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Okinawa International Movie Festival Special Program


  • TABAKOI ~the love story that begins with cigarettes~

    TABAKOI ~the love story that begins with cigarettes~ (2012)

    NAKAGAWA Michinari
    MATAYOSHI Naoki, ENDO Kumiko, SHOJI Tomoharu

    Matayoshi Naoki of the comedy duo Peace makes his debut as leading performer in this romantic comedy. A guy who is overly honest and can't tell the difference between true feelings and social niceties gets a mysterious cigarette that exposes people's...

  • Dream In The Rising Sun

    Dream In The Rising Sun (2012)

    GOBUICHI Osamu
    Nicholas Edwards, FUKUDA Saki, YABE Taro

    Nicholas Edwards, popular as the world's best foreign singer of Japanese songs, plays himself in this coming-of-age comedy. An American youth who dreams of making his debut as a singer struggles to get his big break in Japan. Director Gobuichi Osamu ...

  • The Bridal Night & The Lotus Root

    The Bridal Night & The Lotus Root (2012)

    YAMAGUCHI Masahiro
    KAZAMA Morio, ASO Yumi, ICHIKAWA Yui

    Family comedy based on a play by dramatist Tsuchida Hideo. The problems of a family that seems happy at first glance are gradually exposed by the eldest daughter's explosive behavior. Constructed as a drama rich in wit and pathos, utilizing many come...

  • Endless Stage

    Endless Stage (2012)

    HAMATANI Koichi
    FUKUTOKU Shusuke, GOTO Junpei, KUMADA Masashi

    Sci-fi comedy starring the comedy duo Jaru Jaru. Warmly depicts the comedy duo as they are swept into a world where time loops endlessly. Fukutoku (Fukutoku Shusuke) and Goto (Goto Junpei)'s comedy duo Jaru Jaru has been getting more popular, and t...

  • Ah! Minister!

    Ah! Minister! (2012)

    GORIKI Daiya
    YAMAGUCHI Tomomitsu, KINOSHITA Houka, SAKAI Wakana

    Sitcom based on the ministerial meetings where the cabinet makes their decisions, including incidents that bring real politicians to mind. Cabinet ministers debate a bizarre bill in a closed session. Rookie minister Onozuka (Yamaguchi Tomomitsu) is ...