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Patema Inverted

Patema Inverted (2013)

Director: YOSHIURA Yasuhiro
Cast: FUJII Yukiyo, OKAMOTO Nobuhiko, OOHATA Shintaro

In a dark, cramped underground world of tunnels, Patema goes into ‘the danger zone' and finds a vast open space filled with a ghostly reflected light.Meanwhile above ground, Age is not a good fit with his land of ‘Aiga', ruled by...

Release Date: Nov, 9th, 2013



Director: NAKANO Hiroyuki
Cast: Aomori University Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

In-depth documentary about the Aomori University Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. Follows their rehearsals for a special performance planned and produced by designer Miyake Issey under the direction of Daniel Ezralow, whose work includes the musical S...

Release Date: Jan, 25th, 2014

Homeless Rijicho

Homeless Rijicho (2013)

Director: HIJIKATA Hiroshi

Sixth feature film from Tokai TV, which has created numerous documentaries dealing with social issues. This challenging work for TV sparked controversy with a scene showing corporal punishment. Rookies is a NPO set up for former baseball players who...

Release Date: Feb, 15th, 2014

Japan's Tragedy

Japan's Tragedy (2012)

Director: KOBAYASHI Masahiro
Cast: NAKADAI Tatsuya, KITAMURA Kazuki, OMORI Akemi

A drama based on a real-life incident involving pension fraud. It exposes the darkness in a society in which people are cut adrift, as seen in the tragic existence of a father with three months left to live and his depression-stricken son who lives o...

Release Date: Aug, 31st, 2013



Director: SHIRAISHI Kazuya
Cast: YAMADA Takayuki, Pierre TAKI, Lily FRANKY

Feature film adaptation of a non-fiction crime book that led to the capture of the real culprit. Depicts a magazine journalist exposing unsolved murders, based on accusations from an inmate on death row. The cast's impassioned performance gave the fi...

Release Date: Sep, 21st, 2013


HAMELN (2013)

Director: TSUBOKAWA Takushi
Cast: NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi, BAISHO Chieko, SAKAMOTO Nagatoshi

A fantastical drama revolving around a closed school. Memories of a mountain village in Fukushima with a dwindling population are revealed together with beautiful autumn scenery. Its writer and director is Tsubokawa Takushi, whose Utsukushiki Tennen ...

Release Date: Sep, 7th, 2013

my father's mistress

my father's mistress (2012)

Director: SAKODA Kousuke
Cast: KONO Tomomi, IZUMI Miwako, ASAOKA Megumi

The debut feature film from director Sakoda Kousuke, who won acclaim at film festivals in Japan and abroad for his works including short film Kono Mado, Mukogawa. It marks his return to directing after three years spent dealing with depression. It pa...

Release Date: Jul, 13th, 2013

The High School SAMURAI BOY –Battle of HIROMI-

The High School SAMURAI BOY –Battle of HIROMI- (2012)

Director: MIYASAKA Takeshi
Cast: TAKEUCHI Riki, Kanna, KURAHA Saya

A feature film adaptation of the straight-to-video movie {Hiromi-kun! Zenkoku Sobancho e no Michi}, in which an extremely mature-looking high schooler played by Takeuchi Riki gets involved in numerous brawls in order to become the toughest juvenile d...

Release Date: Oct, 5th, 2013


PUZZLE (2014)

Director: NAITO Eisuke
Cast: Kaho, NOMURA Shuhei, TAKAHASHI Kazuya

Suspense horror film based on a story by "The Chasing World" series author Yamada Yusuke. Sinister insanity leads a gloomy high school student to stir up a hideous incident. Kaho, known for portraying cheerful and pure-hearted characters, delivers an...

Release Date: Mar, 8th, 2014

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises (2013)

Director: MIYAZAKI Hayao
Cast: ANNO Hideaki, TAKIMOTO Miori, NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi

A film by maestro Miyazaki Hayao, who won Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards for Spirited Away. It presents a finely crafted portrayal of the dreams, reality, and romantic fortunes of a young aircraft designer obsessed with airplanes, a...

Release Date: Jul, 20th, 2013


Again (2013)

Director: KANAI Junichi

Romance dealing with date rape that marks the commercial debut of director Kanai Junichi. Beautiful imagery captures the emotional pain of a girl struggling with conflicting emotions, and a boy who ends up hurting her physically and emotionally. Sele...

Release Date: Nov, 16th, 2013

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - World's Greatest First Love In the case of Takafumi Yokozawa - The Movie

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - World's Greatest First Love In the case of Takafumi Yokozawa - The Movie (2014)

Director: KON Chiaki

Theatrical film about the love of a handsome editor, based on Nakamura Shungiku's comic featuring Boys Love. Veteran voice actors Horiuchi Kenyu and Sogetsu Noboru (Furuya Toru) give virtuoso performances of their characters' "adult" interactions. Sc...

Release Date: Mar, 15th, 2014