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Sensen Fukoku

The Declaration of War


Release Date
October, 5th, 2002
Running Time
106 min
Feature , Feature
Screening Format

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Will Productions

[ Story ]

A submarine under an unknown flag runs aground off the coast of the Japan Sea. Men clad in combat uniform emerge from the surfaced submarine, and disappear into the night. With the capture of one of the crew members, it is revealed that this is an infiltration of spies from the Northeast People's Republic. Just when a shoot-on-sight order announced to the Special Forces is shortly cancelled for political considerations, a rocket launched by the enemy kills the Japanese troops. With the situation now beyond police jurisdiction, the prime minister's residence is in turmoil debating whether or not the Self Defense Force should be dispatched. Meanwhile, a civilian is killed and Prime Minister Morohashi (Furuya Ikko) makes his decision: to launch the Self Defense Force, though not to make a preemptive attack, but to keep law and order. Video images from the Northeast People's Republic show nuclear missiles in final launching position. America and the world's leading nations begin to shift their military troops. Just when war seems eminent, the Republic withdraws. Japan is saved from its worst crisis
A movie based on a best-selling novel that points out breaches in Japan's national security.

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