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Uchukyodai Number Zero

Uchukyodai Number Zero (2014)

Director: WATANABE Ayumu
Cast: HIRATA Hiroaki, KENN

The first animated movie in the "Uchukyodai" series, which has included an animated television show and a live-action film. It features an original script from Koyama Chuya, creator of the manga on which the series is based, and has a story that func...

Release Date: Aug, 9th, 2014

Say "I Love You"

Say "I Love You" (2014)

Director: HYUGA Asako

Romance live-action adaptation directed by Hyuga Asako, who made her feature film debut with The Days of Morisaki Bookstore, based on Hazuki Kanae's same-titled comic for girls. Delicately interweaves the emotions of the heroine jolted by her first l...

Release Date: Jul, 12th, 2014

Beyond the Memories

Beyond the Memories (2013)

Director: SHINJO Takehiko
Cast: NAGASAWA Masami, OKADA Masaki

Live action film adaption of Ikuemi Ryo's omnibus romance comic. A man and woman paralyzed by the deaths of people close to them comfort each other as their mutual attraction grows. Directed by Shinjo Takehiko, master of coming-of-age romances. Film...

Release Date: Oct, 26th, 2013

Dream On Dreamer

Dream On Dreamer (2014)

Director: UENO Koichi

A fantasy-horror film that employs a magical touch to evoke the fear of an adolescent girl who is gradually consumed by the darkness that lurks in the gap between reality and fiction. Its writer and director is Ueno Koichi, who also helmed video segm...

Release Date: May, 31st, 2014

Still the Water

Still the Water (2014)

Director: KAWASE Naomi

Official selection in competition for the 67th Cannes Film Festival. The Mourning Forest director Kawase Naomi returns to her ancestral roots in the resplendent natural setting of Amami Oshima for this drama that sensitively portrays the bonds of lif...

Release Date: Jul, 26th, 2014

The Black Square

The Black Square (2012)

Director: OKUHARA Hiroshi
Cast: NAKAIZUMI Hideo, DAN Hong, CHEN Xixiu

Japan-China collaboration about "war and the present" that depicts complex human events involving tangled eras and national borders. Directed by Okuhara Hiroshi, who was honored with the New Currents Award at the 4th Busan International Film Festival...

Release Date: May, 17th, 2014

KAMEN Teacher (Masked Teacher) THE MOVIE

KAMEN Teacher (Masked Teacher) THE MOVIE (2014)

Director: MORIYA Kentaro
Cast: FUJIGAYA Taisuke, KIKUCHI Fuma, Jesse

A high school drama documenting the struggles of a masked teacher on a special assignment. This feature film version of a television series based on Fujisawa Toru's popular manga is directed by Moriya Kentaro, following on from his role as supervisin...

Release Date: Feb, 22nd, 2014

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys (2013)

Director: MATSUI Daigo
Cast: SUDA Masaki, NOMURA Shuhei, YOSHIZAWA Ryo

Feature film adaptation of manga artist Yamauchi Yasunobu‘s comic book by the same name, which has also been adapted for television. Matsui Daigo, who made his commercial feature film debut with Afro Tanaka, directs this adolescent drama exposing the...

Release Date: Oct, 12th, 2013

The Apology King

The Apology King (2013)

Director: MIZUTA Nobuo
Cast: ABE Sadawo, INOUE Mao, TAKENOUCHI Yutaka

Sixth film from director Mizuta Nobuo, who also directs TV dramas. He teams up with screenwriter Kudo Kankuro for this comedy, which humorously examines Japan's unique culture of apologizing. Tokyo Apology Center "apologist" Kuroshima (Abe Sadawo) r...

Release Date: Sep, 28th, 2013

Shinokubo Story

Shinokubo Story (2013)

Director: FUJIWARA Kenichi
Cast: LEE Gun Woo, KIM Se Yong, CHAE Jin Seok

A coming-of-age drama set in the Shin-Okubo district of Tokyo, known as a mecca for fans of South Korean-style entertainment. It presents an amiable depiction of the struggles of five young men who dream of becoming stars. The members of K-pop group ...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013


Harmonie (2014)

Director: YOSHIURA Yasuhiro
Cast: MATSUOKA Yoshitsugu, UEDA Reina, NUMAKURA Manami

Film supported by Anime Mirai 2014, the project from the Agency of Cultural Affairs to train young animators. Delves into the emotions of true-to-life girls and boys in a classroom jostling with unique personalities. Directed by Yoshiura Yasuhiro, wh...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014

MACHIYA〜saving old wooden townhouses〜

MACHIYA〜saving old wooden townhouses〜 (2013)

Director: ITO Yuki

Documentary on the preservation of machiya, traditional Japanese townhouses, in a district designated to protect groups of traditional buildings in Fukuoka Prefecture's Yame City. This challenging work questions postwar Japan's pursuit of modern effi...

Release Date: Mar, 1st, 2014