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Haha no uta ga kikoeru

Haha no uta ga kikoeru








Release Date
April, 20th, 2013
Running Time
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A drama about family ties, set in snow-laden Nagano and bound together by monologues from a father and his daughters. Its director Otani Yasuyuki has a diverse filmography that includes everything from documentary to erotica. Star Sugata Shun is known overseas for his appearances in "The Last Samurai" and "Kill Bill".
When a local train line is set to be discontinued, two sisters who live in Tokyo make a rare visit home to Nagano to visit their father (Sugata), a train mechanic. As his impending retirement will coincide with the closure of the line, he walks alongside the tracks while reflecting on the life he has led.

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T-ARTIST., inc
5F-B Sunrise Roppingi Bldg, 3-2-9 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031
Rep: ASANO Hirotaka
Attn: ASANO Hirotaka
tel: +81 3 5414 1522
fax: +81 3 5414 1523

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