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(c) 2001 DRIVE Film Partners

(c) 2001 DRIVE Film Partners

(c) 2001 DRIVE Film Partners

(c) 2001 DRIVE Film Partners

Release Date
August, 24th, 2002
Running Time
102 min
Screening Format

[ Directed by ]

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]

IMJ Entertainment, TBS, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Tokyo FM Broadcasting, KOBI, Pioneer LDC, NIPPON HERALD FILMS

[ Story ]

Asakura (Tsutsumi Shinichi) constantly suffers from a migraine headache because of his extremely square personality. Lost in admiration staring at a pretty woman (Shibasaki Kou) at a flower shop, he is surprised by a masked group of three men who jump into his car and order him to chase the car ahead. The men are bank robbers whose loot was pocketed by one of their team. Asakura can only drive the car within the legal speed limit, and they are unable to keep up with the betrayer. He is forced to accompany the robbers on their getaway. Meanwhile, each crook finds what he is looking for, and one by one leaves, finally leaving Asakura alone in the car. Suddenly, a cell phone call puts him in touch with the one who bagged the loot, asking for his help. However, when Asakura heads for the designated meeting place, he is greeted by the ghosts of his ancestors. Defeated in the duel with Asakura, the spirits finally attain nirvana. Asakura later goes to the robbed bank to return the money and finds the flower shop woman working there.
Following the FIPRESCI award-winning MONDAY (2000 Berlin International Film Festival), director SABU returns with his unique, speedy style and a drive through life.

[ Contact (International) ]

Open Sesame Co., Ltd.
#303 1-17-6 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0041
Rep: ABE Ritsuko
Attn: NAKANE Kaho
tel: +81 3 6228 3453
fax: +81 3 6228 3458
E-mail: ,