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Snow Country Elegy



Juhyo Elegy



Release Date : May, 5th, 1971
Running Time : 82 min
Genre : Feature

Color : Color
Screening Format : -,HDCAM SR
Screen Size : Cinema Scope (1:2.35)
Sound Processing : -

[ Directed by ] YUASA Noriaki

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]


[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Story ]

Miya Katsura (Keiko Sekine), a beautiful16- year-old girl lives at a small hot spring resort near Mt. Zao, in winter becomes a scenic paradise of snow-covered trees, and a favorite haunt of mountaineers and skiers.
One day, Shinichi (Saburo Shinoda), the boy Miya had grown up with, returns against his promise before setting out for Tokyo that he would only come back when he had become the best jockey in Japan. A fall from a horse had impaired Shinichi's vision in one eye. But his mother adamantly refuses to see or take in a son who had left home against her wishes. Their friend's Kunio (Kozaburo Onogawa), his father who operates a lodge welcomes
Shinichi that night, he meets all his old friends.
Their kindness inspires him to make up his mind to make a fresh start and Miya, Shinichi and Kunio decide to enjoy skiing at Zao before Shinichi goes to Tokyo for an operation and another try as a jockey. On their way home, in trying to pick up Miya's muffler as he skis down the slope, Shinichi loses his balance and his ski breaks and pierce his leg. The weather changes, so Miya and Shinichi make a bivouac. Leaving the two in the temporary shelter, Kunio goes for help in a blinding snowstorm. But the rescue party and Miya's father arrive to find tragedy.

【Quoted from the database of Kadokawa Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.3】

[ Contact (International) ]

2-13-12 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8552
Rep: MATSUBARA Masaki (President)
Attn: SUZUKI Asako
tel: +81 3 6893 3603
fax: +81 3 6893 3607