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  • JESUS (2018)

    Directed by: OKUYAMA Hiroshi    Casts: SATO Yura, OKUMA Riki, Chad Mullane

    Yura is a young boy whose family leaves Tokyo to live with his grandmother in the snowy countryside. Not only must he fit in at a new school, but it's a Christian one. At first he is puzzled when he and his classmates are called to "worship," but he ...


  • Another World (2018)

    Directed by: SAKAMOTO Junji    Casts: INAGAKI Goro, HASEGAWA Hiroki, IKEWAKI Chizuru


  • Amber Light (2019)

    Directed by: YOKOO Hatsuki    Casts: IURA Arata, OHASHI Akira

    As a child, Ryota Hironaga had to watch his parents' divorce and his father leave home. Many years later, as an adult, Ryota finds himself in charge of his father's struggling glass factory in Nagasaki, which had been driven to the brink of bankrupt...


  • His Lost Name (2019)

    Directed by: HIROSE Nanako    Casts: YAGIRA Yuya, YOUNG DAIS, KOBAYASHI Kaoru

    A young man is found almost unconscious on a river bank. A middle-aged widower Tetsuro shelters the man who tells nothing but his name "Shin-ichi." Though baffled by the old man's eagerness who treats Shin-ichi like his own son by providing a place t...


  • JUNCTION 29 (tentative title) (2019)

    Directed by: YAMADA Akihisa, UEDA Atsushi, SUGITAMitsuru    Casts: TANAKA Shunsuke, MIZUNO Masaru, HONDA Takafumi

    Story 1: "The Night of the Tsuchinoko" Kenichi Yoshida, 29 years old, is at his high school reunion. He sits in the corner with his only friend Kato. Being that kid who went about unnoticed back in the day, he is feeling uncomfortable being there. T...


  • Archimedes no taisen (2019)

    Directed by: YAMAZAKI Takashi    Casts: SUDA Masaki, TACHI Hiroshi, HAMABE Minami


  • Fortuna no hitomi (2019)

    Directed by: MIKI Takahiro    Casts: KAMIKI Ryunosuke, ARIMURA Kasumi, SHISON Jun


  • Chiwawa (2019)

    Directed by: NINOMIYA Ken    Casts: KADOWAKI Mugi, NARITA Ryo, Kanichiro

    When a dead girl found in Tokyo Bay is identified as Yoshiko Chiwaki—a 20-year-old nursing student—Miki is unaware that it's her friend Chiwawa. After all their time together, Miki didn't even know Chiwawa's real name. Miki first met Chiwawa when sh...


  • GODZILLA: The Planet Eater (2018)

    Directed by: SHIZUNO Kobun, SESHITA Hiroyuki    Casts: MIYANO Mamoru, SAKURAI Takahiro, HANAZAWA Kana


  • Killing (2018)

    Directed by: TSUKAMOTO Shinya    Casts: IKEMATSU Sosuke, AOI Yu, NAKAMURA Tatsuya

    Mokunoshin Tsuzuki is one such samurai. To maintain his swordsmanship skills, Mokunoshin spars daily with Ichisuke, a farmer's son. Ichisuke's sister Yu watches them train with a hint of disapproval although there's an unspoken attraction between her...


  • Every Day a Good Day (2018)

    Directed by: OMORI Tatsushi    Casts: KUROKI Haru, KIKI Kilin, TABE Mikako

    Nearing the end of university, Noriko is not having much luck finding either herself or a job when her mother suddenly suggests she study tea ceremony. Noriko is cool to the idea, but her cousin Michiko likes it and suggests they both go. Nearby live...


  • The Gun (2018)

    Directed by: TAKE Masaharu    Casts: MURAKAMI Nijiro, HIROSE Alice, Lily FRANKY

    On a nighttime walk along a Tokyo riverbank, a young man named Nishikawa stumbles on a dead body, beside which lies a gun. From the moment he decides to take the gun, the world around him blurs. Knowing he possesses the weapon brings an intoxicating ...


  • EATING WOMEN (2018)

    Directed by: SHONO Jiro    Casts: KOIZUMI Kyoko, SAWAJIRI Erika, MAEDA Atsuko

    The film adaptation of Tsutsui Tomomi's writings 'Taberu Onna Ketteiban'. Depicting the lives of eight women under the theme of "food" and "sex", the film throws into relief the importance of celebrating life. It stars a splendid cast of actresses in...


  • SUNNY: Our Hearts Beat Together (2018)

    Directed by: ONE Hitoshi    Casts: SHINOHARA Ryoko, HIROSE Suzu, KOIKE Eiko


  • Killing for the Prosecution (2018)

    Directed by: HARADA Masato    Casts: KIMURA Takuya, NINOMIYA Kazunari, YOSHITAKA Yuriko


  • The Forest of Wool and Steel (2018)

    Directed by: HASHIMOTO Kojiro    Casts: YAMAZAKI Kento, SUZUKI Ryohei, KAMISHIRAISHI Mone

    Tomura encounters Itadori, a piano tuner and is astounded by the "smell of the forest" that his piano sound evokes. Determined to become a tuner himself, Tomura graduates from a piano tuner vocational school and gains employment at the music store wh...


  • OVER DRIVE (2018)

    Directed by: HASUMI Eiichiro    Casts: HIGASHIDE Masahiro, ARATA Mackenyu, MORIKAWA Aoi

    The SCRS (Seiko Cup Rally Series), a top-category domestic race fiercely competed by young drivers, is the stepping stone to the WRC (World Rally Champion), the world's most prestigious competition. The rivalry between Spica Racing Factory and Sigma ...



    Directed by: TSURUHASHI Yasuo    Casts: ABE Hiroshi, TERAJIMA Shinobu, TOYOKAWA Etsushi

    Hironoshin is a samurai of the Echigo-Nagaoka clan. One day, Hironoshin attends a party at a mansion in Edo where his lord, Tadakiyo was to recite poems. What Tadakiyo read was obviously plagiarized. Hironoshin, who was unluckily asked to give his op...


  • Laplace’s Witch (2018)

    Directed by: MIIKE Takashi    Casts: SAKURAI Sho, HIROSE Suzu, FUKUSHI Sota

    Two people are found dead under similarly bizarre circumstances at two different hot springs resorts. Aoe, an earth scientist called in to examine the site determines the deaths as accidental. But a police detective Nakaoka, suspects a young wife's p...



    Directed by: TSUKIKAWA Sho    Casts: SUDA Masaki, TSUCHIYA Tao, FURUKAWA Yuki

    Haru (Masaki Suda), an unpredictable troublemaker, and Shizuku (Tao Tsuchiya), a cold schoolgirl only interested in academics, both have no friends, much less a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They meet in April of their first year in high school when Sh...


  • GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle (2018)

    Directed by: SHIZUNO Kobun, SESHITA Hiroyuki    Casts: MIYANO Mamoru, SAKURAI Takahiro, HANAZAWA Kana

    By the advent of the 21st century, much of humanity was dead, having been trampled over by a new master, Godzilla. A select few among mankind took to the stars in a spacefaring vessel called the Aratrum in search of "the promised land," the planet Ta...



    Directed by: KIMURA Daisaku    Casts: OKADA Junichi, NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi, KUROKI Haru


  • HIBIKI (2018)

    Directed by: TSUKIKAWA Sho    Casts: HIRATE Yurina, KITAGAWA Keiko, Ayaka WILSON



    Directed by: OTOMO Keishi    Casts: SATOH Takeru, TAKAHASHI Issey, KUROKI Haru


  • HARD-CORE (2018)

    Directed by: YAMASHITA Nobuhiro    Casts: YAMADA Takayuki, SATOH Takeru, ARAKAWA Yoshiyoshi

    Live-action film adaptation of the outlaw manga with story by Carib Marley and artwork by Imashiro Takashi. Touching and humorous portrayal of the friendship between guys at society's bottom rung. The virtuoso actor Yamada Takayuki was a fan of the m...


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