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Kagianadori de sayonarawo

Farewell at the Keyhole Street


Release Date
April, 18th, 2009
Running Time
108 min
Drama , Romance , Feature
Screening Format
Digital Betacam
Screen Size
HD (16:9)
Sound Processing

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The feature film debut of Director Yoshida Kunio inspired by the novel The Castle written by Franz Kafka. This work stars Otani Kenjiro, a stage actor, theatrical workshop organizer, English teacher and stage producer. Imamiya (Otani) is suffering from alcohol addiction. He started giving himself over to drinking because of his secret affair with his friend Shimamura's wife, Kasumi. The two elope, but Kasumi commits suicide and his wife, Naoko learning of his betrayal, demands a divorce. However, in unmitigated irony, the letter Shimamura sent to Kasumi works a miracle.

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