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20 Results

    • Our Last Day

      Our Last Day (2023)

      IBAYASHI Yuka
      NAKAGAWA Seina, IWAIDO Seiko, SERIZAWA Tateto

      After the suicide of her kind father, her mother became addicted to a new religion and disappeared. Kiho's happy family collapses. Kiho has been living alone since entering junior high school. Unable to return to the happy past, she feels hopeless ab...

    • Dear Kaita Ablaze

      Dear Kaita Ablaze (2023)

      SATO Hisayasu
      YUYA Shintaro, SATO Riho, KUDO Kei

      Murayama Kaita, a Japanese painter, novelist and poet died in 1919 at the age of 22, leaving behind an impressive and time-defying body of work. In his most recent film, Sato Hisayasu offers a surreal, time-crossing, meta-layered essay on the artist,...

    • Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom

      Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom (2023)

      WATANABE Kotono
      KAKU Kento, HAMABE Minami

      Anime adaptation of the same-named manga by Iwamoto Nao. Produced by Madhouse and helmed by in-house director Watanabe Kotono. Two kingdoms have been divided for a century. Sara (Hamabe Minami) is a princess from the Gold Kingdom, and Naranbayar (Ka...

    • The Imaginary

      The Imaginary (2023)

      MOMOSE Yoshiyuki
      TERADA Kokoro, SUZUKI Rio, ANDO Sakura

      Based on the award-winning novel by A.F. Harrold and illustrator Emily Gravett, Studio Ponoc's "The Imaginary" is a beautifully hand-drawn animated feature film that portrays the depths of humanity and creativity through the eyes of young Amanda and ...

    • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Movie

      My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Movie (2023)

      INOUE Keisuke
      UCHIDA Maaya, AOI Shota, KAKIHARA Tetsuya

      First feature film adaptation of the TV anime series based on the same-named light novel. Author Yamaguchi Satoru pens an original script that picks up the storyline after season two of the TV series. Catarina Claes (Uchida Maaya) is reincarnated as...

    • The Concierge

      The Concierge (2023)

      ITAZU Yoshimi
      KAWAIDA Natsumi, OTSUKA Takeo, TSUDA Kenjiro

      Feature-length animation film from Production I.G based on the same-named manga by Nishimura Tsuchika, who is also a book decorator and illustrator. Cutting-edge animator Itazu Yoshimi makes his debut as feature film animation director. Akino (Kawa...

    • Sumikkogurashi: The Patched-Up Toy Factory in the Woods

      Sumikkogurashi: The Patched-Up Toy Factory in the Woods (2023)

      SAKUTA Hazumu

      Third feature animation film based on San-X's popular "Sumikkogurashi" characters. Helmed by "Neko no dayan" director Sakuta Hazumu with screenplay by Tsunoda Takashi, who also penned the first film Sumikkogurashi: Good to be in the corner. At the i...

    • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime the Movie: Scarlet Bond

      That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime the Movie: Scarlet Bond (2022)

      KIKUCHI Yasuhito

      Animated feature film based on "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime," the fantasy novel set in a parallel universe that boasts over 30 million copies sold for the series. Completely original story from author Fuse. Crisis befalls the Kingdom of ...

    • Convenience Story

      Convenience Story (2022)

      MIKI Satoshi
      NARITA Ryo, MAEDA Atsuko

      Wacky adventure developed and helmed by Miki Satoshi, known for his quirky story worlds in Adrift in Tokyo and It's Me, It's Me, in collaboration with film critic and producer Mark Shilling. Unsuccessful screenwriter Kato (Narita Ryo) is on a trip t...

    • As Long As We Both Shall Live

      As Long As We Both Shall Live (2022)

      TSUKAHARA Ayuko
      MEGURO Ren, IMADA Mio

      TV drama hitmaker Tsukahara Ayuko adapts Agitogi Akumi's debut novel that sold more than 8 million copies for the series. Miyo (Imada Mio) is the eldest daughter in the Saimori family, known for their supernatural powers, and grows up under the abus...

    • xxxHOLiC

      xxxHOLiC (2022)

      NINAGAWA Mika
      KAMIKI Ryunosuke, SHIBASAKI Ko, MATSUMURA Hokuto

      The first live-action fantasy based on the comic of the same title by the creative group CLAMP. Director Ninagawa Mika (Diner) has recreated the artistic world of the original work. Watanuki Kimihiro (Kamiki Ryunosuke), a high school student who can...

    • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

      Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020)

      YAMAGUCHI Junta
      TOSA Kazunari, ASAKURA Aki, FUJITANI Riko

      Europe Kikaku, the popular theatre company which has been focusing its energy not just on plays but video content as well, tackles for the first time an original feature film with all its members. In a certain live-work building, Kato (Tosa Kazunari...

    • Jitaku Keibiin to Kaji Yosei

      Jitaku Keibiin to Kaji Yosei (2021)

      FUJIMOTO Takulmi
      OSAWA Shinichiro, KIRYU Mai

      Ushio Kikuchi's original script which won the 2019 Hiroshi Aramata Award at the Hakodate Port Illumination Film Festival is adapted to film by up-and-coming director Fujimoto Takumi 45-year-old unmarried slacker Minoru (Osawa Shinichiro) is a self-s...

    • Love is Light

      Love is Light (2022)

      KOBAYASHI Keiichi
      KAMIO Fuju, NISHINO Nanase, TAIRA Yuna

      A film adaptation of Akieda's same-titled comic, depicting the first love of a male college student who has a special ability: Whenever he sees a woman in love, he can see bright sparkles around them. The film is directed and written by Kobayashi Kei...

    • Remain in Twilight

      Remain in Twilight (2020)

      MATSUI Daigo
      NARITA Ryo, WAKABA Ryuya, HAMANO Kenta

      The past and present of high school friends reunited for the first time in years intersect in this drama. Matsui Daigo, known for Japanese Girls Never Die and #HandballStrive directs from his own original script. Six classmates who were in the homec...

    • Hotel Iris

      Hotel Iris (2021)

      OKUHARA Hiroshi
      NAGASE Masatoshi, Lucia, Nahana

      Akutagawa Prize-winning author Ogawa Yoko's illicit novel reaches the silver screen with direction by Okuhara Hiroshi, who won awards at Rotterdam and Busan for The Black Square. Mari (Lucia) works at Hotel Iris in a rundown resort area, and one day...

    • The House of the Lost on the Cape

      The House of the Lost on the Cape (2021)

      KAWATSURA Shinya
      ASHIDA Mana, AWANO Sari, OTAKE Shinobu

      Animated film adaptation of a fantasy novel with Tohoku fairytale influences by Kashiwaba Sachiko, a towering figure in children's literature who hails from Iwate in the Tohoku area. Screenplay by Yoshida Reiko, who penned the screenplay for the "Vio...

    • Sumikkogurashi: The Little Wizard in the Blue Moonlight

      Sumikkogurashi: The Little Wizard in the Blue Moonlight (2021)

      OMORI Takahiro

      Second anime feature film based the popular Sumikko Gurashi characters, who have quirky but negative personalities. First-time collaboration by hitmakers Omori Takahiro of "Natsume Yujin-cho" and scriptwriter Yoshida Reiko of "Violet Evergarden." On...

    • Earwig and the Witch

      Earwig and the Witch (2020)

      MIYAZAKI Goro
      TERAJIMA Shinobu, TOYOKAWA Etsushi, HAMADA Gaku

      Studio Ghibli's first full 3DCG animation adapts the same-named novel by Diana Wynne Jones, known for Howl's Moving Castle. Official selection for the 73rd Cannes International Film Festival and released in North America and beyond. Ten-year-old Ea...



      HIRAKAWA Yuichiro
      SEINO Nana, MATSUZAKA Tori

      Hit-maker Hirakawa Yuichiro helms this live-action adaptation of Hiiragi Aoi's celebrated manga, which fans know from the same-named 1995 animation film. This completely new story picks up the protagonists' lives ten years later. Bibliophile Tsukish...