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Rasen ginga



Release Date
September, 26th, 2015
Running Time
73 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format
Screen Size
HD (16:9)
Sound Processing
Screening Format with Subtitles
English (Blu-ray)

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[ Distributor (Japan) ]

Little More, YOAKE Pictures

[ Story ]

Feature film debut from director Kusano Natsuka, who won the Jury Award at the 14th Nippon Connection. Depicts two women who are polar opposites in both appearance and personality as they get lost in the space between reality and unreality.
Aya (Ishizaka Yuri), who holds down an office job while studying to be a screenplay writer, gets one of her screenplays selected for a radio drama at school. However, the project requires a cowriter in the credits. She has her eye on coworker Sachiko (Shibuya Asami) and tries to set her up as the coauthor, but…

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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]

2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival, Indie Forum Section
2014 Nippon Connection, NIPPON VISIONS, Jury Award
2014 SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL, Feature Length Competition, SKIP CITY Award, Best Director
2014 Singapore International Film Festival, Asian Feature Film Competition
2015 Helsinki Cine Aasia

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