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Kinmonto ni kakeru hashi

Rainbow over the Kinmen


Release Date
November, 3rd, 1962
Running Time
107 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

In the autumn of 1958, Dr. Takei stands on the deck of a cargo boat, watching the shadowy outlines of Chinmen Island in the distance. Matsuzaka, a reporter, meets Takei when he lands, but their happy reunion is interrupted by the wail of sirens and bursting shell fire as Communist China opens its offensive against the island.
Suddenly, a girl crosses Takei's field of vision. Li-chun! A flood of memories surges through his mind. It was he who had given her the will to live when her fiancee had died in Tokyo.
They meet under fire and are drawn to each other, but she is about to marry an army officer, so Takei resolves not to see her again. Li-chun finds Takei on the beach. They run towards each other when a shell explodes. Her last words are, " Let's meet again where there are no wars.''

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1963.6.1】

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