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Nanatsu no kao no onna

Lady with Seven Faces


Release Date
June, 21st, 1969
Running Time
87 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Yukiko (Shima Iwashita), a lovely female thief, and disguise artist, has a great passion for her next big job which she sets up with her right-hand man, Scholar (Ken Ogata).
First, Scholar helps Locksmith (lchiro Arishima), an expert safecracker, escape from prison by helicopter. Then he secures Printer (Ko Nishimura), who now runs a questionable nude studio, to print counterfeit bills, and Junior.
Yukiko intends to steal 500 million yen of ill-gotten money from the safe at Nitto Textiles and all are excited with their challenging job.
She approaches Ozawa (Zenji Yamada), managing director of Nitto Textiles, as a fashion designer, then visits various members of the company disguised as a geisha, shoeshine boy and nurse to collect information.
The five disguise themselves as firemen to perform a fire drill at Nitto Textiles. In the confusion of the drill, Locksmith opens the safe and switches the suitcases in which the 500 million yen is contained, with others containing counterfeit bills.
The trunks are opened, but to their great disappointment, it is the false money which Printer made, because Junior changed the suitcases again without knowing Locksmith had already done so.
As soon as Yukiko learns that the money has been moved to Yokohama, she plots to steal it from the safe operated by an electronic device.
On the night of a gala party, while Yukiko is attracting attention, the other four succeed in stealing the money.
They split it equally. The four men hide theirs in a ruined military battery in Tokyo Bay but this is blown up by harbor officials.
Yukiko tells them she has contributed her money to an orphanage. They understand, because they are all orphans. Besides, they enjoyed their work.
What will their next job be? Yukiko will think about it while they enjoy a leisure trip by boat.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1969 12.4】

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