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Curtain Call

Curtain call


(c) Curtain Call production committee

(c) Curtain Call production committee

(c) Curtain Call production committee

(c) Curtain Call production committee

Release Date
November, 12th, 2005
Running Time
111 min
Feature , Feature
Screening Format

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CineMove, Comstock, NTV, Eisei Gekijo, Japan Home Video, MAX-A, VAP, CULTURE PUBLISHERS, Yamaguchi Broadcasting, CODE, Tokyo ASA Company

[ Story ]

Kaori (Ito Ayumi) works for a publishing company in Tokyo, but when she screws up on the job, she is transferred to work for a local magazine in rural Fukuoka. There, she is put in charge of "The Good Old Days" reader's letter column. She gets a postcard from a reader asking to find the man who played guitar during the intermissions at a small cinema in Shimonoseki between the mid-1950s and 1960s. She goes to the cinema to find out more and learns from Miyabe Kinuyo (Fujimura Shiho), who worked there for many years, that the man's name was Yasukawa Shuhei (Fujii Takashi). She tries to find out what happened to him and discovers that Yasukawa abandoned his daughter and went to Korea after his wife died. While she is searching for Yasukawa and his daughter, and trying to arrange for them to meet again, Kaori also begins to reflect on her relationship with her own father.
The director of Hanochi (Half a Confession) and Yokkakan no Kiseki (The Gift), Sasabe Kiyoshi portrays the checkered fate of one family, while paying homage to popular films and music from the Golden Age of Japanese Cinema.

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