoku no fukei

Kazoku no fukei (2013)

Director: SAKON Keitaro
Cast: IKEMATSU Sosuke, SATO Mari, NAKAJIMA Hidekazu

Short drama produced as a Nihon University College of Art graduation film and screened at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in 2014. Depicts a family's everyday existence and personal relationships from the son's perspective. Director ...

Release Date: Jul, 18th, 2015