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Kaasan nagaiki shitene

Mama, I Need You!


Release Date
October, 13th, 1962
Running Time
90 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

After finishing the course of junior high school, Kazuo comes up to Tokyo, leaving his mother alone in the unproductive northern district.
He finds a job in a small laundry in downtown Tokyo and works hard till late at night.
At a nearby restaurant a brother and sister are working, and Kazuo becomes friendly with the girl, Yoneko.
Love blossoms between the two. However, Yoneko's brother objects to his sister marrying Kazuo.
He claims she should marry a man with a more stable income, which seems spontaneous because he has looked after her and desires only that she find happiness.
One day Kazuo finds his mother sitting in his lodging. She claims that her life in the country has become increasingly unbearable as she is regarded as a burden by her relatives.
Yoneko helps her get a job at a factory mess hall.
Though still poor, happy days continue until one day she suddenly insists on going back to the country.
Kazuo is angered by her sudden departure. But later Yoneko tells him that his mother left because she had contracted tuberculosis and not because she wanted an easier life in the country.
Kazuo hastens north and begs his mother's pardon for his misunderstanding, saying: "Mama, you're my life. It's only your presence that stimulates the joy of my life...Some day I'll open a laundry and live together with you and Yoneko !''
He returns to Tokyo, determined to achieve his ambition.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1963 6.1】

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