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FREE & EASY / 釣りバカ日誌

Tsuribaka nisshi 19 Yokoso! Suzukikensetsu goikkosama


釣りバカ日誌19 ようこそ!鈴木建設御一行様

(c)Shochiku Co.,Ltd.

(c)Shochiku Co.,Ltd.

(c)Shochiku Co.,Ltd.

(c)Shochiku Co.,Ltd.

Release Date
October, 25th, 2008
Running Time
110 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Based on a manga series of the same title which has been running since 1979. This is the latest offering of its nationally popular film series which has been releasing a new film approximately every year since 1988. The havoc, caused by a perpetual rank-and-filer Hamasaki Densuke (Nishida Toshiyuki), aka Hama-chan, is portrayed, revolving around his peculiar friendship with Suzuki Ichinosuke (Mikuni Rentaro), the president of Suzuki Kensetsu, the company which Densuke works for.
Fishing is more important than work for Densuke, whose health is his only good point, however, he is called back for medical re-examination. He kicks up a big fuss by refusing to swallow the gastric camera and troubles Kawai Namiko (Tokiwa Takako), of the General Affairs Department, but is reproved by Takada Daisuke (Yamamoto Taro), a member of his staff. Daisuke's parents own a large corporation, but he refuses to ride on their coattails, and he fancies Namiko. Densuke's re-examination result comes back clear, and they go on a company trip to Oita prefecture where Namiko originates from. Densuke goes fishing at sea with Namiko's brother, Kohei (Takeuchi Riki). The two get along smoothly and end up at a wild party at Namiko's parents' house with their neighbors. While Daisuke and Namiko come to collect Densuke, they reveal their feelings for each other in the car, and thereafter their wedding takes place.

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