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Sasayaki no Joe

Whispering Joe


Release Date
December, 1st, 1967
Running Time
90 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

No one knows quite why he is called 'Whispering Joe.' He is a good-looking young man, with no parents, no job, no real interests - the only thing known about him is that he would like to go away, immigrate, perhaps to Brazil.
A girl friend, Kanako, takes care of him. She even gives herself to a rich young man after he's promised that he'll give Joe a good job. Joe appreciates her but at the center it is as though he did not exist - and he becomes more desperate, not knowing what to do with himself.
Because of this he stupidly takes on the job of killing at the bidding of the man's jealous wife. But Joe's own reasons are more involved, more personal. He kills him - and this means that he is a murderer, pursued by the police.
Escaping to a beach he begins to make himself a raft. Then, at the last minute, calls Kanako, who rushes to him, not knowing that the police are following. Enraged, thinking that she has informed on him, Joe kills her but then, realizing the truth, takes her on the raft and pushes out to sea.
He knows he only has a day or two before the raft falls apart, even less before Kanako dies, but he is happy - it is as though he has finally set off for Brazil.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1968 11.2】

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