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Boryokudan Norikomi

The Killer

暴力団 乗り込み

Release Date
May, 5th, 1971
Running Time
85 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Three professional killers, all interested in the sudden disappearance of gangster Kawashima, go to the newly rising city of Nankai to solve the mystery. Morita (Akira Kobayashi) in a loan outlaw and former leader of a gang, strong-armed Nagai has a strong local accent in his speech and Hoshino (Eiji Go) is a professional bodyguard armed with a pistol.
They haunt bars and cabarets under control of two rival gangs, Onuma Kogyo and Kitani Kogyo. Nothing has been heard from Kawashima, a senior member of the Seiyukai gang, since he came there to collect ¥50 million from the Onuma Kogyo and it is believed that Onuma Kogyo killed him for the money.
Nervous over their activities, Makita, Onuma Kogyo's underboss, orders his girl Mari to captivate Morita and have him reveal the aim of his visit to the city. Morita, however, outwits him by successfully escorting her to Hoshino's room where the bodyguard easily succumbs to her charms.
Meanwhile, Nagai enters the ranks of Onuma Kogyo as a guard by picking a fight and showing his strength. Thus it becomes clear that either Morita or Hoshino is the killer dispatched by the Seiyukai.
A few days later, Kawashima's body packed in an oil drum is recovered from the harbour. And that the night Morita learns that he owes his life to Kitani on whom the Onuma Kogyo is directing pressure. Now Morita decides to fix things for Kitani and simultaneously settle the Kawashima case, but Kitani is killed by Makita.
When Seiyukai underboss Takizawa appears in the city he orders Onuma and his men to kill Morita and Hoshino. Now is clear that Nagai is the killer sent from the Seiyokai, but he unexpectedly takes sides with Morita.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971.14.3】

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