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Shiawase no kaori

Flavor of Happiness


(c)2008FLAVOR OF HAPPINESS Film Partners

(c)2008FLAVOR OF HAPPINESS Film Partners

(c)2008 FLAVOR OF HAPPINESS Film Partners

(c)2008 FLAVOR OF HAPPINESS Film Partners

Release Date
November, 1st, 2008
Running Time
124 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format

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[ Production Company ]

FLAVOR OF HAPPINESS Production Committee, TOEI

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[ Story ]

Mihara Mitsuhiro, who won the 8th Shanghai International Film Festival Grand Prix for his Photo Album of the Village, wrote the screenplay on the strength of his culinary knowledge and directed this drama about emotional ties. On-location shooting in Ishikawa prefecture and Shaoxing in China adds emotive scenery to the screen.
Yamashita Takako (Nakatani Miki) works in the food section of a department store. She pays frequent visits to a reputable local Chinese restaurant about opening an in-store branch. The owner of the restaurant, Wang Qingkuo (Fuji Tatsuya) from Shanghai, who does all the cooking by himself, gives Takako the brush-off. One day, however, Wang collapses due to overwork, and is left with partial paralysis. Hearing the rumor of the restaurant's closure, Takako resigns from the department store and becomes an apprentice to Wang. Takako's skill gradually improves and she participates in the chefs' gathering, which Wang has withdrawn from, with her oyster cuisine, when a case of food poisoning occurs. Takako is cleared of suspicion as the source, however, she withdraws to her house. When Wang visits her, Takako tearfully pours out her feelings. Wang decides to let Takako manage a dinner party which is requested by a company president he has known for years, and he takes her to Shanghai. The dinner party is a big success, and Wang looks beaming as he cooks his favorite dish at the end.

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