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Yamikin dogs


  • 闇金ドッグス3

    Yamikin dogs 3 (2016)

    Directed by: TSUCHIYA Tetsuhiko    Casts: AOKI Tsunenori, MEGUMI, TOMITE Ami

    Third film in the "Yamiki Dogs" series about the lives of people in the under world, set in the black market steeped in greed and desire. Directed by Tsuchiya Tetsuhiko, who also helmed the previous two films in the series. Former male cabaret host ...


  • 闇金ドッグス2

    Yamikin dogs 2 (2016)

    Directed by: TSUCHIYA Tetsuhiko    Casts: YAMADA Yuki, AOKI Tsunenori, KURODA Daisuke

    Second film in the series about tumultuous gangland events with a yakuza turned black-market financier as the protagonist. Focuses on the unfolding troubles precipitated by those who fail to repay their loans. Director Tsuchiya Tetsuhiko also helmed ...