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Forever My Love


Release Date
February, 5th, 1958
Running Time
106 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Standard (1:1.37)

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[ Story ]

It is 1943 and Shigeru, a university student is on his way to join the colors. He has only one wish before he goes to war and this is to see Tsubura, the girl he has loved since childhood, who is stricken with polio and unable to walk.
Tsubura's father, a doctor, is a stubborn man, and her brother Rin cold to her, as if ashamed to have a cripple in the family. Only her mother, Takaka, lavishes affection upon her.
Shigeru had been at school with Rin, also with Tachio, the wastrel son of a restaurant owner who had eloped with a girl named Tokie who had once taken Shigeru into the compound of a temple "to have some fun."
When the war ends, the stubborn Ei is dead, also Rin. But Tachio has ingratiated himself with Tsubura's mother and they have come to depend on him. But although he tries to force his attentions upon Tsubura she steadfastly refuses his advances and waits patiently for Shigeru.
But when Shigeru returns, carrying in his breast pocket the three pebbles which Tsubura had given him as omens of good luck, he learns that on this day she is being married to Tachio. Their eyes meet as her wedding car passes through the crowds, and in recalling the happy hours of childhood spent with Shigeru, she tells her mother of her sorrow in not being able to marry him.
Tokie now operates a restaurant and is Tachio's mistress, and she tells Shigeru that she, too, has loved him from childhood. But when he confesses his love for Tsubura she promises to do her best to protect her from Tachio.
Shigeru leaves for the city, obtains employment and when about to be married returns once more to his native place and manages to meet the girl he has loved since childhood.
On the following day, Tokie brings him the news of the suicide of the lonely, and desperate Tsubura, who has left no death message, only three pebbles arranged carefully on her pillow.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1958.1.1】

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