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Senun Asia no joo

Queen of Asia


Release Date
January, 15th, 1958
Running Time
95 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Yoshiko Kawashima was born the fourteenth princess of the Ching dynasty and adopted by a Japanese patriot, Naniwa Kawashima, unaware of her noble birth.
Hoping to marry a Japanese second lieutenant she is obstructed by her father and a colonel named Itakura who wish to wed her to a Mongolian king. Yamano is transfered to Manchuria and a Major Tashiro seeks her favours.
Finally she agrees to marry the Mongolian ruler but on the day of the wedding mounted bandits attack, her husband is killed, and she becomes the leader of 3.000 troops.
In penetrating the enemy's territory she is captured and finds herself in prison with her old lover, Yamano. They contrive to escape but are forced to separate while being pursued.
Through Col. Itakura Yoshiko succeeds in obtaining arms from the Japanese for her forces, but these are destroyed by Yamano who has been ordered to blow up the transport wagons by Major Tashiro who says they belong to the bandits. Yoshiko's troops capture Yamano and the lovers meet again. But it is brief, for soon the Japanese army arrives to take over her lover. Tashiro persuades the bandits to kill Yamano but on hearing of this Yoshiko goes to his rescue with her troops only to find that he has been killed. But the bandits are defeated and Tashiro commits suicide.
A new gravestone stands on a hill - and Yoshiko hears the voice of Yamano counselling her to bring peace to Asia and vowing to protect her from the other world.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1958.1.1】

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