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Ai to shi

Love and Death


Release Date
June, 5th, 1971
Running Time
92 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

When Yuji (Katsutoshi Atarashi) met her at a tennis court he was enchanted by her beauty and purity. Natsuko (Komaki Kurihara) is introduced as the sweetheart of Susumu (Tadashi Yokouchi) who has been intimate friend of Yuji since their high school days.
One day, Yuji is invited to Natsuko's birthday party when Susumu gave her a pretty ring and Yuji a small pendant. Yuji feels a strange atmosphere between the young couple, because Susumu behaves rather timidly toward his fiancée, though he is a bright, active young man. Susumu eagerly wishes to marry her. On the other hand, Yuji believes he is treating Natsuko merely as his friend's fiancée but unknowingly she begins to occupy his heart, and Natsuko also is attracted by his character. Although she herself has not realized it, her unsatisfactory feeling with Susumu causes her to lose restraint in her affection toward Yuji.
Yuji tries to reject her, because he does not wish to hurt his friend. But Natsuko visits and writes letters to him. Susumu, finally becomes aware of the love between his sweetheart and his best friend, and knocks him down as if trying to forget his unsuccessful love.
When Yuji decides to marry her he is ordered to go to a local town on business for two months. Just before separating the lovers have only one chance at happiness in paying a visit to his beautiful home town.
They exchange their love through letters every day, and count the days till their reunion.
Then Yuji receives a telegram which he believes is her love call for his homecoming. Instead it tells him of her sudden accidental death.
He stands at the tennis court where he met her for the first time. The court is empty and the rain falls amid the silence.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.3】

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