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Tabi no omosa

Journey into Solitude


Release Date
October, 28th, 1972
Running Time
90 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

I (Yoko Takahashi), a fatherless girl student, age sixteen, left my wanton mother and boring school life, taking 9,000 yen from my mother's purse. Under the bright sun, in the fresh air, I was free and very happy, but impressed by the harsh reality of the world.
I joined an itinerant actor's troupe, became intimate with Masako (Rie Yokoyama), and swam in the sea with her.
When I said goodbye to the troupe, I was shocked to see Masako making love to a villageman. Feeling lonely, I started crying. Masako then began fondling my breasts. It was the first such experience for me. Her passionate lust, her pure sexual desire - I felt they were part of natural life.
I caught cold after I parted with her and I fell down on the roadside. Then I was rescued by an itinerant fish vender, Kimura (Etsuji Takahashi), aged over forty. I could rest at his home. He was quiet and kind.
As I became better, a certain sentiment originated for Kimura. Was it because I had no father? Or was I strange compared to other girls my age?
Kimura went out and did not return for three days. It was said he was arrested for an illegal gambling. The night he was released, I kissed him. But he did not go further.
I felt sad and left, unknowingly in love with him. I fell down on the road and burst into tears, then I pulled myself together and headed back for his home.
On the way, I found the drowned body of Kayo, my only intimate friend. I was so shocked I did not know what to do.
I thought I knew why she had killed herself. I might have done the same, if I had not taken the trip.
On the day of her funeral, I returned to Kimura's and then our strange relationship started like a married couple.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972 15.3】

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