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Nerawareta gakuen

Psychic School Wars


(c)2012 Mayumura Taku / Kodansha / Psychic School Wars Film Partners

(c)2012 Mayumura Taku / Kodansha / Psychic School Wars Film Partners

(c)2012 Mayumura Taku / Kodansha / Psychic School Wars Film Partners

(c)2012 Mayumura Taku / Kodansha / Psychic School Wars Film Partners

Release Date
November, 10th, 2012
Running Time
106 min
Screening Format

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Psychic School Wars Film Partners

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The first animated film based on the eponymous school science fiction novel by Mayumura Taku, which has already spawned several live-action adaptations. A mysterious transfer student triggers bizarre phenomena at a junior high school in Kamakura. This version gives the forty-year-old source material a modern spin, and adds an element of fleeting romance.
On the morning that he begins his second year of junior high school, Kenji (voice: Honjo Yutaro) exchanges words for the first time with Kahori (voice: Hanazawa Kana), a friend of Natsuki (voice: Watanabe Mayu) who he has known since childhood. His feelings for Kahori put him in a good mood as he heads to school, but he is surprised to learn that a boy he saw earlier named Kyogoku (voice: Ono Daisuke) is a transfer student. Kyogoku gradually gains the acceptance of his classmates, but at the same time he exudes an aura that is at odds with them. Kahori eventually becomes attracted to Kyogoku, but strange incidents begin to occur around him...

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