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Jotai sanbashi

Red piers


Release Date
April, 15th, 1958
Running Time
75 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Standard (1:1.37)

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A last action story of Yoshioka, a skillful police investigator, who under the pretense of being a fugitive from justice is investigating the call-girl racket.
Led to the "Arizona" club through a pink card being slipped between the door of his car he enters to find in one room the nude corpse of a girl who has been murdered because of her refusal to go to Hong Kong as a prostitute.
Rumi, the mistress of a boss named Tomson, has escaped from Hong Kong and is admired by Kurokawa, the manager of the club, and a singer named Teruo. Six years before she had been the wife of Yoshioka but they had separated through her misconduct. When she meets the detective and former husband at the club he is indifferent to her, though her passion is aroused, and she introduces him to Tomson, her boss.
When Kurokawa recruits Haruko, a fashion model, for the club, she meets Yoshioka. They recognise each other and she realizes why he is there.
Teruo, suspicious of the relationship between Haruko and Yoshioka, tells Rumi who locks Haruko in a room, and Kurokawa is told by Teruo of Yoshioka's former relationship with Rumi.
Rumi realizing that to continue her business is dangerous proposes to Kurokawa that they divide the profits of her boss between them and that this be settled on board a ship which is then arriving at Yokohama. In the meantime she releases Haruko and tells her to inform the police. That night Yoshioka and Rumi visit the steamer "Great-Sky" at Yokohama. But Tomson, Kurokawa and their henchmen are awaiting them and a gunfight breaks out. Rumi is wounded, and Yoshioka is rescued in the nick of time.
The prostitution racket is now defeated and Yoshioka goes off to Osaka on his next mission.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1958.1.1】

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