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Kaidan Noboriryu

Blind Woman's Curse


Release Date
June, 20th, 1970
Running Time
85 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Akemi (Meiko Kaji), maiden boss of Tokyo's Kanto Tachibana gangster family, is cele- brated for the image of an "ascending dragon"
tattooed all over her back, swordsmanship, and valor. She is obligated to kill the boss of the Goda family. Gada's (Bumon Kahara) daugher, Aiko (Hoki Tokuda) is accidentally . slashed and blinded in both eyes. And here begins a black-cat mystery. For Aiko's vengeful feline pet lets loose its evil spiritual power.
After being imprisoned for three years for violence, Akemi finds her family hard pressed by the Aozoras. But Masaichi (Makoto Sate), a roving mobster, helps her and joins her family as a "guest". The Dobashi gang is pulling the strings as found through the deaths and betrayal of Akemi's men. And the feline curse shows up more clearly in Nobuo (YOzo Halumi), another of Akemi's mer:t, who tries to stab her, eventually hanging himself, with a terrible curse inscribed on his body.
Masaichi finds a blind knife-throwing show- girl with a striking resemblance to his missing sister. Her name is Aiko and she joins the Dobashi gang. Jotaro, Akemi's uncle, (Yoshi Kate), is killed. Then, Masaichi raids Do- bashi's den, only to be captured. But he is miraculously saved by Jotaro's spirit.
Aiko makes the Dobashis put away their pistols and they prepare for a showdown with Akemi's group. Feeling betrayed, some pounce on the blind girl only to be laid low by her sword. In a showdown raid by Akemi and her men, Masaichi quickly does away with Dobashi, clearing the stage for the two young swords-women.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1970.13.4】

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