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  • DAY AND NIGHT (2018)

    Directed by: FUJII Michihito    Casts: ABE Shinnosuke

    Koji Akashi has returned to his hometown for the first time in several years as informed of his father's suicide. His father was a whistleblower who revealed the car part's defect hidden within a major automaker, but was forced to kill himself in the...


  • Love At Least (2018)

    Directed by: SEKINE Kosai    Casts: Shuri, SUDA Masaki, NAKA Riisa

    Yasuko, who is a shut-in having a problem of hypersomnia disorder, lives with her boyfriend Tsunaki working at the editorial department of a gossip magazine. Yasuko never sticks to any jobs very long and is currently unemployed. She is disgusted with...


  • OUR DEPARTURES(tentative title) (2018)

    Directed by: YOSHIDA Yasuhiro    Casts: ARIMURA Kasumi, KUNIMURA Jun

    Aki, who at 25 married Shuhei, a man with a son from a previous relationship, visits his homeland of Kagoshima to inform his father, Setsuo, of his sudden passing. Setsuo is dismayed by his son's sudden death and flustered by his daughter-in-law and ...


  • NEW CINEMA KABUKI 『Yotsuya Kaidan』 (2017)

    Directed by: KUSHIDA Kazuyoshi    Casts: NAKAMURA Shido, NAKAMURA Kankuro, NAKAMURA Shichinosuke

    Twenty-eighth Cinema Kabuki digital theatrical screening of kabuki shot with HD cameras. Classic kabuki repertoire performed with a modern twist by Cocoon Kabuki is turned into film while preserving the immediacy of a playhouse. Iemon (Nakamura Shid...


  • Lemon&Letter (2017)

    Directed by: UMENOKI Keiko    Casts: SHINADA Makoto, UJIHARA Kyoko, KINOUCHI Akiko

    Self-produced drama aiming to revitalize Ogijima island in the Seto Inland Sea by conveying the island's charms. A boy and girl who relocated to the island grow up as they become high school students and worry about love and their path in life. Fift...


  • Home Away From Home (2017)

    Directed by: MAKABE Yukinori    Casts: James Jirayu, ABE Junko, Hershel Peppers

    Work in the Tokyo Cine-magic project that creates short films about Tokyo, produced by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. Directed by Makabe Yukinori of I Am a Monk. A taxi driver, young girl and backer packer travel through fantastical Tokyo that i...


  • A Grain of Wheat (2016)

    Directed by: SUZUKI Ben    Casts: Charlotte Kate Fox, HINOI Asuka, EMOTO Akira

    Work from a short-film project that aims to share the appeal of Yokohama with the world. Directed by Suzuki Ben, who became the first Japanese director to win the Grand Prix at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia in 2008 with A Day in the Life of B...


  • THE HOUSE WHERE THE MERMAID SLEEPS (tentative title) (2018)

    Directed by: TSUTSUMI Yukihiko    Casts: SHINOHARA Ryoko, NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi

    In this mystery based on the novel by "Into the White Night" and "Suspect X" author, Higashino Keigo, a couple is confronted by a tragedy involving their beloved child and ultimately must make a difficult choice. Tsutsumi Yukihiko of Sanada 10 Braves...



    Directed by: MIKI Koichiro    Casts: FUKUSHI Sota

    Road movie adaptation of the bestselling novel by author Arikawa Hiro, whose works "Library Wars" and "Evergreen Love" have already been turned into movies. Evergreen Love and Anonymous Noise director Miki Koichiro depicts the journey of a boy and ca...


  • PERFECT WORLD (2018)

    Directed by: SHIBAYAMA Kenji    Casts: IWATA Takanori, SUGISAKI Hana

    The live-action adaptation of Aruga Rie's similarly titled manga depicting the romance between a protagonist left handicapped by an accident and the heroine who cares deeply for him. In the director's chair is Shibayama Kenji of Nagareboshi ga Kienai...



    Directed by: YAMADA Yoji    Casts: HASHIZUME Isao, YOSHIYUKI Kazuko, TSUMABUKI Satoshi

    Third film in the "What a Wonderful Family!" series from director Yamada Yoji. This paean to homemakers depicts a family's plunge into chaos when faced with an emergency situation. The Hirata family have a lively household with three generations liv...


  • La nuit où j'ai nagé (2017)

    Directed by: IGARASHI Kohei, Damien Manivel    Casts: KOGAWA Takara, KOGAWA Keiki, KOGAWA Chisato

    A Japan-France jointly produced film co-directed by Igarashi Kohei of Hold Your Breath Like a Lover and Damien Manivel of A Young Poet. It was screened at the 74th Venice International Film Festival.Just before the break of dawn in a small town nestl...


  • our blue moment (2017)

    Directed by: IMAIZUMI Rikiya    Casts: FUKAGAWA Mai, YAMASHITA Kenjiro

    Using "marriage" as a theme, this romantic ensemble crisscrosses comical human relationships. Imaizumi Rikiya of Sad Tea writes and directs. Bakery employee Ichii Fumi (Fukagawa Mai) holds a peculiar outlook on marriage: "I doubt anyone would love m...


  • River's Edge (2018)

    Directed by: YUKISADA Isao    Casts: NIKAIDO Fumi, YOSHIZAWA Ryo, UESUGI Shuhei

    Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World director Yukisada Isao adapts Okazaki Kyoko's masterful manga depicting adolescent desires and anxiety. Wakakusa Haruna (Nikaido Fumi) is invited to the river bank at night by Yamada (Yoshizawa Ryo) becaus...


  • Tokimeki Restaurant: Miracle 6 (2018)

    Directed by: KON Chiaki    Casts: KISHIO Daisuke, NAMIKAWA Daisuke, KAKIHARA Tetsuya

    A theatrical animated movie produced to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the romance simulation game "Tokimeki Restaurant". It is made by Production I.G, the studio behind the "Kuroko's Basketball" anime adaptations. Popular idol groups "3 Majesty...


  • RAINBOW DAYS (2018)

    Directed by: IIZUKA Ken    Casts: SANO Reo, NAKAGAWA Taishi, TAKASUGI Mahiro

    Live-action adaptation of the girl's comic by manga artist Mizuno Minami. Directed by Iizuka Ken of Drops in Your Hand and Laughing Lucky Cats. Natchan (Sano Reo), Mattsun (Nakagawa Taishi), Tsuyopon (Takasugi Mahiro) and Keichan (Yokohama Ryusei) a...


  • Our House (2017)

    Directed by: KIYOHARA Yui    Casts: KAWANISHI Nodoka, YASUNO Yukiko, OSAWA Mariwo

    In this thriller, two different storylines about a girl who has lost her father and a woman who loses her memory intersect in the same house. Kiyohara Yui made this graduation film at Tokyo University of the Art's graduate school with mentorship from...


  • BELOVED NORA (2017)

    Directed by: TAJIRI Yuji    Casts: MIZUSAWA Shingo, OSHIMA Hako, MORIYA Fumio

    Inspired by novelist Uchida Hyakken's 'Noraya', this drama depicts the connection between cats and humans. Veteran director, Tajiri Yuji of Broken Pieces helms. Tsukumo Sakumi (Mizusawa Shingo) is an undistinguished screenwriter who discovers a stra...


  • The Miraculous Postcards (2017)

    Directed by: Jacky WOO    Casts: SUZUKI Sarina, AKAZA Miyoko, YUKIMURA Izumi

    A drama adapting to film children's book author, Wakiya Midori's "Kibo no Switch ha, Kusu" by internationally engaged filmmaker Jacky Woo. Miyuki (Suzuki Sarina) devotes herself to caring for her daughter Nozomi () who has cerebral palsy. Without re...


  • Tales of CHIGASAKI (2017)

    Directed by: KUMASAKA Izuru    Casts: MIYAJI Junichi, NAKAZAWA Shinichi, KAYAMA Yuzo

    Miyaji Junichi, Kuwata Keisuke's classmate who christened his band "Southern All Stars" and anthropologist Nakazawa Shinichi who uses a technique known as "Earth Dive" to trace the past of an area of land, unravel the appeal and mystery of Chigasaki ...


  • Mori, The Artist's Habitat (2018)

    Directed by: OKITA Shuichi    Casts: YAMAZAKI Tsutomu, KIKI Kirin, KASE Ryo

    Drama depicting the final years of painter Kumagai Morikazu, who rarely left home and spent his time studying the creatures in his garden. Directed by Okita Shuichi of The Story of Yonosuke and The Mohican Comes Home. Vegetation thrives in painter M...


  • The Man From the Sea (2018)

    Directed by: FUKADA Koji    Casts: Dean FUJIOKA, Taiga, ABE Junko

    Drama addressing the themes of humanity and nature through Indonesia's beautiful ocean and the friendships among youths whose origins transcend nationality and religion. Directed by Fukada Koji, who won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize with Harmonium...


  • Recall (2018)

    Directed by: MOTOKI Katsuhide    Casts: NAGASE Tomoya, Dean FUJIOKA, TAKAHASHI Issey

    Feature film based on author Ikeido Jun's same-named bestselling novel. Directed by Motoki Katsuhide of Samurai Hustle. Transport company president Akamatsu (Nagase Tomoya) doubts that poor maintenance caused a trailer truck's wheel-separation accid...


  • Love Disease (2017)

    Directed by: YOSHIDA Kota    Casts: SETO Saori, OKAYAMA Amane

    Sensual suspense drama about the love-hate relationship between a man pursuing a perverse relationship and a woman thrown into turmoil by the fate of intense love. Based on the Wakayama dating website robbery and homicide from 2002. Emiko (Seto Saor...



    Directed by: KUROTSUCHI Mitsuo    Casts: KOBAYASHI Nenji, DAN Mitsu, TAKASHIMA Reiko

    Drama that conveys the preciousness of life through the encounter of a boy who has lost his family and an upright and old-fashioned man. Veteran actor Kobayashi Nenji plays the lead for the first time at the age of 76. Yusaku's died wife died young ...


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