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  • 乱鶯

    Stray Nightingale (2017)

    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori, IZUMI Takuji    Casts: FURUTA Arata, INAMORI Izumi, DAITOH Shunsuke

    Fifteenth film in the GEKI X CINE series that creates digital movie adaptations of theatrical performances by Gekidan Shinkansen, led by Inoue Hidenori. In this action period drama, a Chivalrous thief abandons his corrupt ways and lends a hand to hel...


  • スーパー歌舞伎II 『ワンピース』


    Directed by: WATANABE Takehiko    Casts: ICHIKAWA Ennosuke, ICHIKAWA Ukon, BANDO Tatsunosuke

    Opening performance (in 2015 at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre) of the miraculous mash-up between Ichikawa Ennosuke IV's "Super Kabuki II" and the internationally popular "ONE PIECE" manga. Packs in the excitement of the stage performance while incorpo...


  • しんしん

    shinshin (2015)

    Directed by: INADA Kyohei    Casts: HAMADA Teruki, MAKIGUCHI Naoya

    One film from the Sapporo Movie Sketch, short films made by Sapporo directors who, under the concept of "places have stories", delve into episodes associated with overlooked places in Sapporo, Hokkaido. This film weaves a poignant drama revolving aro...


  • マイ・リトル・ガイドブック

    My little guidebook (2015)

    Directed by: OSAKA Yoshiro    Casts: WU Xinti, YANAGITANI Kazunari

    The citizens of Tokachi, Hokkaido crowdfunded the capital to produce this short film intended to communicate the charm of city to people abroad. At the helm is Osaka Yoshiro, a native of the town of Makubetsu, Hokkaido. The film was awarded the Amino...


  • 阿修羅城の瞳

    Asura (2015)

    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori    Casts: ICHIKAWA Somegoro, AMAMI Yuki, IHARA Tsuyoshi

    The GEKI X CINE series screens works by the popular theater group Gekidan Shinkansen, known for furious on-stage combat and flashy concert-style direction. This digitally remaster edition was produced to commemorate the theater troupe's 35th year ann...


  • 蒼の乱

    Legacy of Soma-Aonoran (2015)

    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori    Casts: AMAMI Yuki, MATSUYAMA Kenichi, SAOTOME Taichi

    Thirteenth work in the GEKI X CINE series, which screens works by the popular theater group Gekidan Shinkansen known for furious on-stage combat and flashy concert-style direction. Shinkansen troupe regular Amami Yuki plays a protagonist at the mercy...


  • Zipangu Punk 五右衛門ロックIII

    Zipang Punk-Goemon Rock III (2014)

    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori    Casts: FURUTA Arata, MIURA Haruma, AOI Yu

    Twelfth work in the GEKI X CINE series, which screens works by the popular theater group Gekidan Shinkansen known for furious on-stage combat and flashy concert-style direction. Headlining star Furuta Arata portrays Ishikawa Goemon's frenzied antics....


  • 卵の殻、縦に割るか?横から割るか?

    Eggshells(Should we break it vertically,or horizontally?) (2012)

    Directed by: KAGA Kenzo    Casts: FUJIMIYA Aya, AOKI Nobuhito, UMEZAWA Yoshiro

    An installment from program B of an omnibus about mysterious creatures made as part of the first film project by Polar Circle, a collective founded by director Kageyama Shu who has gathered together an eclectic range of unique filmmakers. Kaga Kenzo ...


  • ウルトラマンサーガ

    Ultraman Saga (2012)

    Directed by: OKA Hideki    Casts: DAIGO, SUGIURA Taiyo, TSURUNO Takeshi

    The second film produced by Tsuburaya Productions to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the popular "Ultraman" tokusatsu superhero series. Three Ultra warriors are featured: Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Dyna, and Ultraman Cosmos. On a desolate and depopu...


  • らもトリップ

    RAMOTRIP (2012)

    Directed by: MIMA Akihiro, IMAHASHI Takashi, MATSUO Kenta    Casts: KOJIMA Fujiko, SHIMADA Kyusaku, KATSUMURA Masanobu

    Nakajima Ramo realized his unique sense of humor in a wide range of genres, including novels, music and theater. This unique film combines the techniques of fiction and documentary to trace the steps of Nakajima, who died suddenly in 2004. The fictio...


  • 薔薇とサムライ


    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori    Casts: FURUTA Arata, AMAMI Yuki, URAI Kenji

    Film adaptation of a stage performance by the enormously popular theatrical group Gekidan Shinkansen. SF historical musical action film featuring major stars like Furuta Arata and Amami Yuki, as well as superb guest performances. The highlight is the...



    COLD SLEEP (2011)

    Directed by: KAWAHIGASHI Shigeru    Casts: KAWAI Ikuko, FAROUK Ruzimatov, TAKADA Midori

    Movie version of the fall 2010 performance celebrating the tenth anniversary of violinist, composer and actress Kawai Ikuko's debut. Creates a sublime dance and music collaboration themed on "samsara," pairing her with renowned Russian ballet dancer ...


  • はやく起きた朝は…オンステージ THE MOVIE


    Directed by: MIYAKE Keisuke    Casts: MATSUI Naomi, ISONO Kiri, MORIO Yumi

    The first movie version of the talk variety show that debuted on television in 1994 and has been performed as a stage version each year since 2000. Revisits previous performances and presents choice skits, discussions and pop music performances. Duri...


  • Livespire 『ハローキティとオズの魔法の国』

    Livespire "Hello Kitty to Oz no maho no kuni" (2011)

    Directed by: USUI Kenji    Casts: ICHIMURA Masachika, CHIAKI Shin, NAKAYAMA Noboru

    3D digital movie adaptation of the musical celebrating the thirty-fifth birthday of the world-famous character Hello Kitty. The production features Ichimura Masachika, doyen of the musical world, as a voice actor, as well as staffs from the Takarazuk...


  • その街のこども 劇場版

    The Town's Children (2010)

    Directed by: INOUE Tsuyoshi    Casts: MORIYAMA Mirai, SATO Eriko, TSUDA Kanji

    A film adaptation of the NHK TV drama that was broadcast on 17 January 2010, the 15th Anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Upon the requests of viewers, the film has been re-edited to include all-new footage. Yuji (Moriyama Mirai) is an...



    Close Encounters Of The Stupid~Tales of Rossy Stardust&Junior From Mars~ (2010)

    Directed by: GOUDA Takanobu    Casts: CHIHARA Jr., ROSSY

    A sci-fi comedy film, starring the popular TV comedian Chihara Junior and Rossy. It tells a silly and absurd story that is full of nonsense laughter. Chihara Junior (Chihara) and Rossy (Rossy) visit a little village for a filming for a TV show. It se...


  • BUTTERFLISTA すべては、愛の行為。

    Butterflista Subete wa ai no koi (2010)

    Directed by: KANO Kyoko    Casts: KANO Kyoko, KANO Mika

    The directorial debut of Kano Kyoko, the "older sister" of celebrity duo The Kano Sisters. Kano Kyoko and co-star and sister Mika show off their dazzling bodies with an air of luxuriance, as they present six short films on various expressions of love...


  • 《シネマ歌舞伎》 身替座禅


    Directed by:    Casts: NAKAMURA Kanzaburo, BANDO Mitsugoro, ICHIKAWA Somegoro

    Nakamura Kanzaburo is a major star, known not just in Japan but internationally. This film shows the comedic performance characteristic of Nakamura. This performance was shown at the same time as KUMO NO HYOSHIMAI as the 11th in the Cinema Kabuki ser...


  • 《シネマ歌舞伎》 大江戸りびんぐでっど


    Directed by:    Casts: ICHIKAWA Somegoro, NAKAMURA Shichinosuke, NAKAMURA Kanzaburo

    This is the 12th production in the Cinema Kabuki series of Kabuki performances filmed using a HD camera. In this original drama by Kudo Kankuro for a Kabuki performance set in the present age, Shiriagari Kotobuki was in charge of the scenery drop cur...


  • 蛮幽鬼

    BANYUKI from “GEKI ×CINE” (2010)

    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori    Casts: KAMIKAWA Takaya, INAMORI Izumi, SAOTOME Taichi

    The first of the GEKI × CINE (Gekishine) series in which a live performance is digitally shot and released in movie theaters. Theater company Gekidan Shinkansen brings us a period action piece using "The Count of Monte Cristo" theme with spectacular ...


  • 《シネマ歌舞伎》 蜘蛛の拍子舞


    Directed by:    Casts: BANDO Tamasaburo, BANDO Mitsugoro, ONOE Shoroku

    This is the 11th film in the Cinema Kabuki series that shows Kabuki performances filmed with HD cameras on digital screens in film theaters. This was one of the farewell performances, the last before the Kabukiza theater was closed for rebuilding. Ba...


  • ミュージカル黒執事 -The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World- 千の魂と堕ちた死神

    Black Butler Musical -The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World- (2010)

    Directed by: FUKUZAWA Satoshi    Casts: MATSUSHITA Yuya, NISHII Yukito, SAEKI Daisuke

    The second musical performance based on Toboso Yana's popular comic book, which also became a hit TV animation series. An impeccable butler works for a noble family, but is actually a demon. The musical takes us through the adventures of the butler's...


  • ゲゲゲの女房

    The Wife of Gegege (2010)

    Directed by: SUZUKI Takuji    Casts: FUKIISHI Kazue, KUDO Kankuro, SAKAI Maki

    A love story depicting the younger days of Mizuma Shigeru, author of "Gegege no Kitaro," the well-known comic on 'yokai' (supernatural beings), and his wife Mura Nunoe, who supported him through the years. Like the hit TV drama version, the film is b...


  • ブラック会社に勤めてるんだが、もう俺は限界かもしれない

    A man on the verge at a BLACK company (2009)

    Directed by: SATOH Yuichi    Casts: KOIKE Teppei, Maiko, SHINAGAWA Hiroshi

    A comedy originating from a real life internet forum, and adapted to film by director Sato Yuichi of the Simsons. Koike Teppei plays a formerly withdrawn young man finally employed, only to find himself at the mercy of an awaiting hellish work enviro...


  • 五右衛門ロック

    Goemon Rock (2009)

    Directed by: INOUE Hidenori    Casts: FURUTA Arata, MATSUYUKI Yasuko, MORIYAMA Mirai

    This is the newest of a series of theater and film conglomerates recorded with the latest digital technology, "Geki×cine," the play "Goemon Rock" incorporates live band performances by the theater group "Gekidan ☆ Shinkansen." This adventure play is ...


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