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Mushuku nimbetsu-cho

Escape from Hell


Release Date
January, 27th, 1963
Running Time
118 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

In 1802, vagrants are rounded up in Edo and sent to Sado Island for forced labor in a mine. Among them is handsome Yaju who was falsely charged with a crime by Kurozuka.
Kurozuka arrives on Sado Island as an official under the new magistrate Shuzen, and makes repeated attempts on Yaju's life. In this he is helped by Kojuro, an ambitious constable who is willing to do anything for promotion.
Kojuro finds out that Shuzen is suspicious of the prosperity of Kagaya, a mine owner and informs against him. Kojuro places his mistress Rin in the service of bachelor Shuzen pretending that she is his sister, in order to further his personal aims.
Kagaya bribes the vagrants' foreman to incite the men to escape, planning to have troops shoot them down when they arrive at the beach.
The plot fails and the desperate vagrants attack the guards. Kuruzuka crosses swords with Yaju and both die. The magistrate's office goes up in flames.
All vagrants are killed in the fighting except Senta who with Miyo, a young woman of the island, rows away in a small boat to a new life.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1963 6.2】

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