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Naze ikiru Rennyoshonin to yoshizakienjo

Why We Live: Buddhist Priest Rennyo and Yoshizaki in Flames

なぜ生きる 蓮如上人と吉崎炎上

Release Date
May, 21st, 2016
Running Time
84 min
Screening Format

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Studio DEEN

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Feature-length animated film about the passion and struggles of the men who spread Jodo Shinshu Buddhism throughout Japan. Directed by Ohba Hideaki of You are Umasou. The voice of Rennyo Shonin is played by Satomi Kotaro, whose numerous historical TV dramas include including "Mito Komon."
The story is set during the Sengoku period in the 15th century. Ryokei (voice: Konishi Katsuyuki) loses all sense of purpose in life after an unexpected accident and is drawn to the teachings of Rennyo (voice: Satomi) and becomes his disciple. Jealousy from other sects results in the group leaving Kyoto and heading north in search of new areas where they can share their message.

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