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Yoru no saizensen Tokyo onna chizu

Prisoner of Lust

夜の最前線 東京女地図

Release Date
May, 28th, 1969
Running Time
81 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Jun Nakata (Koji Wada) and his sister Mayumi (Satoko Sato) work in Tokyo, he as a cook and she as a seamstress. On the night of Mayumi's birthday, a car hits her by accident and the two men in the vehicle take her and flee from the scene. Jun seeks police help but after months of fruitless effort has all but given up hope she is still alive.
One day, after being beaten by hoodlums, he is helped by Asami (Tatsya Fuji), a former gangster, now reduced to menial tasks by gang- lord Otaguro (Shoji Nakadai). But Asami runs a side business in a special service turkish bath house, nude studio and strip-tease, awaiting a chance for revenge on Otaguro who took over his territory and ruined him. He gets Jun a job as bartender at a bar where he becomes ac- quainted with Chiaki (Jiro Okazaki) who works at a host bar for women with money and leisure time, and Kazuko (Mieko Tsudoi), a pretty young student.
Later Jun learns of Otaguro's secret club and succeeds in sneaking in and sees Mayumi being tortured at an exhibition. Otaguro and his right- hand man had taken her away after running her down, and she is forced to perform in lewd and perverted exhibitions at Otaguro's secret club. Suffering such inhuman cruelty, she has lost her memory.
When Jun meets Kazuko and tells her about Mayumi, she confides that Otaguro is really her father. Just then Otaguro's thugs surround them and take them to a mansion. Jun is beaten up and thrown into a room in which Mayumi is kept prisoner, but she does not recognize him.
Kazuko frees them but the gang takes Mayumi away. Jun and his friends abduct Otaguro's wife and force her to call her husband at his hideaway. They offer to trade her for Mayumi, but the gang pulls a double-cross and a fight ensues. In the process Mayumi is knocked down by a truck and regains her memory.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1969.12.4】

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