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Sugata Sanshiro

Dawn of Judo

姿 三四郎

Release Date
July, 25th, 1970
Running Time
87 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Shogoro Yano (Koji Takahashi) attempts to reform Jujitsu, the traditional martial art, by harmonizing technique with theory. So he opens Kodokan, an exercise-hall, where he teaches his followers Judo of his own doctrine and forbids them to fight those of other schools.
The traditional Jujitsu men are jealous of the rising Kodokan school and one night, they assault Yano. Sanshiro Sugata (Muga Takewaki) happens to be there is impressed by Yano's manly attitude and decides to become his disciple.
Sanshiro gradually understands that the martial art should be mastered not to defeat the enemy but to enrich character. For Yano insists, "While fighting, one must be free from all thoughts."
Yano orders Sanshiro to take part in the Metropolitan Police Martial Arts Tournament on which he is staking the future of his Kodokan. Sanshiro is to fight Murai (Yuji Hori), the martial art instructor of the Police. Sanshiro wins but is impressed by Murai's excellent character. He is also loved by Saotome (Nana Ozaki), Murai's daughter.
Higaki (Joji Takagi), one of Murai's disciples, wants to be his successor by marrying Saotome. He hates Sanshiro and proposes a duel. Sanshiro and Higaki fight in a field using every technique they know. Then Sanshiro defeats him by making use of a slight unguarded moment.
Saotome cries for joy, and Yano is satisfied to know that Sanshiro is now a perfect Judo man. Sanshiro, however, is ashamed of breaking the Kodokan rule, which forbids fighting with men of other schools, and leaves on a journey.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1970 13.3】

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