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  • 彼女がその名を知らない鳥たち

    Birds Without Names (2017)

    Directed by: SHIRAISHI Kazuya    Casts: AOI Yu, ABE Sadawo, MATSUZAKA Tori

    Towako lives with Jinji, a man fifteen years her senior. Dedicated to her in every way, Jinji cooks, does the chores, and works a grueling job in his bid to support Towako. On the other hand, Towako lies around all day, neither working nor cleaning. ...


  • 先生!

    My Teacher (2017)

    Directed by: MIKI Takahiro    Casts: IKUTA Toma, HIROSE Suzu, RYUSEI Ryo

    Hibiki is an awkward, 17-year-old high school sophomore who hasn't known romance. But she's about to fall in love for the very first time. With whom? A man who isn't great with words, but compassionate about his students. It's her history teache...


  • 四月の永い夢

    SUMMER BLOOMS (2017)

    Directed by: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro    Casts: ASAKURA Aki, MIURA Takahiro, KAWASAKI Yuriko

    Tale about loss and rebirth from director Nakagawa Ryutaro, who became the youngest director to have his films selected by Tokyo International Film Festival for two consecutive years with August in Tokyo and Tokyo Sunrise. Latest film from "Tokyo New...


  • 海がきこえる

    Ocean Waves (1993)

    Directed by: MOCHIZUKI Tomomi    Casts: TOBITA Nobuo, SAKAMOTO Yoko, SEKI Toshihiko

    Animation adaptation of the same-named novel by Himuro Saeko. Set in a high school in Kochi City, the story realistically portrays the relationships between an easygoing boy and his best friend, and a girl who has transferred to their school. Produce...


  • 太陽を掴め

    Grab the Sun (2016)

    Directed by: NAKAMURA Yutaro    Casts: YOSHIMURA Kaito, ASAKA Kodai, KISHII Yukino

    With music as its theme, this ensemble film depicts the everyday life of young people living in a metropolis. At the helm is Nakamura Yutaro, who directed King of Fools and ANKOMAN. Yat (Yoshimura Kaito), a musician, is taking in the audience's che...


  • ひと夏のファンタジア

    A Midsummer's Fantasia (2014)

    Directed by: JANG Kun-jae    Casts: KIM Sae-byuk, IWASE Ryo, LIM Hyung-kook

    Japan-Korea co-produced fantasy comprised of two separate stories that take place in Nara. Director Jang Kun-jae's numerous international film festival honors include the Dragons and Tigers Award for Eighteen at the 28th Vancouver International Film ...


  • PとJK


    Directed by: HIROKI Ryuichi    Casts: KAMENASHI Kazuya, TSUCHIYA Tao, TAKASUGI Mahiro

    Romance live-action film based on the same-named comic by Miyoshi Maki. Depicts the elopement between a high school girl and an older police officer. Directed by Hiroki Ryuichi, who is known for Kabukicho Love Hotel. Police officer Kota (Kamenashi K...


  • 一週間フレンズ。


    Directed by: MURAKAMI Shosuke    Casts: KAWAGUCHI Haruna, YAMAZAKI Kento, MATSUO Takashi

    A live-action adaptation of Hazuki Matcha's identically titled romantic comic which had also been turned into a televised anime series. It portrays a high school girl whose memory resets every week and the classmate who is earnestly devoted to her. A...


  • いきなり先生になったボクが彼女に恋をした

    My Korean Teacher (2016)

    Directed by: ASAHARA Yuzo    Casts: Yesung, SASAKI Nozomi

    Yesung from the popular Korean idol group, Super Junior, and Sasaki Nozomi co-star in this romantic comedy set in Okinawa. At the helm is Asahara Yuzo, whose The Pearls of the Stone Man was an official selection of the 18th Shanghai International Fil...


  • 脱脱脱脱17

    dadadada seventeen (2016)

    Directed by: MATSUMOTO Hana    Casts: SUZUKI Rigaku, KITAZAWA Yuho, INORI Kirara

    Coming-of-age film featuring a collaboration between the girls band the peggies and high school female director Matsumoto Hana, whose debut film A Midsummer Dream was selected for the 2015 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. Thirty-four-ye...


  • 夢二~愛のとばしり

    Yumeji: A Spurt of Love (2015)

    Directed by: MIYANO Keiji    Casts: SURUGA Taro, KOMIYA Arisa, KATO Masaya

    A drama portraying the life of Takehisa Yumeji, a painter who proclaimed himself "Japan's first pop-art artist". It details the love-hate relationship and ultimate separation from his wife, a "Bijin-ga" (paintings of beautiful women) model, as well a...


  • ホーンテッド・キャンパス


    Directed by: TAKEMOTO Satoshi    Casts: NAKAYAMA Yuma, SHIMAZAKI Haruka, ONO Takuro

    A horror film about a male university student able to see ghosts, despite being timid, who solves the riddle to a mysterious case that occurs on campus. It is based on the popular novel by Kushiki Riu, who won the Reader Award at the 19th Japanese Ho...


  • MARS ~ただ、君を愛してる~

    MARS (2016)

    Directed by: YAKUMO Saiji    Casts: FUJIGAYA Taisuke, KUBOTA Masataka, IITOYO Marie

    A theatrical feature film continuing the story of the television drama based on Fuyumi Soryo's romance comic. Three high school students each burdened by difficult pasts are plagued by complicated emotions. In the director's chair is Yakumo Saiji, a ...


  • 白鳥麗子でございます! THE MOVIE

    Shiratorireiko de gozaimasu The movie (2016)

    Directed by: KUMA Shinji    Casts: KAWAKITA Mayuko, MIZUNO Masaru, KOBAYASHI Yutaka

    The first film adaptation in 20 years of "Shiratorireiko de Gozaimasu," the girls manga which captured the minds of a generation in the 80s. Taking the mantle from her predecessor, Matsuyuki Yasuko, real-life daughter of a company president, Kawakita...


  • 植物図鑑 運命の恋、ひろいました


    Directed by: MIKI Koichiro    Casts: IWATA Takanori, TAKAHATA Mitsuki, ABE Joji

    "Torihada Gekijoban" series director, Miki Koichiro, adapts to film a romance novel by popular author Arikawa Hiro. It depicts an office lady unsuccessful in life, her strange cohabitation with a young man who collapsed in front of her apartment, and...


  • 蜜のあわれ

    BITTER HONEY (2016)

    Directed by: ISHII Gakuryu    Casts: NIKAIDO Fumi, OHSUGI Ren, MAKI Yoko

    Film adaptation of a fantasy novel composed exclusively of dialogue by Taisho and Showa era author Muro Saisei and published in his final years in 1959. Directed by Ishii Gakuryu of That's It. An adorable girl named Akako (Nikaido Fumi) lives with a...


  • オトナの恋愛事情

    Love circumstances for adults (2016)

    Directed by: MORIKAWA Kei    Casts: MARU Junko, MAMIYA Yuki, ARIMA Yoshihiko

    Sensual love story about a single woman struggling with romance. Director Morikawa Kei won the Grand Prix at the 2015 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival for Make Room. Yamagishi Shiori (Maru Junko) is a single 38-year-old woman working in ...


  • 母の恋人

    Lover of mother (2016)

    Directed by: UENO Takahiro    Casts: MIZUSHIMA Yuko, SASAKI Kokone, SUGAWARA Masanori

    Sensual love story about the romance between a single mother and a younger man. Directed by Ueno Takahiro of Pink Lady Woman Cannot Stand It. Koike Ryoko (Mizushima Yuko) lives with her daughter Mina (Sasaki Kokone), who she has raised by herself wh...


  • 誘惑は嵐の夜に

    The temptation came at stormy night (2016)

    Directed by: IMAOKA Shinji    Casts: TAKAKI Mio, ISHIKAWA Yumi, NAGAOKA Tasuku

    Romantic fantasy about the ruckus that ensues after a mother and daughter switch bodies. Director Imaoka Shinji wrote the script for The Drudgery Train and has worked on numerous erotic films. Housewife Suda Sawako (Takaki Mio) is dissatisfied with ...


  • ゆれる心

    Heart to waver (2016)

    Directed by: KATAOKA Shuji    Casts: SETO Saki, SHIBATA Akiyoshi, YABUKI Haruna

    Romantic comedy about a woman struggling with work and romance as she tries to figure out how to really live and love. Directed by Kataoka Shuji of the "Shin janki" and "Yakuza no daimon" series. Shimamura Misaki (Seto Saki), who works for a compan...


  • キネマ純情

    KAWAII KISS (2016)

    Directed by: IGUCHI Noboru    Casts: HON Yuni, UENO Sumire, NAKAMURA Asaka

    The first feature film starring the idol group Nomakes created by producer Iguchi Noboru, who picked the five actresses through auditions for this film. Directed by Iguchi Noboru of Nuigulumar Z. High school theater club member Yoshie (Hon Yuni) dec...


  • 漁船の光

    Gyosen no hikari (2016)

    Directed by: HIROSE Yo    Casts: YOKOYAMA Yui, ONO Takuro, KITAMURA Takako

    Film from the "9 Windows" short film omnibus produced in collaboration between the popular idol group AKB48 and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the largest international short film festival in Asia. Directed by Hirose Yo of Kuchisake onna in L.A. ...


  • 赤い糸

    Akai ito (2016)

    Directed by: SONE Tsuyoshi    Casts: MOGI Shinobu, TANIUCHI Risa, KIKUCHI Ryu

    Film from the "9 Windows" short film omnibus produced in collaboration between the popular idol group AKB48 and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the largest international short film festival in Asia. Directed by Sone Takeshi of Kuchisake onna in L....


  • 別れた女房の恋人

    Lover of the wife who parted (2016)

    Directed by: KANEDA Satoshi    Casts: MARU Junko, SHIOZAWA Hidemasa, HARUTA Junichi

    Romance about a woman who wavers between a younger man and her former husband, who wants to rekindle their relationship. Directed by Kaneda Satoshi of Gekijoban Bittare!!!. Miyaguchi Naomi (Maru Junko), a 39-year-old divorcee running a shop that sel...


  • 再会 禁じられた大人の恋

    Reencounter Forbidden love (2016)

    Directed by: NARITA Yusuke    Casts: KUMAKIRI Asami, OKUCHI Kengo, MOTOMIYA Yasukaze

    A romantic drama depicting a housewife vacillating between a former lover and her husband directed by Narita Yusuke who was involved in the "Abunai Deka" and "BE-BOP High School" series. Odashima Yumiko (Kumakiri Asami), a housewife, lives a happy a...


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