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Seishun zankoku monogatari

Naked Youth — A Story of Cruelty


Release Date
June, 3rd, 1960
Running Time
96 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

A school girl, restless, in search of excitement and experience, takes to accepting rides from strange men. A university student rescues her from the advances of one of the middle-aged drivers but sensing her vulnerability takes her out on a speed-boat and seduces her.
At first he professes to feel little interest in her, partly because he is deeply involved in an affair with an older woman, but gradually his feelings toward her deepen. The girl's family offers little protest or guidance; her lather lacks authority, her older sister is embittered over the failure of her own hopes. The two become lovers, the girl leaves her home and goes to live in the student's small, poverty stricken room. They have no funds and young hoodlums appear and have to be given money as the price of the girl's safety. The boy then suggests that the girl take to riding with strangers once more, so as to act as a decoy for him who will follow on a motorcycle, "rescue" her, and obtain money by intimidation.
The plan works. But there is much they have not reckoned with, for the girl becomes pregnant. One of the gentler driver-victims, wanting to save the girl from further unhappiness, reports the couple's activities to the police and they are arrested. When they are released, the boy decides to leave her because he can not protect her as he feels he should. Alter they separate, he is murdered by the hoodlums and she sensing that he is in danger, is killed while trying to escape from a speeding car.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1960 3.3】

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