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Haru no yume

Spring Dreams


Release Date
January, 3rd, 1960
Running Time
103 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

This human comedy is set in the palatial residence in Tokyo belonging to the president of a pharmaceutical company.
One day, an elderly vendor of sweet potatoes, introduced by the young maidservants of the residence, suffers a stroke in the parlor. The doctor declares that the old man must not be moved for at least a week, so that the president, who is in a nervous condition because his company is facing a strike of its workers, is not a little put out by the turn of events.
Living with him are his stubborn and mean mother-in-law who holds that real power in the family; her son-in-law, whom she considers incompetent; and her three grandchildren . . . the eldest daughter who pursues pleasure in the guise of humanitarianism, the second who is in love with a poor artist, and a son who spouts philosophy and declares that life is a mockery. There are also the head servant who has long been the president's secret sweetheart, and two young maidservants both in love with a young man who works for a fishmonger.
Confusion continues to mount. The people living in the same apartment as the old man call every day, ostensibly to inquire after his condition but in reality because of the money he is believed to have saved.
While all this is going on, love blossoms between the secretary of the president and the doctor who are shocked by the inhuman attitude of the household and care tenderly for the old man.
-Further complications ensue. How will it all end?

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1960 3.2】

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