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Shinka 101 Koroshi no yojimbo

Secret Agent 101

神火101 殺しの用心棒

Release Date
December, 24th, 1966
Running Time
90 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Tengle likes having a good time with the girls more than anything else but he gets himself involved in a dangerous counterfeiting ring at Hong Kong. It all begins when Alang, one of his girlfriends, picks up a tape on which instructions are recorded. Though they are clearly not for him, Tengle goes to the place indicated and discovers a dead man. He is almost killed when he is shot at from a window and, pocketing an attractive-looking cigarette lighter, he runs away.
The lighter turns out to be a camera containing exposed film which the gang is very anxious to secure. They lay various snares for him and one works. For he finds a beautiful nude woman called Anney and, thus distracted, inadvertently allows her to escape with the tape.
By now Tengle is wanted by the police who believe him involved with the ring, but makes friends with a secret agent, Shien Fuo 101. The gang is after him and also a certain foreign power which he shrewdly guesses must be behind the counterfeiting ring.
Alang, Tengle, and the agent all smuggle themselves aboard the gangsters' ship, and sure enough, watch the arrival of the consul of the country Tengle suspects. They emerge, guns drawn, but the consul escapes - only to meet his death by falling from the plane on which he attempted to flee. Tengle and Alang are safe and so happy to be together.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1967 10.2】

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