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Ano nami no hatemade Kohen

A Pearl in the Waves


Release Date
June, 30th, 1961
Running Time
104 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Chiaki is in love with Ryuichi, but to help her family decides to marry lkejiri. The marriage is not a success.
When lkejiri's embezzlement of school money is discovered, he sends Chiaki to Hokkaido to borrow it from her real mother, Minako.
Ryuichi, who has gone to southern Kyushu to forget Chiaki, receives an invitation to the wedding in Tokyo of his best friend Mawatari to Chiaki's friend Junko. Ryuichi and Chiaki meet but when lkejiri hears of this, he reviles Chiaki and accuses her of infidelity.
Now, realizing that there can be no happiness with lkejiri, Chiaki runs away to join Ryuichi.
But the happy new life that begins for Chiaki in Southern Kyushu, does not last for long.
lkejiri, following a quarrel over the failure of his business, stabs his partner Kuroiwa, and Yokota, a lawyer, asks Chiaki to return to Tokyo to testify in lkejiri's favor.
Chiaki reaches a bitter decision. She is still lkejiri's wife and must assist him, and so bidding Ryuichi farewell, she starts on the journey back to Tokyo.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1961 4.4】

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