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  • Funeral Parade of Roses (1969)

    Directed by: MATSUMOTO Toshio    Casts: Peter, TSUCHIYA Yoshio, OGASAWARA Osamu

    First theatrical film by Matsumoto Toshio, creator of numerous experimental shorts. Depicts a bloody horror story set in late-1960s Shinjuku, Roppongi and Harajuku. Gonda (Tsuchiya Yoshio) owns a gay bar called Genet and Eddie (Peter) is the star ho...


  • 緯度0大作戦

    LATITUDE ZERO (1969)

    Directed by: HONDA Ishiro    Casts: Joseph COTTON, TAKARADA Akira, Cesar ROMERO


  • 日本海大海戦


    Directed by: MARUYAMA Seiji    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, KAYAMA Yuzo, NAKADAI Tatsuya


  • 風林火山

    Furinkazan (1969)

    Directed by: INAGAKI Hiroshi    Casts: MIFUNE Toshiro, SAKUMA Yoshiko, NAKAMURA Kinnosuke


  • 嵐の勇者たち

    The Cleanup (1969)

    Directed by: MASUDA Toshio    Casts: ISHIHARA Yujiro, WATARI Tetsuya, HAMA Mie

    The scene is the Golden Room in one of the luxury hotels. It is a white tie party and all the beautiful women sparkle and shine in their best finery. To the casual eye, it seems like a gathering of jet set people, but there is more than meets the eye...


  • 荒い海

    The Wild Sea (1969)

    Directed by: YAMAZAKI Tokujiro    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, TAKAHASHI Hideki, IZUMI Masako

    The Japanese have always been close to the sea, on which many depend for their livelihood. Yoji Kitami (Tetsuya Watari), a fisherman's son, is a student in Tokyo. His father had died at sea and Taichiro (Hatsuo Ito), his brother, is sending him to t...


  • 昭和やくざ系図 長崎の顔

    Showdown at Nagasaki (1969)

    Directed by: NOMURA Takashi    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, MASUDA Hiroko, AOKI Yoshiro

    When Keiji Takama (Tetsuya Watari) returns to Nagasaki, he finds many changes. The rights of the entertainment field that had been held by his family have been taken over by the Matsui Group, a new gangster setup. So he becomes head of the Takama Gro...


  • 私が棄てた女

    The Girl I Abandoned (1969)

    Directed by: URAYAMA Kirio    Casts: KAWARAZAKI Choichiro, ASAOKA Ruriko, KOBAYASHI Toshie

    Tsutomu Yoshioka (Choichiro Kawarazaki) works for a fine company and is satisfied with life for the first time. His future, too, seems very promising since Mariko (Ruriko Asaoka), the niece of the president who works in the same office, is in love wi...


  • 続 女の警察

    Women's Police: Part II (1969)

    Directed by: EZAKI Mio    Casts: KOBAYASHI Akira, KOYAMA Akiko, HASEGAWA Teruko

    Masaaki Kagari (Akira Kobayash·i) is the recruiter and protector of hostesses at the Club Rose. One day he visits Club Aron, to complain about attempts to lure hostesses from Club Rose. Aron's madam Hisayo (Akiko Koyama) reminds him of a tragic expe...


  • 夜の最前線 東京女地図

    Prisoner of Lust (1969)

    Directed by: IDA Motomu    Casts: WADA Koji, FUJI Tatsuya, OKAZAKI Jiro

    Jun Nakata (Koji Wada) and his sister Mayumi (Satoko Sato) work in Tokyo, he as a cook and she as a seamstress. On the night of Mayumi's birthday, a car hits her by accident and the two men in the vehicle take her and flee from the scene. Jun seeks p...


  • 残酷おんな私刑

    Mini-Skirt Lynchers (1969)

    Directed by: TANNO Yuji    Casts: OTA Masako, HASEGAWA Teruko, MARI Annu

    Teruko's group from Yokohama is in conflict with Rosa's crowd from Hayama who extort money and intimidate young couples. One day Teruko (Teruko Hasegawa) and her girls are arrested for one of Rosa's deeds, but Toshie (Masako Ota), a runaway girl, bea...


  • 博徒百人

    One Hundred Gamblers (1969)

    Directed by: NOMURA Takashi    Casts: TAKAHASHI Hideki, IZUMI Masako, SHISHIDO Joe

    The world of bosses is dying out but it was once a unique and powerful institution. This story is about Boss' Murai (Kanjura Arashi), the most powerful man in Wakamatsu, Northern Kyushu. When Murai retires, he divides his territory between Eta (Taka...


  • 無頼 殺せ

    "Outlaw" Kill! (1969)

    Directed by: OZAWA Keiichi    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, MATSUBARA Chieko, WADA Koji

    Boss Matsunaga (Michitare Mizushima) controls the territory in an industrial city. One day, he is attacked by hoodlums, fights them in self- defense but gets a 7-year prison rap for killing them. He does not know it is a trap set by the Toyukai gang ...


  • 昇り竜 鉄火肌

    The Friendly Killer (1969)

    Directed by: ISHII Teruo    Casts: OUGI Hiroko, YAMAMOTO Yoko, FUJI Tatsuya

    Katsumi (Hiroko Ogi) is very beautiful and the pride of her father's heart, and when he is murdered mysteriously, she does not even have time to dry her tears. For she must step into his shoes and carry on as he would have wished. Tattooing the same...


  • 女の警察

    Women’s Police (1969)

    Directed by: EZAKI Mio    Casts: KOBAYASHI Akira, TOAKE Yukiyo, AOE Mina

    Around Ginza there is a night-city of bars and cabarets, hostesses, customers. Assisting to keep order here is Kagari (Akira Kobayashi} who specializes in the women, their problems and troubles. He has saved many a girl from blandishments of pimps, ...


  • 野獣を消せ

    Savage Wolf Pack (1969)

    Directed by: HASEBE Yasuharu    Casts: WATARI Tetsuya, FUJI Tatsuya, KAWACHI Tamio

    Asai (Tetsuya Watari) returns to Japan determined to track down the man who raped and murdered his sister. In his search he rescues a young girl, Kyoko (Mieko Fujimoto) from Yada (Tatsuya Fuji) and his gang. This gang is terrorising the town and now...


  • Haunted Castle (1969)

    Directed by: TANAKA Tokuzo    Casts: HONGO Kojiro, KOBAYASHI Naomi, KAMEI Mitsuyo

    In 1730, when Yoshimune Tokugawa, the eighth Shogun, ruled the country, the people were thrown into utter confusion and terror in Lord Nabeshima's Saga Castle in southern Kyushu. Something appeared by night and killed the ladies-in-waiting, ate the ...


  • Vixen (1969)

    Directed by: MASUMURA Yasuzo    Casts: ASAOKA Ruriko, OKADA Eiji, KISHIDA Kyoko

    Michi (Ruriko Asaoka)'s first encounter with Nobuyuki Ishida (Eiji Okada), secretary to the chairman of a private school, takes place in the drawing room, when she attempts to swindle him out of two million yen for alleged rape by his son. Akie (Kyo...


  • 尻啖え孫市

    The Magoichi Saga (1969)

    Directed by: MISUMI Kenji    Casts: NAKAMURA Kinnosuke, KURIHARA Komaki, HONGO Kojiro

    During the civil wars Lord Nobunaga Oda (Shintaro Katsu) finally gains control over almost the entire country. But there are still many watching for a chance to overthrow him. So Magoichi Saika (Kinnosuke Nakamura) and his 3000 gunners are made much...


  • あゝ陸軍 隼戦闘隊

    The Falcon Fighters (1969)

    Directed by: MURAYAMA Mitsuo    Casts: SATO Makoto, FUJIMURA Shiho, HONGO Kojiro

    In 1929 - the Japanese Air Force is still in its infancy. Lieutenant Kato (Makoto Sato), instructor at the Tokorozawa Flying Academy, has two promising young pilots. Second Lieutenant Kihara (Sei Hiraizumi), who graduated from the Army Academy with a...


  • 人斬り

    Tenchu! (1969)

    Directed by: GOSHA Hideo    Casts: KATSU Shintaro, NAKADAI Tatsuya, BAISHO Mitsuko

    It is 1862. For hundreds of years under the irontight rule of the Tokugawas, Japan's door has been virtually closed to the world. But it was no longer possible to continue a policy of isolation and under pressure, the Tokugawa Shogunate concludes tr...


  • あゝ海軍

    Gateway to Glory (1969)

    Directed by: MURAYAMA Mitsuo    Casts: NAKAMURA Kichiemon, UTSUI Ken, HONGO Kojiro

    In April 1934, lchiro Hirata (Kichiemon Nakamura) enters the Naval Academy at Etajima Island. The son of a poor farmer deep in his heart he is at first irked by all the rules of the academy but tries hard to suppress this feeling by forcing himself t...


  • The Curse of the Ghost (1969)

    Directed by: MORI Kazuo    Casts: SATO Kei, INANO Kazuko, AOYAMA Yoshihiko

    Samon Yotsuya, a vassal of the Sagara Clan, has two beautiful daughters. Oiwa (Kazuko lnano), the elder, marries Iemon Tamiya (Kei Sato) and Osode (Kyoko Mikage), the younger daughter, is to Yomoshichi Sato (Yoshihiko Aoyama). Soon after their marri...


  • Thousand Cranes (1969)

    Directed by: MASUMURA Yasuzo    Casts: HIRA Mikijiro, WAKAO Ayako, AZUSA Eiko

    Kikuji Mitani (Mikijiro Hira) is an orphan and Chikako Kurimoto (Machiko Kyo) and Mrs. Ota (Ayako Wakao) were once his father's lovers. When Kikuji was about ten years old, he had accompanied his father to Chikako's home and had seen the purplish bi...


  • Devil’s Temple (1969)

    Directed by: MISUMI Kenji    Casts: KATSU Shintaro, TAKAMINE Hideko, ARATAMA Michiyo

    Adapted from the original drama by Junichiro Tanizaki, this is the story of the loves and hates of two men and two women, their strange involvement with one another, and how their searing lust affected their lives. Mumyo Taro (Shintaro Katsu) is a n...


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