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  • Heart Treasure (2017)

    Directed by: ENOMOTO Sakura    Casts: ENOMOTO Sakura, NAGAYAMA Hiromi, SAKAGAWA Shion

    Enomoto Sakura, who appeared in The Good-for-Nothings and The Manga Master, stars in this film adapted from his own original story which also marks his feature-length directorial debut. Playwright and theatre director Murakami Hideki wrote the screen...


  • Kodomoshokudo nite (2018)

    Directed by: SANO Shoon    Casts: MOTOSHITA Hano, KITAHARA Sawako, KAWAKAMI Maiko

    Drama about a community-run cafeteria for children that depicts people trying to cope with child abuse and neglect. Directed by Sano Shion, who has dealt with the current reality and background of social services for children. Also depicts foster par...


  • Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (2019)

    Directed by: YAKUWA Shinnosuke    Casts: MIZUTA Wasabi, OHARA Megumi, KAKAZU Yumi

    Thirty-ninth feature film for the 'Doraemon' anime based on the original work by Fujiko F Fujio. Script by Naoki Prize-winning author Tsujimura Mizuki. Doraemon has a big adventure on the moon with Nobita and his pals. A mysterious boy named Luca (v...


  • Pretenders (2017)

    Directed by: KUMAZAWA Naoto    Casts: CHIHARA Jr., Yuka, HIRAO Nanaka

    A live-action adaptation by Yurigokoro director Kumazawa Naoto of the identically titled manga by Shoji Hiroyuki who died at an early age. Shiromiya (Chihara Jr.), a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) about to turn 40, and a 5-year-old...


  • RISE -Dharma within you- (2017)

    Directed by: SATO Katsunori    Casts: WACHI Takeaki, Momona, MIURA Yusuke

    Superhero action film about the birth of Dharuriser, the home-grown hero from Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. Action choreography by Justo Dieguez, who created the Keysi self-defense method used in Batman Begins. Tachi Akihiro (Wachi Takeaki) ...


  • The Island of Cats (2019)

    Directed by: IWAGO Mitsuaki    Casts: TATEKAWA Shinosuke, SHIBASAKI Ko, EMOTO Tasuku

    Heartwarming drama that marks the directorial debut for Iwago Mitsuaki, the internationally renowned wildlife photographer. Depicts the peaceful day-to-day existence of cat and man on a remote island with rakugo performer Tatekawa Shinosuke in the le...


  • ORGAN (2019)

    Directed by: HIRAMATSU Emiko    Casts: TODA Erika, OHARA Sakurako, SAKUMA Yui

    Film adaptation of the true story of young nursery school caretakers who evacuated the children in their care to protect them from air strikes at the end of the Pacific War. Togoshi nursery teachers in Tokyo scramble to find a place to evacuate and ...


  • Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow (2019)

    Directed by: SAKAI Kazuo    Casts: INAMI Anju, AIDA Rikako, SUWA Nanaka

    Feature film for the new series 'Love Live! Sunshine!!' in the popular 'Love Live!' anime series. Drama about the school experiences of nine teenage girls. The Aquors pulled off a brilliant victory in their final 'Love Live!' as the school idol grou...


  • single mom -a sweet family- (2018)

    Directed by: MATSUMOTO Kazumi    Casts: UCHIYAMA Rina, KIMURA Yuichi, HASEGAWA Hanon

    A family drama set in the town of Niseko, a famous resort area of Hokkaido, warmly weaving a tale with true story elements about an exhausted single mother finding hope. At the helm is former politician Matsumoto Kazumi who is making his directorial...


  • Running Again (2018)

    Directed by: NAKAIZUMI Yuya    Casts: Kanichiro, YAMASHITA Rio, Nahana

    A film commemorating the 15th anniversary of the SKIP City International D-Cinema Film Festival which is co-sponsored by Saitama Prefecture and the city of Kawaguchi. People whose lives have run into a dead end take another step forward through under...


  • Under One Umbrella (2018)

    Directed by: TAKUMA Takayuki    Casts: KURASHINA Kana, ICHIHARA Hayato, IRIYAMA Anna

    Heartwarming story about five days overflowing with love between a father and daughter reunited after 25 years apart. Direction and screenplay by playwright-cum-actor Takuma Takayuki, who adapts for film the same-named theatrical production that he a...


  • Bridge over Troubled Water (2018)

    Directed by: OTA Takafumi    Casts: SUZUKI Anne, ITAO Itsuji, TANAKA Misato

    A drama planned and produced by a local citizen's group of Shizuoka Prefecture. The film's climax features the Fukuroi Enshu Fireworks festival held each year in the city of Fukuroi. Miyuki (Suzuki Anne) is an office worker in her 30s. When she was ...


  • Yassa Daruman (2018)

    Directed by: OMORI Kenichi    Casts: SATO Hisanori, SUDO Maasa, TAKETATSU Ayana

    Youthful drama inspired by the official mascot for Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Young employees at city hall scramble to boost the mascot's popularity. Reunites the cast from Fun way to write the light novel, along with director Omori Kenichi. ...


  • Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Bakumori! Kung Fu Boys -Ramen Panic- (2018)

    Directed by: TAKAHASHI Wataru    Casts: YAJIMA Akiko, NARAHASHI Miki, MORIKAWA Tomoyuki

    The 26th animated feature film for the "Crayon Shin-chan" TV anime series. The idol group Momoiro Clover Z handles the theme song and the songs used in the movie. Shinnosuke (voice: Yajima Akiko) and members of the Kasukabe Defense Force devote the...


  • Milky Panic (2018)

    Directed by: NUMATA Shinnosuke    Casts: KUSUNOKI Taitem, TADANO Yohei, NAITO Ami

    Film in the Anime Tamago 2018 project sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Young Animator Training Project. With the tiger in the lead, the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac have a Western-style face-off against an evil cat. Directed by N...


  • ENGIMON (2018)

    Directed by: SATOU Koudai    Casts: ASAI Ayaka, TARAKO, YAMAMOTO Yuka

    Film in the Anime Tamago 2018 project sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Young Animator Training Project. Directed by Satou Koudai, the CGI director for the Nissin Cup Ramen commercial 'Freedom' that was praised for the 3DCG animation. Pa...


  • Leading Roles (2018)

    Directed by: NAKAYAMA Setsuo    Casts: WATANABE Yutaro, FUNATSU Daichi, KAWAGOISHI Shunpei

    Film adaptation of the same-named true story by Takeshima Yumiko, a teacher in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Paean to youth made with the full cooperation of Yame City, helmed by veteran director Nakayama Setsuo. The Yame High School baseball team ...


  • MIRAI (2018)

    Directed by: HOSODA Mamoru    Casts: KAMISHIRAISHI Moka, KUROKI Haru, HOSHINO Gen

    MIRAI is an animated feature film produced by Studio Chizu. The film is originally written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda who also directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children and The Boy and the Beast. Kun (voice: Kamishirais...


  • Okko’s Inn (2018)

    Directed by: KOSAKA Kitaro    Casts: KOBAYASHI Seiran, MATSUDA Satsumi, MIZUKI Nana

    Theatrical film anime adaptation of a popular piece of children's literature that has sold over 3 million copies in total. Directed by Kosaka Kitaro of NASU: SUMMER IN ANDALUSIA with script by Yoshida Reiko of Lu over the wall. Sixth-grader Okko (K...


  • Shoplifters (2018)

    Directed by: KORE-EDA Hirokazu    Casts: Lily Franky, ANDO Sakura, MATSUOKA Mayu

    Drama interweaving emotional ties that transcend family, directed by THE THIRD MURDER's Kore-eda Hirokazu. Won the Palme d'Or in competition at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival. Day-laborer father Shibata Osamu (Lily Franky) and his son ...


  • The Night I Swam (2017)

    Directed by: IGARASHI Kohei, Damien MANIVEL    Casts: KOGAWA Takara, KOGAWA Keiki, KOGAWA Chisato

    A Japan-France jointly produced film co-directed by Igarashi Kohei of Hold Your Breath Like a Lover and Damien Manivel of A Young Poet. It was screened at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. Just before the break of dawn in a small town nes...


  • The Miraculous Postcards (2017)

    Directed by: Jacky WOO    Casts: SUZUKI Sarina, AKAZA Miyoko, YUKIMURA Izumi

    A drama adapting to film children's book author, Wakiya Midori's "Kibo no Switch ha, Kusu" by internationally engaged filmmaker Jacky Woo. Miyuki (Suzuki Sarina) devotes herself to caring for her daughter Nozomi () who has cerebral palsy. Without re...


  • Pokémon 4Ever (2001)

    Directed by: YUYAMA Kunihiko    Casts: MATSUMOTO Rika, OTANI Ikue

    Fourth anime feature film for the global phenomenon "Pocket Monsters." Depicts the turmoil surrounding Celebi, a mythical pokemon that possess the mysterious ability to time travel. Yukinari (voice: Toda Keiko) gets swept along in traveling through ...


  • Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island (2018)

    Directed by: IMAI Kazuaki    Casts: MIZUTA Wasabi, OHARA Megumi, KAKAZU Yumi

    Thirty-eighth "Doraemon" anime feature film based on Fujiko F Fujio's original story. TV series director Imai Kazuaki makes his feature film directorial debut. Screenplay by Kawamura Genki, the producer behind hit films including The Boy and the Beas...


  • blank13 (2017)

    Directed by: SAITOH Takumi    Casts: TAKAHASHI Issey, MATSUOKA Mayu, SAITOH Takumi

    Drama by actor Saitoh Takumi, who makes his feature-film directorial debut. Won the Best Director in the Asian New Talent Awards at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. Family members learn the whereabouts of the father (Lily Franky) who v...


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