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Director: YOSHIDA Keisuke
Cast: KUBOTA Masataka, ARAI Hirofumi, ENOUE Keiko

Drama about the love-hate relationship between two pairs of siblings penned by Himeanole director Yoshida Keisuke. Kazunari (Kubota Masataka) is the half-assed younger brother who appears to be thoughtful and diligent, and his older brother Takuji (...

Release Date: Feb, 10th, 2018

Cinema fighters

Cinema fighters (2017)

Director: KAWASE Naomi, A.T., HAGIWARA Kentaro
Cast: YAMADA Takayuki, ISHII Anna, AKIRA

The first collection of films from a collaborative project from international short films festival, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. The short films are screen dramatizations inspired by the hit songs of group EXILE TRIBE. The six works are compris...

Release Date: Jan, 26th, 2018

Misojionna wa romantic na yume o miruka?

Misojionna wa romantic na yume o miruka? (2017)

Director: YAMAGISHI Kentaro
Cast: TAKEDA Rina, KUBOTA Yuki, SASO Yuki

A road movie depicting a woman who goes on the run with the band of robbers who kidnapped her. It is written and directed by Yamagishi Kentaro, whose short film Tokyo Mukokuseki Shojo was adapted to a feature length film by Oshii Mamoru. Nana (Taked...

Release Date: Mar, 31st, 2018

One Cut of the Dead

One Cut of the Dead (2017)

Director: UEDA Shinichiro
Cast: HAMATSU Takayuki, Mao, SHUHAMA Harumi

Unique horror film produced by ENBU Seminar Cinema Project. Became a social phenomenal hit when the theatrical run exploded from two theaters in Tokyo to a wide-scale release in response to the peculiar structure including a 37-minute opening cut, de...

Release Date: Jun, 23rd, 2018

Call My Name

Call My Name (2018)

Director: SATO Toshiki
Cast: FUKIKOSHI Mitsuru, JO Anthia, ENTA Haruka

Ensemble drama about men and women in the porn industry based on non-fiction writer Nakamura Atsuhiko's "Namae no nai onna tachi" (Women Without Names). Porn actress reporter Shimura Atsushi (Fukikoshi Mitsuru) is a man of contradictions who writes ...

Release Date: Feb, 3rd, 2018


HARD-CORE (2018)

Director: YAMASHITA Nobuhiro
Cast: YAMADA Takayuki, SATOH Takeru, ARAKAWA Yoshiyoshi

Live-action film adaptation of the outlaw manga with story by Carib Marley and artwork by Imashiro Takashi. Touching and humorous portrayal of the friendship between guys at society's bottom rung. The virtuoso actor Yamada Takayuki was a fan of the m...

Release Date: Nov, 23rd, 2018


Duality (2018)

Director: SATO Masahiko, KAWAMURA Genki, SEKI Yutaro

This story is about the various possibilities in life faced by a mother and her son. They arrive at a train station in a small rural town with some purpose in mind. On their way to their destination, the parent and child are faced with a variety of c...

Release Date: 2018


BAMY (2017)

Director: TANAKA Jun
Cast: YUKINAGA Hironobu, NAKAZATO Hiromi, TSUGE Misaki

Horror film produced by the cutting-edge director Tanaka Jun on a shoestring budget of just 700,000 yen. The ability to see ghosts pushes a man and woman to their emotional limits. Official selection for the feature film competition at the 35th Torin...

Release Date: Jan, 20th, 2018

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Showdown at Nagasaki

Showdown at Nagasaki (1969)

Director: NOMURA Takashi

Cast: WATARI Tetsuya, MASUDA Hiroko, AOKI Yoshiro

When Keiji Takama (Tetsuya Watari) returns to Nagasaki, he finds many changes. The rights of the entertainment field that had been held by his family have been taken over by the Matsui Group, a new gangster setup. So he becomes head of the Takama Gro...

Release Date:Oct, 18th, 1969

Black Rose

Black Rose (1969)

Director: FUKASAKU Kinji

Cast: MARUYAMA Akihiro, OZAWA Eitaro, TAMURA Masakazu

Kyohei (Eitaro Ozawa) is the successful owner of the private club "Black Rose." Then, one day, a mysterious woman appears. She is Ryuko (Akihiro Maruyama), beautiful, without a past and thanks to her popularity the club becomes even more prosperous. ...

Release Date:Jan, 25th, 1969

A Fallen Woman

A Fallen Woman (1967)

Director: YOSHIMURA Kozaburo

Cast: KUWANO Miyuki, HOSOKAWA Toshiyuki, TAMURA Takahiro

Sumiko, the daughter of a distinguished family, is violently in love with Reiji who perhaps loves her in return but is not considered the proper husband. When he is arrested for theft, her fiancé, Miyoshi, feels that this will bring her to her senses...

Release Date:Jun, 28th, 1967

A Secret Rendezvous

A Secret Rendezvous (1959)

Director: NAKAHIRA Ko


Kikuko, attractive wife of Prof. Miyahara, is beset with dire forebodings that she may be found out concerning her affair with Ikuo, one of her husband's students, through the murder of a taxi driver they both witnessed. Ikuo, too, is conscience-stri...

Release Date:Nov, 11th, 1959