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  • Fig(無花果)

    Fig (2006)

    Directed by: YAMAMURA Koji    Casts:

    Short animation by animation artist Yamamura Koji, whose film Mt. Head was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 75th Academy Awards. Yamamura's contribution to the omnibus TOKYO LOOP commemorating the centennial of animation with works inspi...


  • 8年越しの花嫁 奇跡の実話


    Directed by: ZEZE Takahisa    Casts: SATOH Takeru, TSUCHIYA Tao

    Zeze Takahisa of Six Four directs this film adaptation of the non-fiction book "8 nen goshi hanayome Kimi no me ga sametanara." Satoh Takeru of the "Rurouni Kenshin" series and Tsuchiya Tao of Orange star as the couple struggling with chronic illness...


  • 覆面系ノイズ

    Anonymous Noise (2017)

    Directed by: MIKI Koichiro    Casts: NAKAJO Ayami, SHISON Jun, KOSEKI Yuta

    The long avaited live-action adaptation of Fukuyama Ryoko's popular romance comic which depicts the unrequited love of the heroine who is unable to skillfully convey her feelings, tries to express those emotions by singing. In the director's chair is...


  • Dance with Devils Fortuna

    Dance with Devils -Fortuna- (2017)

    Directed by: YOSHIMURA Ai    Casts: AKANEYA Himika, SAITO Soma, HATANO Wataru

    This film is the theatrical version of "Dance with Devils", the television anime series produced through the teaming up of Rejet, a creator of media content aimed at women, and Elements Garden, a music production brand. It depicts a different ending ...


  • 恋と嘘

    Love and Lies (2017)

    Directed by: FURUSAWA Takeshi    Casts: MORIKAWA Aoi, KITAMURA Takumi, SATO Kanta

    Manga artist, 's identically titled manga, which has also been adapted as a television anime series, is brought to life on the big screen as "another story". In the director's chair is Furusawa Takeshi of ReLIFE. With birthrates continually in decli...


  • アヤメくんののんびり肉食日誌

    The diary about Ayame's easygoing and aggressive days. (2017)

    Directed by: SHIBASAKI Hiroki    Casts: KUROBA Mario, ADACHI Rika

    Film adaptation of the same-named comic by manga artist Machi Mai. Helmed by Shibasaki Hiroki, who directs TV dramas and commercials. Undergrad science major Tsubaki (Adachi Rika) is obsessed with researching animal skeletons, and she meets the quir...


  • 二度めの夏、二度と会えない君


    Directed by: NAKANISHI Kenji    Casts: MURAKAMI Nijiro, YOSHIDA Madoka, KATO Rena

    A live-action adolescent love story adapted from Akagi Hirotaka's popular light novel of the same name starring Murakami Nijiro of Still the Water and MUKOKU. In the director's chair is Nakanishi Kenji of Hana no Ato and Love Gear fame. Third year h...


  • 花に嵐

    The Blooming (2016)

    Directed by: IWAKIRI Isora    Casts: IWAKIRI Isora, Ririka, KOIKE Arisa

    Indie production by the cutting-edge Iwakiri Isora, whose honors include the Runner-up Award at the 2016 Pia Film Festival. Iwakiri stars in the film and serves as editor, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. I'm "a guy" (Iwakiri) who obedientl...


  • 兄に愛されすぎて困ってます

    My Brother Loves Me Too Much (2017)

    Directed by: KAWAI Hayato    Casts: TSUCHIYA Tao, KATAYOSE Ryota, CHIBA Yudai

    Yagami Rina's identically titled comic is adapted to a live-action film. Unpopular high school girl, Setoka (Tsuchiya Tao), has been on a 12 time losing streak since her first crush when various types of handsome boys begin showing up. Approached by...


  • 心に吹く風


    Directed by: Yoon Seok-ho    Casts: MASHIMA Hidekazu, SANADA Masumi, SUZUKI Jin

    The fourth film from Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday and Three Stories of Love production company, Shochiku Broadcasting's original film project. Yoon Seok-ho, who has been involved with many Korean television dramas, makes his theatrical feature film deb...


  • 昼顔

    HIRUGAO -Love Affairs in the Afternoon- (2017)

    Directed by: NISHITANI Hiroshi    Casts: UETO Aya, SAITOH Takumi, ITO Ayumi

    The 2014 television series "Hirugao" moves to the big screen with a concluding story directed by Nishitani Hiroshi who has also directed the television drama series. Though both are married, Sawa (Ueto Aya) and Yuichiro (Saitoh Takumi) fell in love ...


  • ポエトリーエンジェル

    Poetry Angel (2017)

    Directed by: IIZUKA Toshimitsu    Casts: OKAYAMA Amane, TAKEDA Rena, TSURUMI Shingo

    Coming-of-age film about "poetry boxing" where two readers face off with performances of their original poems. Directed by the cutting-edge Iizuka Toshimitsu, who made his theatrical debut with Dictator, Koga. Tsutomu (Okayama Amane) works at his fa...


  • ピーチガール

    PEACH GIRL (2017)

    Directed by: SHINTOKU Koji    Casts: YAMAMOTO Mizuki, INOO Kei, Mackenyu

    Live-action adaptation of Ueda Miwa's popular comic that was a big hit with junior high and high school girls in the late 1990s through the early 2000s. Director Shintoku Koji makes his directorial debut with this film. Momo (Yamamoto Mizuki) is in ...


  • 映画 夜空はいつでも最高密度の青色だ


    Directed by: ISHII Yuya    Casts: ISHIBASHI Shizuka, IKEMATSU Sosuke, MATSUDA Ryuhei

    Film adaptation of the poetry collection "The Tokyo Night Sky is Always the Densest Shade of Blue" by poet Saihate Tahi. Direction and screenplay by Ishii Yuya of The Great Passage. Mika (Ishibashi Shizuka) is a nurse who balances her work dealing w...


  • マスタード・チョコレート


    Directed by: SASAKI Akihito    Casts: YAMADA Nana, OTA Motohiro, SOMEYA Toshiyuki

    Live-action adaptation of the same-named comic by manga artist Fuyukawa Tomoko. Depicts a socially awkward girl as she matures into adulthood. Directed by Sasaki Akihito, who was part of the omnibus film Hokago tachi. High school senior Tsugumi (Yam...


  • 恋とさよならとハワイ

    Love and Goodbye and Hawaii (2017)

    Directed by: MATSUMURA Shingo    Casts: AYANO Aya, TAMURA Kentaro, AYUKAWA Momoka

    Romantic comedy that is the second feature film by Matsumura Shingo of Romance Road. Nominated for Best Script Writer in the Asian New Talent Award at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. Rinko (Ayano Aya) has been living with grad student...


  • ReLIFE リライフ

    ReLIFE (2017)

    Directed by: FURUSAWA Takeshi    Casts: NAKAGAWA Taishi, TAIRA Yuna

    Live-action feature film adaptation of "ReLIFE," which was serialized on the manga app comico and adapted for anime and stage performance. Directed by Furusawa Takeshi of Love for Beginners and Love and Lies. Depicts the main character giving his lif...


  • 夜は短し歩けよ乙女

    Night is Short, Walk On Girl (2017)

    Directed by: YUASA Masaaki    Casts: HOSHINO Gen, HANAZAWA Kana, KAMIYA Hiroshi

    Yuasa Masaaki directs this animated film adapting Morimi Tomihiko's identically titled novel. "Senpai" (voice: Hoshino Gen) is in love with "Otome" (voice: Hanazawa Kana), secretly. He seeks her at Ponto-cho at night, at the used book market at Shim...


  • ひるなかの流星

    Daytime Shooting Star (2017)

    Directed by: SHINJO Takehiko    Casts: NAGANO Mei, MIURA Shohei, SHIRAHAMA Alan

    An adaptation of Yamamori Mika's identically titled comic which depicts the three-way relationship between a student, a classmate, and a teacher. In the director's chair is Shinjo Takehiko who has directed Beyond the Memories, Your Lie in April, amon...


  • 彼女がその名を知らない鳥たち

    Birds Without Names (2017)

    Directed by: SHIRAISHI Kazuya    Casts: AOI Yu, ABE Sadawo, MATSUZAKA Tori

    Feature film adaptation of Numata Mahokaru's mystery novel. Depicts the love lives of truly despicable protagonists. Directed by Shiraishi Kazuya of The Devil's Path and Twisted Justice. Towako (Aoi Yu) is still hung up on Kurosaki (Takenouchi Yutak...


  • 先生!、、、好きになってもいいですか?

    My Teacher (2017)

    Directed by: MIKI Takahiro    Casts: IKUTA Toma, HIROSE Suzu, RYUSEI Ryo

    Live-action adaptation of Kawahara Kazune's comic for girls about the poignant love between a teacher and his student. Director Miki Takahiro has helmed numerous teen romances. Hibiki (Hirose Suzu) is an introverted high school junior who falls for ...


  • 四月の永い夢

    SUMMER BLOOMS (2017)

    Directed by: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro    Casts: ASAKURA Aki, MIURA Takahiro, KAWASAKI Yuriko

    Tale about loss and rebirth from director Nakagawa Ryutaro, who became the youngest director to have his films selected by Tokyo International Film Festival for two consecutive years with August in Tokyo and Tokyo Sunrise. Latest film from "Tokyo New...


  • 海がきこえる

    Ocean Waves (1993)

    Directed by: MOCHIZUKI Tomomi    Casts: TOBITA Nobuo, SAKAMOTO Yoko, SEKI Toshihiko

    Animation adaptation of the same-named novel by Himuro Saeko. Set in a high school in Kochi City, the story realistically portrays the relationships between an easygoing boy and his best friend, and a girl who has transferred to their school. Produce...


  • 東京ボーイズコレクション~エピソード1~

    TOKYO BOYS COLLECTION episode 1 (2016)

    Directed by: TERANISHI Kazuhiro    Casts: NISHIMURA Kazuki, NAGAO Mariya, ICHIKI Rena

    Pure-hearted romance about a high school boy going after his dreams with a plotline involving the Tokyo Boys Collection, Japan's top men's fashion and music event. Directed by Teranishi Kazuhiro of Actress and Shinjuku Midnight Baby. Ikki (Nishimura...


  • こんぷれっくす×コンプレックス

    complex × COMPLEX (2015)

    Directed by: FUKUDA Miyuki    Casts: HAYASHI Kanae, AGATSUMA Seigo, HARUNA Fuka

    Unique animation about armpit hair that deals with the emotional subtleties unique to complex-ridden junior high school students. Directed by freelance filmmaker Fukuda Miyuki. Eighth grader Yui (voice: Hayashi Kanae) yearns to grow up and is irrepr...


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