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Kokosei bancho Botate asobi

The All-Out Game

高校生番長 棒立てあそび

Release Date
September, 12th, 1970
Running Time
82 min
Screening Format
-,Digital BETACAM
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

When Daisaku Hotta (Kosaburo Onogawa), the cheer leader of Tonan High School, hears that Rikiya Kudo (Saburo Shindo), the captain of the Judo team and Shiro Usami (Kei Wakakura) of the boxing team are about to fight, he breaks it up that are apt to erupt so suddenly on campus.
Rikiya is an honor student, recommended to the Toa University by his school and is almost certain of being accepted next spring. Shiro is long on brute strength but short on brains. Naturally, they waste little love on each other, so there is very little ground for any understanding between them.
Kyoko lmai (Yoko Namikawa), Rikiya's girl, is as bright as he is, and his parents think highly of her, but he falls in her eyes when one day, in a fit of passion, he tries to force himself on her. Daisaku, on the other hand, puts Mitsuyo Aikawa (Eiko Yanami) on pedestal and almost worships the ground she walks on.
The cheer leader and his men go to Motosuko Lake for summer training. The girls of the school are camping nearby. Some alumni, who have come as observers, think the cheer boys lack the vigor of their own days. One night, the old boys think up a plan. They decide to make real boys out of them by stripping them naked and making them take the endurance test by having the most glamorous girl in their school stand before them.
Repercussions follow, and for both Mitsuyo and Kyoko, their summer vacation turns into a nightmare. Daisaku and Rikiya also have much to regret and repent. Yet they are all strong enough to take seemingly unsurmountable hurdles like thoroughbreds and face a glorious tomorrow.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.1】

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