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Sambiki no samurai

Three Outlaw Samurai


Release Date
May, 13th, 1964
Running Time
94 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Shiba, a masterless samurai, enters a village under the administration of magistrate Matsushita where he senses trouble.
Due to bad crops and heavy taxation, the farmers have kidnapped the magistrate's daughter, Aya, and barricaded themselves in a mill. Sympathizing with the farmer's plight, Shiba joins them. The magistrate sends Kikyo, his bodyguard, and a band of desperadoes, among them Sakura, a masterless samurai, to attack the mill. However, they are no match for Shiba, and Sakura after realizing the farmer's circumstances, joins them.
The magistrate then has a farmer's daughter tortured and killed in front of the mill. The farmers try to kill Aya, but Shiba saves her and returns her to the magistrate after making him promise not to kill them. But the magistrate tricks Shiba and he is thrown into jail and the farmers slain. Then Sakura, with the help of Kikyo and Aya, succeeds in rescuing Shiba and takes him to the mill.
When the feudal lord is to pass through the village, Shiba and the others wait to make a direct appeal against the magistrate's villainy. However, the magistrate tricks Sakura and forces him to reveal the hiding place of Shiba. He then sends the lord's guards, and the clan's strongest swordsman, Ouchi, to kill Shiba and Kikyo. When Sakura rushes in to help, the ground is soon strewn with corpses and Shiba slays Ouchi.
Now, the farmers are no longer willing to appeal to the lord, and when Shiba approaches the magistrate's mansion, Aya prevents him killing her father.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1964 7.4】

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